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"So let me see if I've got this straight…"

I nodded at Billy to go on, he had been a bit huffy when we met this morning but he was alright now.

"You did some digging and found out that your little sister is now in a gang with a girl called Georgia and they bully other kids?"

I bobbed my head, "Correct."

"And your brother is getting forced into doing stuff just so he can hang out with some people…"


"And your sister is pregnant by her boyfriend who isn't speaking to her."


Billy stared at me for a moment before snorting with laughter. Can you blame me for hitting the stupid berk? My family were going through some serious issues here!

"Oh and also, one of your new friends was making out with your best friends boyfriend?"

I just stared at him stonily, unimpressed with his reaction.

Before I knew it, he was rolling on the grass and howling with laughter. Even though I didn't want to – since I didn't find anything funny about the situation -, I started laughing too.

I dropped to my knees and hit him on the arm, "I'm glad my downhill life is amusing you!"

For some peculiar reason, that made him laugh even harder.

I tell you, boys are weird creatures.

Suddenly he sobered up, "What about Linn? What's going on in her life?"

I blinked in confused, "Um. Nothing. Except she's trying to murder Alfie."

"So she hasn't found out that she's actually an alien experiment?" And then he started laughing at his own extremely pathetic joke.

I inspected my fingernails until he had done being a… well… boy, he finally sat up and looked at me seriously, I smiled in mock sweetness, "Done?"

He nodded, grinning again, "Yep. How'd you find out about Ivy being a bully? And how can a six year old be a bully?"

"I picked Ivy up from school on Monday and went to find this Georgia person but before I got to find who she was, a woman charged up to her mum and demanded to know why her and her friends had been bullying her child, then I saw Ivy coming out with Georgia and these other girls and then this one little boy ran away crying when he saw them going. It doesn't take a genius to work out."

"A little boy was crying by the sight of a few six-year-old girls? I bet he'll grow up to be a poof!"

"Billy!" I was shocked, "His six-years-old! How can you say such a thing? And there's more important issues like my sister being a bully!"

"She'll grow out of it. You did."

I looked at him irritably, "Just because I occasionally tapped you lightly on the head with a spade when I was five, didn't make me a bully!"

"Ally. Every lunchtime you used to burry me in the sandpit then put a bucket on my head and throw stones at it, when you finished that, you would then smack the back of my legs with a spade."

"We were playing!"

"You knocked me out! Twice!"

"Details, details." I sighed.

"Since I'm the best boyfriend in the world, I'm going to give you some excellent advice!"

I looked at him warily, "Oh no…"

He shot me a dirty look before clearing his throat, "You tell your parents to talk to Ivy and Tor and tell the school about what's going on with Tor and Freddie and that lot, you give Alfie and Linn a bit of time to cool down before getting them with Rowan and your parents to talk together. Then you get the best boyfriend in the world – that's me – to punch Ricardo and fix Kira up with Feargal!"

I stared at him for a moment before shaking my head, "I don't think it'll be that simple."

He looked kind of hurt, "I think that's good advice!"

I just gave him a slightly pitying look, "Uhuh. Well, I'll think about it."

He shrugged and decided that he was already over it, he then hesitated before continuing, "Listen, my parents are going out on Friday night, do you want to stay over?"

Oh no, please, I don't want to have this conversation!

"Billy. We haven't had sleepovers together since we were nine!"

"Well this is different. You aren't going to be putting Linn's make-up on me and dressing me in your mum's old clothes… although that does sound fun…"

I chuckled and smacked him on the arm – this was going to turn into a violent relationship soon – and shook my head, "Billy, my parent's will never go for that and besides, I told you that I'm not-"

He held up a hand, "I don't want you to stay over for THAT reason. If you want I can invite Kira so it's less uncomfortable."

"My parents-"

"Don't have to know the truth."

I looked at him in disbelief, "You want me to lie to my parents?" I asked in shock.

You didn't DO that in my family. Usually.

Suddenly Billy growled in frustration, "Look, Ally, I love you but we're sixteen, we've been together for three years now! Almost four years! Most of my mates had sex when they were fourteen to girls they'd only known for five minutes! I feel like such a prat when they're talking about what… or should I say who they did over the weekend and I've only got the gossip of kissing!"

I stared at him in shock, "What?"

"We talked about it when we were fifteen and you said you weren't ready and I respected that but that was about seven months ago!"

"I'm just not-"

"Ready? Or maybe you just don't love me!"

That really annoyed me. Big time. "You know what, Billy, I can't believe you just said that. Did you know that ninety-eight percent of guys just say that so the girl will sleep with them? I cant believe you'd stoop that low!" I TOTALLY made that up but he didn't have to know that.


"No." I got to my feet – since we had been lying on the grass – and started walking away, "Call me when the old Billy comes back, the same goofy friend that I was with two seconds ago… on second, thoughts, don't."

Then I gave him a deathly glare before storming off.

Sometimes, I really hate boys.


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