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"What do I own this pleasure full visit?" The old Hokage smiled at his two new visitors that just walked inside his office. He always did enjoy seeing Naruto visit him but this time he was with his new sensei making him hope that he didn't' do anything bad on his first day.

He does know from the past that it wouldn't be a shock to see him doing some kind of prank to get him into trouble with anyone and everyone. He does know just how close the two of them are in front of him only to cause him to hope everything is fine but he does know he never met the person beside him before.

"By the way Naruto this is Miss Mei Terumi and I would like it if you go ahead and talk to her for a bit." He looked over to the one beside that turned out to be a woman with ankle length auburn hair and green eyes.

Naruto did find himself staring at her but Yugao lightly hits him on the rib causing him to look back at her who seems to just give him a glare for staring at another woman. He just smirk to her because he didn't know she get that jealous over something like that.

"It's nice to meet you Mei." She just gave him a cheerful smile but he can see two more people now entering into the room making him even more surprised to see more of Kiri shinobis here. It's no secret that both Kiri and Konoha have bad blood between them but he didn't understand just why they would be here of all places in the world.

"Mei-san I have through over on what you asked of me to do and I'm going to send these two with you to see what kind of aid you will need. Once they make their report I'll send my forces to help you with your problem. You have my word on this." The older man in the room smoking his pipe looked at her with eyes that show no lie to her.

"Thank you Hokage-sama for willing to help my people with the blood war that's going on right now. We can't stop it but we are trying our best but our forces are becoming smaller but with your help maybe we can win this after all." Naruto's eyes become sharply now and everyone can see this but Yuugao tried to understand why her boyfriend eyes are like this now.

"I see so that's where we are being sent to now." Mei had begun to study him to see just what made his eyes become like how they are right now. She could only truly hope that there isn't some kind of hate for her people from him.

She simply cared too much about her people and the history of her village to let everyone try to hurt them even if it meant she had to fight against this Konoha shinobi in front of her. She hoped it doesn't have to come down to that at all.

"I also have a letter for you, I don't know just who gave me it but I didn't open it." Naruto quickly took it and bits his thumb to rub on the blood seal that kept it from being seen by anyone but him. He looked at the words now but everyone else is staring at him hard with their own thoughts. They thoughts were all the same and it was about just who the latter could be from when Hokage doesn't even know which it just wasn't a normal kind of event to see

Dear Naruto.

It's been awhile now Naruto-kun and the big fool wants me to tell you that your swords are finally ready for you to come pick them up. I Hope to see you soon and you better not have forgotten about me.

From Hake and the big fool who doesn't know I called him that.

Naruto let out a howl of laughing but once he calmed down his eyes moved over to his leader. "I need to go that way now to pick up my blades. Blades I have been waiting for a long time now but I know they will be worth all the waiting." Naruto put the letter away in his pocket but he does smile at the thought of the two of them.

That got everyone to stare at him once more but that only made him give them a kitsune smirk which earned playful slap by his lovely girlfriend. "I'll go get ready to go for this mission, don't worry I won't be late." Hokage nodded as the two Konoha leave the room.

Once the two of them get to his room she just kissed him on the lips he on the other head just ran a hand down her back softly. He just loved the feeling of the warmth their bodies make when they're this close together.

"This will be our first mission together do you like that?" He nodded and started getting ready only though he hates losing the warmth from her. He turned his head to see her leaving the room to do the same.

Naruto does feel truly happy to be seeing the two of them again and soon at that to. Once he gets done he then moved out of his room only for him to see his girlfriend already out there waiting for him with a smirk on her beautiful lips.

"You took a long time to get ready do you know that?" She teased him while she has on a smirking face but he just kissed her lips softly and deeply with his arms around her lower back but when the kiss had ended she only flicked his nose.

The two of them start moving to the Hokage Tower to tell him they are ready to do their mission now. Once they get inside the three members of Kari look at them again. "Naruto and Yuugao are you two ready to go?' They nodded their heads over to their leader but Mei moved up to them only for Naruto to look at her.

"We will go to the place you need to be at first then head over to the village, is that ok with you?" He nodded once more before the five of them headed out of the Hokage tower and headed for the village to get his new blades.

When they get to the village Mei was fully aware what this village was and can't believe that he's going to the same village that forged all the seven swordsmen blades. This village was forbidden to make anyone from outside Kiri a blade.

"How did you get someone to forge you blade here? It is forbidden for anyone to forge an outsider a blade and that is a law placed since start of Kiri." He looked back to her with a smirk on his face.

"That's something you don't need to know about and I'm sorry but I just simply can't tell you how I did it." Once he finished talking she had a pout on her face but he felt someone jumping on his face from behind.

When he looked to see who was now on his back he couldn't believe his eyes but a smile did come to his face. "Hello Haku-chan how have you been? It truly has been a long time since I last seen you or the big fool."

She smiled but noticed Yugao giving her an evil eye only for her to stick out her tongue at the older woman. "Let's get going because you know how he hates to wait for anyone at all but it's time for you finally get your blades aren't you happy?"

"You bet I'm happy but I want you meet someone I care about deeply first before we go ok with you?" She pouted but looked at him like it was ok but he pointed to Yugao only for her to glare at the older woman.

"I would like you to meet my girlfriend Yugao-hime and Yugao-hime this is Haku-chan. Hopeful you two will get along great." The both women could only glare at each other hard but Mei let out a giggle that snapped them out of their staring contest.

Haku gave one last glare at Mei before she led them to a small looking house with a blacksmith forge in the back. She noticed on the door only for an old man to walk out with his eyes now set on Naruto with a smile starting to grow on his old lips.

"You took your sweet time to get here you know? But it seems you also bring Mei with you but I'm not shocked by this new event you have caused. I take it you're going to do your side of our deal soon then?" He nodded his head before he noticed the old man handing him two normal sized katanas in their sheaths.

"Your blades Katsujin-ken (Blade that gives life) and Satsujin-ken (Blade that takes life)" He took them from the old man and looked at them one each at a time. The first on he looked at was Katsujin-kun which had a pure water color of the metal but words along the blade itself.

The wielder of this blade is a person who defends and doesn't take life and honors all life no matter what. He looked at the blade for a bit longer before sheathing it. He put it on his back but took the next blade into his hands to study it.

Satsujin-kun unlike Katsujin-kun its blade is pure black and soulless to the looks but if you looked closer to the blade you could read the letters on it. The wielder of this blade is a person who kills without mercy and forgives and never fails to cut his enemy.

"I'm on my way to Kiri to see just what's going on so the Hokage can send aid, I told you I would help you remove him and here I am." The old man just smiled before going over to the Mei who just seemed to give him a deadly glare.

"Seems your mad? I made the blades so he could beat the Mizukage, one blade to heal his allies and other to channel his demonic chakra into to kill his enemies." He walked inside only for Zabuza to walk out of the house.

"I'm coming with you gaki. I can't wait to see the three tailed Mizukage fight against you with your nine tails backing you up. Beside I also need my training partner again." He smirked only for Naruto mirror his smirk.

Everyone else beside the two of them and Haku were now shocked to the core. Yugao was shocked because of learning that the Mizukage has a tailed demon inside of him. She could only hope that he knows what he's getting himself into by agreeing to fight against the Mizukage.

The three Kiri shinobi were shocked because they had no idea Konoha would send their own jailer with them like this. Mei looked at the younger tailed beast host only to be shock someone so young could be so brave like this or foolish.

"Sounds like you want to get your ass kicked again like last time." Zabuza just pointed over to the training grounds nearby before both headed over leaving the group to stare at them like they were crazy.

"Both of them are at it again damn stubborn fools! Can't you two go one day without beating each other to a bloody mess!?" Haku storms over to them follow by the group but Yugao smiled because she likes this side of her boyfriend.

"He does know he can't beat a member of the seven swordsmen of Kiri right?" Haku smirked at the young boy only for him to be nervosa again but Mei looked over at the two swordsmen about to spar against each other.

"It's been awhile since our last dance let's see how much you have improved since then." Zabuza moved his massive blade to his hands before his eyes lock on Naruto only for him to draw has own blades

"You'll just have to come and find out!" He rushed forward at Zabuza only to have his blades blocked by the mist demon's blade. Zabuza pushed him back then strike down with a heavy force only to be blocked by the younger swordsmen this time.

"You have to do better than that old timer!" Naruto sidestepped around him and quickly did a strike of his one blade only to be kicked in the chest before his blade could hit him at all but he got his footing back to dodge Zabuza next attack.

The two of them went on for hours while the group watched with enjoyment on their face for mixed reasons. Yugao enjoyed seeing her boyfriend fight and couldn't believe just how far in the way of swordsman he has gotten to.

It isn't normal for her to see someone so young so skillful in the sword because she could see that he doesn't just rush in but thinks each move ahead while in the middle of battle. He slowly sees just how his opponent will act before he acts.

That kind of skill is something that shows how far he has learned so far in his life because even masters can plan tens or hundreds of moves ahead of his opponent or opponents. She watched him through the match to study him and his movements.

The youngest of the group was shocked to say the least someone his age could be toe to toe like this against one of the fearsome swordsmen of his village. He truly didn't know how but he wanted to know because he believed he lacked skill in order to keep Mei safe like a good bodyguard.

Mei watched on with a finger to her lips just imaging what would happen if she somehow got him to join her village. She was partly shock that he could handle against someone like Zabuza but she's be around long enough to know age doesn't mean a damn thing when comes to power or shinobi arts.

The oldest one just stared with his eye but he started to want join in because it has been long time since he spar against anyone that could truly give him a good match. A match with just blades and no jutsu like the one happening in front of him like this.

Haku on the hand just at times shake her head while watching because she knows that she'll have to patch up both fools for hurting each other too badly. Last time took a week of patching and tons of first aid kits just to cover the wounds each other got from one another's blades.

When both finally stopped fighting they both have many cuts all over their bodies but Naruto had fallen to his knees but notice Yugao and Haku rushing over to them. Haku checked up on her partner and Yugao did the same for her boyfriend.

The two females helped both of them into the house to rest but Yugao play slapped her boyfriend's head for being so foolish while smirking at her. He gave her a kiss but she pushed him on the bed before working on his wounds.

"You really don't know when to stop do you? I mean honest look at your body you silly blonde gaki." Once she got done she noticed everyone else had went to sleep but her body felt so sore from taking care of the fool in front of her.

She closed her eyes but opened them once she felt her body being moved on top of him but his hands only for her to smile at him. She moved her head to his neck before her eyes just closed once more to allow herself to sleep in his arms.

Later that night Naruto moved out of bed without waking up his angel but moved outside to feel the night's cold air against him. He just sat down with his two new blades on his lap but his eyes just seem to be locked on them.

"Mind if I sit here with you?" He snapped out once heard a voice but looked to find the voice belonged to Mei but he nodded his head yes to her. She sat down beside him only to look at him with her soft eyes.

"Let me guess you came out here to think on things or to relax?" He nodded once more but looked back down at his blades. "You have a lot people counting on you but they do believe you can get what you say done. I also hope as well." She kissed his forehead and went back inside leaving him to think on things the rest of the night.