Addison pulled herself after the living room floor that next morning. Carefully, she moved Izzie's head off her leg which somehow ended up being her friend's pillow. Slowly, she stood up trying to shake off the dizziness so the room would stop spinning. She stumbled into the kitchen nearly falling over George, who hadn't moved from where he had fallen after Sarah left, in the process. The sun was shining brightly through the windows causing her to stumble back a few steps and grab her head. Hurriedly, she shut all the blinds just as Meredith had done the day before. After the light had dimmed greatly, she checked the clock. It was just after eleven. Cautious of any sudden movements, she began the morning post-drinking routine. By the time she was finished, nobody had awoken. So she settled down in a chair at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee ready to nurse her headache until it went away. Five minutes later, she heard some groaning then a few shuffled footsteps. Derek appeared in the doorway holding his head. His eyes were nearly shut, and he was slightly hunched over. When he saw her, he forced himself to stand up a little bit. She held out the same purple sunglasses he had worn the day before. Giving her an appreciative smile, he slid them on, grabbed a cup of coffee and a few aspirin, and sat down across from her.

"Is this how it always is?" He asked in a quiet tone.

"Not usually two days in a row." She replied using in same volume. "But without work…" He nodded. "What about you?"


"Were you a party-boy?"

He chuckled then realized how badly it hurt his head and stopped. "Yeah, I guess." He shrugged. "Not as big of one as Mark."

"He definitely seems like that type of guy."

"He doesn't settle for one girl, but…" His voice drifted.

"But what?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing, he'd kill me."

"Come on. I'm not Izzie. I don't gossip that much." She pouted. He stared at her and a small smile appeared on his face.

"You haven't noticed it?"

"It depends on what 'it' is."

He forward and whispered as if they weren't the only two awake. "I think he might like Meredith."

"Really? I think Mer likes him."

He chuckled. "You realize we sound like teenagers."

"I might still be a little drunk." She giggled before sipping her coffee.


The doorbell rang, and a chorus of groans rang out. Slowly, Meredith lifted herself from the bed and walked through the living room to the door. Adjusting her hot pink sunglasses on her face, she opened the door. Sarah stood on the other side. Her long jacket was buttoned all the way up. Underneath was a white blouse, and she wore black pants and black flats.

"Good Afternoon, Meredith." She said loudly. Meredith cringed. "Got a little bit of a hangover?" Meredith nodded and headed back into the house. Sarah followed slamming the door behind her. Everyone groaned at the loud noise. She walked in and crossed her arms across her chest. "Coffee?"

"I'm just here to pick up my boyfriend." She said snidely. "George?"

"Hey, Sarah." He winced as he stood up.

"Take off the stupid sunglasses." She ordered. "We're going."

"I can't. My head is throbbing."

"You deserve it. You all really do. This isn't college. You are thirty years old. You all are delusional if you think you can get by being immature, drinking all the time, and sleeping around." She shook her head and sighed. "I cannot believe you people."

"You can freak out and everything." Christina grumbled. "But could you shut up while you do it?"

She let out a frustrated screech. Addison's hands went for her ears, and he coffee cup on her hand crushed against the floor.

"Get your psycho girlfriend out of her, Bambi." Christina whispered.

"Come on, Sarah." George sighed grabbing her arm to walk her out.

"Take those things off."

"If I do, I think my head will blow up. Come on. Bye guys." He waved to his friends and led Sarah out.

"Sarah is crazy." Meredith said shaking her head.

"And so damn loud." Mark mumbled putting his head down on the table.

"We are so not getting drunk tonight." Meredith declared. "No getting drunk."


"I'm drying to get some Starbucks. Anyone want anything?" Meredith called.

"My normal." Izzie called back from upstairs.

"Want anything Derek? Mark?"

"Nothing for me." Derek shrugged.

"My normal, please." Addison said from the couch beside Derek.

"Want any company?" Mark asked.

"Sure." She shrugged with a small smile. Derek glanced at Addison and smirked. Addison tried not to laugh and looked the other way as Meredith slipped on her flip-flops. Mark put on his shoes.

"Be back soon." Meredith called as they walked out.

"They want each other." Addison announced once she heard the car start.

"Who?" Izzie asked as she came bouncing down the stairs.

"Meredith and Mark." Derek answered.

"Really?" She asked falling down beside Addison opening a magazine.

"You mean you aren't interested?" Addison asked in disbelief.

"No, I am." She answered without removing her eyes from the magazine.

"You're a total gossip and you can't even put down the magazine?"

"No, look, this article." She leaned over to show her. "This show down in California. Forty-six naked men running around."

"Sounds like a pretty awesome song." Addison laughed.

"Awkward." Derek said standing up.