As two people in crimson color hoods come walking into village hidden of leafs.

One had red long pants with red shirt with dark red flames on it but on his back was a ninjato which only first member of anbu was given also his eyes and hair was a deep flame red color. The 2nd person was wearing all orange and with a katana on his back also he had blue eyes with blonde hair with three whiskies on each side of his face.

"Who are you?" one of the guards name Izumo asked the two hooded men.

"Drake Yuuhi and we need to see the Hokage." Drake told them his name and the reason why he was here. Izumo hit radio asking for anbu help. Few seconds later two anbu come down one of them had purple hair and other had brown hair. The purple hair anbu was a woman who at the mask of a neko on it. The other one had a mask of a tiger but Naruto eyes were forced on the neko mask one.

"What is the matter?" the purple hair anbu asked Izumo. "Don't let it be a dumb thing or you going to die, I'm not in the mood for something dumb right now."

"He is the matter! He pointed to Drake "He's Drake Yuuhi the flame demon a rank s missing shinobi!" He was now yelling because of how scary he is of Drake but Drake just smirks to him.

"God dammit I just here talk to Hokage for kami sakes." Drake told them in a pissed off tone of voice. He wasn't like how this day was going and that was something you wanted Drake to think.

"Well we can't let you!" The other anbu said. "We are not letting you in no matter what!"

"Take cover in the back Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto nodded to his sensei and walk back a little but not to far because he wanted to see the fight. The three other shinobis are now shocked when they hear Naruto's name. they had though he died because he had disappear like this for a long time now.

"If I have to fight through you then fine!' As he stated that he put his hand on his ninjato which the anbu know that only people who have ninjato are first anbu members. As the fight was about to start an old man walks in the middle.

"it's been long time Drake? How was Naruto's training?" Drake then bowed and kneeled to the Hokage because he was still a loyal shinobi.

"Good Hokage and I back to retake my place." The Hokage throws him a headband which will make him a shinobi of the village again. HE catches it with his hand again and puts it around his arm.

"Old man I'm finally back!" Naruto yelling running up and hugged him because he had missed the old man. He had be nice to Naruto all of his life when he was in the village that is.

"It's good to see you to Naruto." he hugged Naruto back but he was glad that the person who was like a grandson was back in the village again.

"Please take him to the anbu area, he be living there just like you" Drake nodded to the Hokage and picks Naruto up. The next thing Drake does is jump onto a roof and starting running to the place where they will be staying at.

Later that night

Naruto wakes up from sleep because he needs to use the bathroom. He jumps out of his bed and walk ahead to the bathroom (a bathroom that ten anbu share) as he opened the door to see a nude young woman with long purple hair and black eyes that could make you easy lose track of time and big chest that are around a d cup with pink rose tip nipples. As he looked down her body he notices a thin line of purple hair above her nice pussy area. She also had long sexy legs that he wishes he could touch. When he looked at her face he sees lovely pink lips that you would just like to taste but Naruto was now lose in his sharing at her. When she notice him there she turned to him then start to blushing because well he seeing her nude. He blushed when she moved making her pussy show more of her pink lips. He passed out with a bloody nose that's when she comes to him and picks him up. Then took him to her room and laid him on the bed.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. "What happened?" He said out loud which the purple hair woman came over to him.

"You passed out when your seen me nuked in the bathroom which then I took you off the floor and put you on my bed. Naruto couldn't believe that she had done that but he also couldn't believe that he was on her bed.

"Sorry I did not mean to walk in on you." Naruto had red all over his face and was nervous when he said that. "I hope she's not mad."

"Don't worry about it" "He is a kind and shy boy" That's when boththem notice she was still nude. She trying covering herself but while doing it she hit something on the ground causing her to start going down on the bed the woman falls on top of Naruto. Both of them start to blush a deep shard of red. Naruto without realizing it his hands moved to her lower back. As their lips came closer Naruto kissed her. She was shocked but liking it then Naruto tongue is trying to find away into her mouth then she gladly let him inside of her mouth. As his tongue moved in it started to play with hers which the little kiss turn into a long deep one. Then Naruto ended the kiss and asked her "What your name?" "She taste great but she just like a angel, she is a beautiful angel and I wish I could be this close with her for longer."

"My name is Uzuki Yuugao" When she said that she ran up hands up his chest feeling his body that was well toned for his age. Then she remembered what she's doing and starts to get up. "Sorry we shouldn't being doing this because I am older then you." she tried to walk away but Naruto grabbed her arm and softly bring her back on top of him. "I'm not going give up just because of age gap."

"So what if you're older, Age doesn't matter to m and that is because you are a angel." He looked at her in the eyes and ran his fingers gently through her long purple hair. Her hair was so soft to fingers.

"But…" she was cut off by Naruto "No buts I like you and I would like a chance to be close to you I don't know why but I just feel like I want be close to you." She smiled then let herself laid on him and put her head on top of his chest. "Maybe he will be someone that I can truly be with and not just leave me the next day."

"Thank you Naruto' she told him that as she fall asleep Naruto warped his arms around her back and fell asleep with her. "You don't need to thank me Yuugao-hime."

Next morning

"Wake the hell up!" Naruto heard a man yelling and opened his eyes to see a nude sleeping beautiful angel on top of him and to his right standing over him yelling was Drake. He never liked when Drake was yelling at him because it means hell for him.

"Hello Drake-sensei." Naruto said in sleepy voice but Drake couldn't believe that he had got someone this older than him on the first day of his return.

"Hello? Get your ass up and get dressed now! You have to meet your team in 20mins! Also you better not hurt her or I'll make you feel pain!" Naruto softly moved Yuugao to other side of the bed so she not wake up and then ran to his room and get dressed. As both of them left he left a latter for Yuugao next to her head.

At the training grounds where Naruto is going meet his new team.

Two groups come walking to the training grounds. One was boy and woman and other was girl and woman. They stop at training ground and turn to each other.

"So Sasuke Uchiha will be on my Sakura's team" Asked Sakura mother.

"I guess so which I'm happy and hope they will get along". Uchiha Mikoto said to her. (Only the Uchiha men die, the women are alive)

While they're talking to each other Naruto and Drake walked up to them.

"It has been a long time Mikoto." Drake said to her then bowed to her. But Mikoto hates when Drake does that to her. She knows that he only does that because he cares about her.

"Do you know who will are we are Uchiha strongest ninjas there is!" Sasuke yelled at Drake But Drake just looks at him with a cold stare. He never understands why they believe or act like that but he hates it.

"Sorry little kid, my name is Drake Yuuhi." Drake told him but he then close his eyes then opened then and his eyes now the Sharingan

"How do you have that if you not a Uchiha!' Sasuke yelled again but his tone was a mix of anger and fear.

"Because a asshole name Drac Uchiha raped my mother and I was born." Drake told Sasuke in a deadly tone because he was getting pissed off by how this fool was acting.

"It has been long time Drake." Mikoto said to him. "You have changed a lot since the last time I talked to you"

"But you still look as beautiful as you did last time we meet Mikoto". Drake stated to Mikoto causing Sasuke to get pissed and Mikoto blushed and told him thank you. "But you're still a charmer."

Kakashi finally walks up.

"You're late Kakashi again." Drake closes his eyes and turns to Kakashi his eyes now back to his red eyes.

"If it not the fire master the flaming demon." Kakashi replied to him in a joking voice.

"Yes your point" Drake looked at Kakashi because he didn't want people to know his nickname. It wasn't something he was proud of in any way or form.

"Flaming demon why is he called that?" Sakura asked her mother.

"This man know all 151 fire jutsus from Kenjutsu to clan ones and normally ones but he also did things he isn't proud of am I'm right Drake?" Kakashi told them but Drake gives Kakashi a look that says you're going to die.

"Let's get to know each other I go first. My name is Kakashi Hatake my likes well girls and books I read, my dislike are people who leave their teammates to die. My hobbies are peeking at girls in bath house, my dream well to be around a lot of nude girls. Your turn pinkly." All women give him death looks after what he said.

"My name is Sakura and my likes are a black hair boy and my dislikes are loud people, my dream is to be a more beautiful woman then I am now." Everyone but Sakura and her mom shakes their heads.

"My name Sasuke Uchiha and my likes are training and my dislikes are fan girls and my dream is to kill someone who I most killed that why I need get stronger." Mikoto was sad to hear what her son said and drake grabbed his arm.

"Shut the hell up! You shouldn't get stronger just to kill someone! You should get stronger to look after you teammates to help them, to help the ones you care about. To make should their safe. You don't want know what it feel like to fail to save you teammates! Get stronger to kept safe the ones you care about and the ones you love." as he get done Sasuke was shocked and his own dream changed "you're right Drake I should not do that I should be helping my teammates out." all of them smiled. "Thank you Drake but I know why you said that to Sasuke because you still blame yourself for their deaths." Was thoughts of Mikoto.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my likes are ramen and Yuugao-hime." Kakashi was shocked he like one of his ex teammates. "My dislikes are mean people who hurt others for fun; my hobby is to train hard, My dream is to be Hokage one day like my father the 4th"". Now Kakashi was shocked he had no idea Naruto was his sensei kid

"You're really my sensei son?" shocked and scared Drake nodded to him.

'That's all for today and meet here tomorrow at 7am." With that said everyone leaves the area.

Little while after Naruto left Yuugao bed.

She opened her eyes to see a latter but her she thoughts are "Please don't tell me he doesn't want be with me." She starts opening the latter and reads it.

Dear my sweet angel Yuugao-hime.

I had to leave because Drake told me I had to meet my new sensei today. It some dude name Kakashi. I want to tell you meet me outside the Hokage tower at 8am. I want be with you and I hope you want be with me.

From your love Naruto.

When she gets done reading she quickly gets dressed in a lovely black dress that shows a lot. Her new through are "So his sensei is my old anbu captain and Kakashi better not try to make Naruto into a perverted or I'll hurt him."

At 8am outside of Hokage tower

Naruto's staying outside waiting for his angel. Naruto sees his angel in a lovely sexy black that shows her chest a little and show a lot of her sexy legs. "Hello my angel and you look great in that dress."She blushed when he called her that.

"Hello my Naruto-kun" As she gets closer Naruto pulled her into a hug and kissed her lips. As they start making out Kakashi was walking by and sees it. He look away hoping he was just seeing things and when he look back and their still kissing he thought "What the hell my new Student and ex teammate are making out! He's kissing one of hottest woman in this village! That lucky ass! How did he do it?" Kakashi walked away slowly Naruto looked at her in the eyes.

"Where do you want to eat at?" He asked her,

"let's go to this place that sells dangos." She took his hand and walked to the place. As they sit down their happen to see a old friend of Yuugao.

"Hello Anko-chan." Yuugao wave her hands to get Anko to notice and Anko notice her friend waving her hands over to her and she walked to Yuugao and a boy she did not know.

"Who is this blonde gaki? Anko asking her friend that was wearing a lovely dress. "He is young."

"He is my boyfriend Naruto Uzumaki." She said blushing.

"Hello Miss Anko" and "hello to you Naruto." "She dating someone that young ahah'

"I have to go and enjoy your date Yuugao". Anko said as she walking off.

After this had some dangos their gone back to her room and Naruto was now holding her.

"Naruto what you going to do as a shinobi?" She asked him as he holding her.

"Well first I want be with you then be Hokage also maybe one day we can." he get cut off by a kiss from his lovely purple hair angel. "I would like that Naruto."

"what your dreams my sweet lovely Yuugao?' he kisses her neck.

"My dream is to be a greater anbu then be someone wife and have a kid."

'Maybe I can be that person." He kisses her lips and she return the kiss.

"Maybe you can foxy" She laid her head onto of his neck.

"He moved his hands on her shoulders and laid her down on the bed.

"Naruto can you wait and when I'm ready we can do that?' She looked up at him and was hoping he was saying yes.

"I wait as long as you need." He kisses her neck and laid down beside her but after he did that he moved her onto of him.

'you the kindest person I ever met foxy-kun" she kisses his neck and rests her head against his chest. "You really are"

"good night my angel"

"good night my Foxy"