In Her Shadow

In Her Shadow

Chapter 1: Diva Search Winner

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the diva search contestants and Karie of course!

"We have been watching these beautiful wannabe divas compete in challenge after challenge for the past few weeks and it's almost time to crown the winner. But first let's welcome back all 8 finalists." Todd Grisham stated, the crowd cheers "Aubrey Hunter, Mary Burke, Cassandra Carter, Serena Soars, Jessica Stone, Lilly Tavares, Roxie McDaniel and Karie Rose." He introduced as the girls walked out to the ring.

"Roxie and Karie, please step over here." Todd directed the girls to the spot beside him.

"As for the rest of the finalists, I would like you to voice your final opinions about the two remaining diva search contestants beside me." He went on handing each girl the mic

"Karie, you're going to go far, girl. Roxie you can't have an attitude in the WWE." Cassandra stated

"Don't listen to her Rox, you'll make it. Karie, face it, Roxie's the stronger girl." Aubrey voiced

"Roxie, you are the most amazing person I've ever met and I hope that the world realizes that. Karie, I have nothing against you, I just think Roxie has this." Lilly announced

"Karie, you just aren't unique enough to win, Roxie is." Jessica explained

"Karie, you're going to make it because it's us against them. Roxie, I don't think you have what it takes." Mary voiced

"Roxie, you are a good competitor, but Karie is going to win this hands down." Serena stated

"Well America, looks the votes are split." Todd stated as the crowd cheered "Maybe one of the superstars decide." He went on and moments later My time is now started and John Cena walked out to the ring

"Excuse me all you beautiful ladies, are these our two finalists?" John asked Todd eyeing both Karie and Roxie. All the finalists looked star struck except for Karie, who simply smiled.

"John, as the WWE Champion, will you please do the honors of congratulating our newest diva?" Todd asked politely

"Congratulations to this year's diva search winner…KARIE ROSE!!" John shouted as confetti streamed down from the ceiling of the arena. All the finalists gave Karie a hug but Roxie protested. Even John gave Karie a big hug that made her blush a little. The cameras cut to commercial and everyone exited the ring and went backstage.

"Congrats to all you finalists, we hope to see you in the future and a special congrats to our new diva!" Vince McMahon stated walking up to where everyone was. "Ms. Rose, you're free to go tonight but come to my office first thing tomorrow."

"Yes Mr. McMahon." Karie answered obediently as he walked away "So now where do I go?" she directed the question to John

"I have a match next, I'll drive you to the hotel we all stay at when I'm done." John offered

"Thanks. Your match is next right?" Karie asked curiously

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me, I have to warm up. You can go hang out with the divas til I get back aiight?" John explained taking off in another direction. Karie walked around lost for the next five minutes until she ran into two blonde divas.

"Hey sweetie, are you lost?" Michelle McCool asked sweetly

"Yeah, could you tell me where the divas locker room is?" Karie asked

"Sure we'll take you there. Are you new?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah I just won Diva Search, I'm Karie Rose." Karie stated putting out her hand

"I'm Michelle McCool." Michelle stated returning the gesture

"Technically she is new too." Torrie stated giggling

"What she means is I just traded here from Smack down 4 months ago." Michelle defended herself. "She is the gossip queen incase you wondered." She went on with a smirk

"Actually my name is Torrie Wilson. Why do you want to go to the locker room anyway?" Torrie asked

"To watch the next match until my ride gets ready." Karie stated

"Ooh its Cena verses Triple H, let's go!" Torrie nudged her good friend and new friend in the locker room.

"Eeek!" Karie shrieked as Triple H did his Double a Spine buster to Cena.

"I guess we know who someone's rooting for." Michelle teased

"Well yeah, he's kind of my ride." Karie stated truthfully. As if he just received a boost of energy, Cena countered the Pedigree into an FU and pinned Triple H.

"Yay!" all three girls cheered. They rushed to the gorilla position to greet the victor.

"Congratulations!" Karie stated giving John a hug as big as the one he gave her earlier

"Thanks" he stated as he hugged her back. "Did you make some new friends?"

"Yep Michelle and Torrie!" Karie answered proudly

"Cool, just let me go grab my stuff and then I'll take you to the hotel." John stated

"Wait, we should go to the club to celebrate!" Torrie proposed

"I'm game, how bout you Karie?" John asked

"Sounds good to me how bout you Michelle?" Karie asked

"Yeah let's go get ready!" Michelle stated leaving with Torrie

"Aiight meet us at the club in twenty minutes." John called after the blond divas. In the diva search contestant's hotel room, Karie changed into a denim miniskirt, a blue and white halter top and blue heels.

"Wow you look beautiful!" John exclaimed as Karie walked out of the room

"You don't look so bad yourself." Karie complimented John's attire: a white dress shirt and dark denim jeans.

"Thanks, you ready to go?" John asked eying her

"Yep" Karie stated grabbing her purse and throwing her short hair into a messy bun.