A/N: I'm planning for this to have a happy ending, but then, nothing I have written, with the exception of humour, has ever had a happy ending, so don't be surprised if, when I finish writing this, everyone dies… Also, it's told in a pattern of flashback, present. This is something I'm experimenting with so, constructive criticism is definitely welcome on this one. Just a side note; I'm a bit apprehensive about the title, so if you can suggest something better, please do so!

Please be aware that anything before Palpatine's arrest in ROTS, still stands in this story...


Palpatine was cowering on the floor of his office, a Jedi Master standing over him, bringing his lightsaber back in readiness to strike. Another Jedi Master stood bare metres away, unaware of their new arrival. Skywalker, remembering the two corpses in the foyer as he passed through, moved forward, not willing to let Palpatine share their fate.

Suddenly, the first Master struck, and seeing the Chosen One's move to intercept his strike at the wrist, ducked. After the second Jedi Master struck out, Skywalker lost his balance and tumbled out the shattered window.

One of the Masters turned back to Palpatine, while the other went to get help…

Sitting in his office, the Emperor smiled at the memory. His rise to power had been the focal point of his entire career. Fooling the Jedi had been a lot easier than he had thought it would be. He sneered as he thought of the Jedi, the collective bane of his existence. Most of them were dead now, the slate that was the Republic wiped of all evidence of the Jedi by the cleansing hand of his apprentice. Only a few had escaped. However, it did not matter as Votary was in the process of hunting them all down.

He frowned, thoughtfully, as his musings turned toward his attentive apprentice. It was true that Votary had come a long way since his inauguration into the Sith that glorious day when they had brought peace to their Empire. Nevertheless, there was a slight possibility that he was making too much progress, too hastily. The Emperor smiled again as his thoughts turned to possible ways he could teach Votary a new lesson…

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