Dear Mum

Dear Mum

I don't know why I still write these since you're downstairs, helping Ivy with her reading. Or maybe you're helping Tor with his maths homework. Either way, I still have a habit of writing these.

Well it's been a pretty stressful lately hasn't it? Linn's accident, Rowan's announcement, my news, Tor's problem and Ivy's dilemma. Sometimes I think you and dad should get gold medals for all the times you've helped us.

Gee, I sound like I'm giving an award speech. Sorry, I guess I'm still in shock over the last few weeks and everything that happened. I never knew that so much could happen in so much little space.

Thank goodness everything is back to normal though because I wouldn't have been able to cope otherwise and it's good that everyone's happy though I still think Tor's a little down about Eddie but he shouldn't worry, Eddie will be home from the vet soon.

Am I giving too much information off? Sorry if I am, it's pretty dumb worrying about spoiling it because you know all of the stories but it doesn't stop me telling you my own way does it?

I'm not looking forward to next week though, and you know why. It's going to be so hard and I know I'll cry a lot. I'll live. Hopefully.

It's been a while since I wrote, so I'm going to give you a quick update. I know you know all this but in case you read it in the future.

My eldest sister is Linn Love. She is twenty and is at a dentistry University in Edinburgh – good for her.

My second-eldest sister is Rowan Love. She is eighteen and is doing design and art etc in sixth form at our school.

My name is Ally Love (obviously); I am sixteen-years-old and am soon going to be doing my GCSE Exams.

My younger and only brother is Tor Love. He is eleven-years-old and is in year seven of our secondary school.

My youngest sister is Ivy Love, she is six-years-old and is in year two at the primary school in our area.

So that's us…

Ready to relive our past month or so?

Then keep reading.

Love you lots,


(Love child No. 3)

Okay, I don't mean the far future, I cant exactly imagine you as an old woman reading these whilst your on the rocket to Mars for a holiday or in a space hover, on your way to ours for Sunday dinner but maybe one day it'll be nice to read them again? Wow… that would be pretty cool!