No Such Thing As Just Roommates

No Such Thing As Just Roommates

Summery: Eight surgeons + One huge house + No work FUN!! What happens when Mark and Derek move to Seattle and start hunting for a new place to live and stumble upon Meredith's house?

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy.

This is actually a rewrite of an old story from another site. It was a MerDer… Now it's going to be a MerMark! I know I've got a lot of stories going on, but oh well… I couldn't help myself to be honest.


Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan were born and raised in New York together. Living down the street from one another, they became close quickly and grew up practically as brothers. New York was all the home they knew. Seattle was completely different.

They walked into the corner coffee shop as they did every morning. Mr. Jackson's coffee was something they looked forward to. They had only lived in Seattle for less than a week and had fallen in love with it.

"Good morning, Mr. Jackson." Mark greeted the old man.

"Good morning." He said back. "The usual, I presume."

"That's Mr. Jackson." Mark said and headed to a table while Derek waited for their drinks. Soon, Derek set the coffee in front of him and sat down.

"Next time, you're buying." Derek warned sipping his hot coffee.

"Whatever, Man. We have bigger issues."

"Which would be?"

"We need to find a place to live. If I spend another night on Burke's couch, I'll go crazy."

"If I spend another night listening to you snoring, I'll go crazy."

"Sorry not even I am perfect, but I'm pretty damn close."

"How do you even walk with that ego weighing down on your shoulders?"

"You realize I haven't had sex in like two weeks."

"Oh, two weeks? Poor Mark. How will you make it?" He said in a sarcastic over dramatic voice.

"Shut up. That's a long time."

"You realize that some guys don't get laid for months, right?"

"What? What the hell is the world coming to?"

Derek rolled his eyes when something caught his eyes. A yellow piece of paper hung on the bulletin board.

"Mark, look." Derek nodded at the sheet of paper.

"Is it a girl? She's mine." Mark said looking around.

"No, you idiot. The paper. It's an ad for roommates."

"I can read."

Roommates Wanted

Looking for two or three roommates for a six bedroom and six and a half bathrooms house. Heated pool. Chief's kitchen.

If you're interested call: 555-0313.

"It sounds pretty nice." Derek said.

"It sounds rich and snobby."

"Burkes couch." He held up one hand. "Heated pool." He held up another. "You choose."

"I'll call."


Meredith Grey, Addison Montgomery, Izzie Stevens, and Christina Yang had been best friends for years. Meredith and Addison, who was four years older than her three friends, grew up together in Boston, and moved to California after Addison finished medical school and Meredith was accepted into Stanford Med. That's how they met Christina. She and Meredith became close friends quickly while Addison and Christina's friendship grew slower but eventually got strong. When Meredith and Christina graduated medical school they moved to Santa Barbra for their internship, where they met Izzie. Somehow they created a bond that compelled them to move all over the country with one another. After their second year as residents, Meredith's mother got sick, and the group relocated again this time to Seattle, Washington.

Meredith's mom had huge house with six bedroom, a heated pool, and six and a half bathrooms. Meredith wanted to sell it, but Izzie and Addison wanted to keep it and get a couple roommates to help pay for it. She was hesitant but eventually caved and agreed.

"What are we supposed to do without work for three weeks?" Christina groaned.

"Stop whining." Meredith rolled her eyes sipping her beer and reading a magazine. "Look at it as three weeks of not having to wake up at five in the morning."

"I would gladly wake up at five for surgery."

"Is she still complaining?" Addison asked walking in.

"Yep." Meredith answered not picking her eyes from the magazine.

"Did you guys hear that there's going to be no rain for like a week? It's practically a drought for this city." Izzie commented walking into the kitchen putting the newspaper in front of Addison on the table. "You guys no what that means right?"

"What?" Addison asked as if she didn't already know.

"Pool time. I am so going to get that pool filled up." Izzie cheered.

"You realize that we won't be scrubbing in on anything for three weeks so that Seattle Grace can get a new OR." Christina asked.

"Yeah. So?" Izzie asked looking at her cautiously.

"How the hell can you be so damn cheerful?" Christina nearly yelled.

"It's going to be a very long three weeks if all you do is complain." Addison said giving her a sarcastic smile.

"But it's three weeks, Addi." Meredith said with a smirk as she mimicked Christina.

"Shut up. I sound nothing like that!"

"Yeah right." Meredith giggled standing up.

"Go back to your own damn apartment, Christina. I don't want you ruining my cheerful vibe." Izzie said sipping her soda.

"Yeah, why the hell did you buy an apartment if you spend all your time here… complaining?" Meredith asked.

"At my apartment there isn't anyone to complain to." Christina smirked before walking out.

"She got you there, Mer." Addison giggled before following Christina out. "Izz, are you going to fill it up today?"

"On my way to do it now." Izzie called to her before walking out.

After minutes later, the phone started to ring and Meredith picked it up.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hi." A voice came. My name is Mark Sloan. I saw you ad for roommates… and me and my friend, Derek, are interested."

"Well, Mark, would you like to come by and see it?"

"Sounds good."

"When's good for you?"

"Today? At two?"


"Too sudden?"

"No, perfect. I'll see you then Mark."

"Bye… uh, I didn't get your name."

"Meredith." She smiled. "I'll see you then, Mark." She hung up and picked up her purse. "I'm going to the store." She yelled to her friends and walked out.


"I am so ready to try my new bikini." Addison said watching as the pool filled.

"I'm back." Meredith announced walking out the back door onto the concrete patio.

"Pool's filling." Addison smiled.

"Crap, I forgot to tell you something… Some people are coming over to look at the rooms at three."

"Three?" Izzie asked looking at her watch.

"Yeah." Meredith nodded. "That's what Mark said."

"Mark? A guy?" Izzie asked wagging her eyebrows.

"Alex, Izz, Alex!" Meredith giggled shaking her head.

"I mean for you guys." Izzie giggled. "But come on, we have just enough time to get some sunbathing in."

"Sounds good." Meredith said. "I've got a new bikini."