One Fine Day: A story about Clark and Milton Fine (Brainiac) two former lovers who have difficult descions to make

One Fine Day: A story about Clark and Milton Fine (Brainiac) two former lovers who have difficult decisions to make. It's not a sequel to He's So Fine, but you might want to read that if you like this one. This is a Clark/Brainiac, Lex/Clark and Lex/Brainiac story, with some non-con later on. Rather than killing Fine when he is weakened and already dying, Clark gives him the chance to get better, and they make love one last time. When it's over, Milt-Fine (the Kryptonian name I gave to Brainiac in the other story) gives Clark three choices. Each of the following chapters shows how the world will be depending on whatever choice Clark makes.

"And I don't know how a man decides
what's right for his own life.
It's all a mystery.
'Because I'm a man, not a boy,
and there are things you can't avoid.
You have to face them,
when you're not prepared to face them.
If I could, I would,
but you're with him, now it'd do no good.
I should've fought him,
but instead I let him,
I let him take it," The Flaming Lips.

"I'm in control now, and you will release Chloe! You will release Lana!" I shouted, grabbing him by the shoulders, and trying as hard as I could not to drop to my knees and… Fine—Brainiac—whoever, laughed, his hand reaching out to touch my face, but I pushed it away, quickly, reminding myself over and over that I had to save my friends even if it meant hurting him.

"The only way to free them would be for you to kill me, now, in cold blood, which goes against everything you stand for. You could never deliberately take another man's life." He touched me again, grabbing my hair and pulling me into a deep kiss. "And you know that you could never be truly happy anywhere except by my side."

"How can we be together after everything you've done? You tried to kill me. You're trying to control me, and—you—almost destroyed my home—my second home. What exactly do you expect me to do right now?"

"The entire Earth needn't be destroyed, and I—I don't want to control you Kal-el. I offer you the chance to be a god to these people. Join me, and rule at my side. Together we can make this world into the paradise Krypton should have become."

"You're not a man; you're not even Kryptonian! You won't be happy sharing the throne with me, I'll end up buried in your back up or tied to bed in a dungeon full of meteor rocks," I sobbed, but it was nearly impossible to say no, and I knew what would happen if Milt asked me again.

"I would never harm you, Kal-el, not unless it was an absolute necessity. Going home to kill you was the most painful—decisions of my life, but I hoped you would return, try to stop me. It was also my hope that you would come here tonight. Please, Kal-el. I will let you're friends go. I will do whatever you want."

"Why are you begging me?" I asked, confused as Hell. Milt was sweaty, weak, smiling at me, and my mind, body, and soul were torn in two different directions. Part of me wanted to kill him, end this, save my ass, but at the same time, all I could think about were the things we had in common, the time we spent together, how his body and mine fit perfectly together. I love this man. I can't kill him, I'd think. Then my mind would scream, he's not a man. If you don't destroy it, this monster will not hesitate to control and hurt you!

"I need you, Kal-el. The two of us are perfect together, and in time you will see that these animals need a gentle hand to keep them from blowing each other up," he promised, running a hand over my hips. "You are so beautiful. Don't make me hurt you."

"Your people—Zod's people—already ruined one planet. Don't do it again. These people don't deserve that. I will protect them from nay threat, even you if I've gotta. I don't want to, but this is what I have to dol." Fine touched me again, cupping my ass this time, dragging our bodies to the ground, his cock starting to get hard.

"You won't kill me, not while I'm still weak like this. It's not what you consider to be fair. Now, either let me go or help me out."

"I'll make you strong, and then kill you," I explained, trying to convince myself that I could actually do it. I think he knew it too, and as we made love, sparks were literally flying all around us.

"Now isn't this so much more fun than fighting?" he asked, gently running his fingers through my hair. "You are so incredibly beautiful, Kal-el. I'm only going to make this offer one last time. Luthor is at your fortress right now. We can do any number of things. Either I can take you up there and let him do what he wants to you—which could be quite fun—" Milt said with a small chuckle. "Or I can take you there and help you explain everything, because Lex would be an extremely powerful ally on our team, or we go there and we kill him."

"Milt, I can't," he interrupted me, not with words, but by rolling me over and holding my body down with his strong, powerful arms. He wouldn't actually hurt me like that, unless he was certain that I was going to try and stop him. If I agreed to either one of his last two plans, Fin would never lay a hand on me, unless I became useless. He loved me, or at least he came as close to loving me as a robot could get. I loved him, that much I was sure how.

"Come on, Kal-el. Don't make me do this. I would hate to hurt you, Kal-el. Even worse would be handing you over to Lex. You can help him, heal him. I know that's what you want. You love Lex Luthor too, and I'm—it's okay, Kal-el. When we're in charge no one will question it, and I certainly won't mind. I love you, and want you to be happy."

"But I—we'll be... You want us to be dictators!"

"Benevolent. That is necessary. Democracy doesn't work. Nothing these humans do works," he explained, and as much as I agreed, I couldn't bare to say so. "I know you agree, Kal-el. We won't have to hurt many people. The idea is to show everyone what we can do, so that we won't have to actually do it.

"You're gonna make me be a part of this no mater what I say, aren't you?" I asked, rolling over again so that, at least for a short while, I could show my strength and be in control.

"I have to, Kal-el. I need you even more than I need Lex Luthor. He's as close to human as any of us will get, and therefore, the only one they will ever trust. However, you are stronger than me, stronger than I could ever be, and you can help him, make him happy. Now, Kal-el, what is it going to be? Are you with me or against me?"

"Well," I paused, clutching my head in my hands, unsure of how exactly I should respond. I needed more time to think. I needed…I just couldn't decide what to do. I loved him; I really did, but...