Harry laid back on his couch, the muscles in his back slowly relaxing. 6 weeks of not flying had left him aching to get back in the air and after an approval from the Healers, he had spent the entire afternoon flying in the Quidditch pitch near his house. He sighed and rested his head against the arm of the sofa, ready for a nap before getting up and having dinner.

As soon as he fell asleep, a sharp peck on the nose woke him up with a start. He sat up quickly, dislodging Rowena from his chest. She hooted in surprise and took flight, dropping the letter clutched in her beak onto Harry's lap.

"Rowena!" Harry exclaimed as he quickly held his arm out for her to land on. She hooted in indignation as he whispered apologies. She ruffled her feathers and, with a quick farewell nip on Harry's arm, flew through the open window to find a nice branch to take a nap on.

Harry turned his attention to the letter sitting on his lap. Picking it up, he saw Ginny's neat, sharp handwriting. He quickly tore the envelope open and pulled out the single sheet of parchment. He unfolded it and read,

I will get home tomorrow at through
the Floo system at the Burrow. Meet me there and
we can have lunch and talk about everything, especially
the trial. You are not going to get out of it, you promised.
Love, Ginny

Harry smiled as he read the last line of the short letter. He really hoped that she would have been satisfied with the letter he had sent, telling her that everything had gone well, but he knew that Ginny would not be happy unless she got a play-by-play of the case. He sighed and went back to his nap, only to find he was very hungry.

"So much for resting a bit."

Harry sat at the kitchen table of the Burrow, staring intently at the flames in the fireplace. The intensity of his gaze had left Mrs. Weasley in a fit of laughter as she watched him from the counter. His lack of response had amused her even more.

"Harry, no matter how hard you stare at the fire, it will not make her get here faster." She told him. Again, he didn't respond. She laughed and went on baking a cake for that night's dessert.

As Harry's eyes started to hurt from gazing into the flames for too long, the fire turned emerald green and a figure appeared, dragging a large trunk after her. Ginny stepped from the fireplace and quickly brushed the soot off of her clothing before she could track it into the house. She looked up and smiled as she saw Harry leaving his seat at the table. She quickly placed her trunk beside the fireplace and hugged him around the neck. The burn from six weeks ago wass still present, a light pink discoloration, but still enough to make Ginny's throat tighten.

She had had to go back to the training camp after they knew that Harry was going to recover, but him in a white hospital bed had left her shaken. Only his warm body against hers left her any comfort in the fact that he was alright.

"Ginny, I missed you so much." Harry mumbled into her neck, his face pressed to the hair over her shoulder.

"And I missed you too. But I do need to breathe." Ginny gasped as he tightened his grip around her waist.

"Oops." Harry quickly released her with a grin, only to kiss her spectacularly on the mouth.

"Ahem" Mrs. Weasley cleared her throat, awaiting her hug hello. Ginny rushed over to her and gave her a hug. "I missed you, darling. I know you want to interrogate Harry, so get to it. We'll talk over dinner tonight." Mrs. Weasley told her daughter as she released her.

"Thanks, Mum." Ginny grinned and with a quick flick of her wand, sent her trucks zooming up the stairs to her room. "So, Harry, you have some talking to do. Let's go." Ginny quickly pulled him out of the house to apparate to Diagon Alley.

They appeared in front of a little cafe in Diagon Alley, one of the small businesses that had appeared after Voldemort's downfall. Ginny and Harry were soon seated in a corner booth, away from the prying eyes of the other patrons of the establishment. Two menus appeared on the table and the couple quickly ordered, poking the entree they wanted on the menu. Their order was quickly sent to the kitchen, magically, of course.

"Now, talk." Ginny ordered. Harry sighed, knowing that this would be a meal long affair.

"What do you want to know?" He asked wearily.

"Who was there?"

"The normal people... and Draco Malfoy."

"Malfoy? Why was that dirtbag there?" Ginny knew that Malfoy had been forced to do many of the evils he had commited, but still had never forgiven him for the final year at Hogwarts that he had been there. The year with Snape and the Carrows.

"He was held hostage, remember? And I think he wanted to be there to prove something." Harry shrugged. He had thought about Malfoy's reasons to for being there, and had come up with a theory. "I think he wants people to realize that he is not on their side anymore." Of course, Ginny understood which side he meant and nodded. "Next question."

"I don't know, just tell me everything."

"Everything!?" Ginny's glare told him that he would eb held hostage until every detail of the trial was laid out. "Fine."

"Well, once the whole Wizengamot was there, two of those blokes from Magical Imprisonment (A new department of the ministry, seeing how they can't use Dementors anymore) led Sharda and Greyback in and put them in those chairs with the chains. Well, Sharda acted like it was a throne, the way sheheld her head high and all. Greyback just looked as though he was about to be torn apart, which was a good possibility, seeing how many people he's hurt.

Well, They did the whole name reading thing, and then I just had to tell what they did to me." Harry shivered as he remembered how hard that had been to do without showing any weakness. He had never liked giving anyone the satisfaction of knowing that he had hurt them, especially those two. "And I did. Then they had to show some graphs of the wounds on me, and that was about it. It was really quick. They are going to be locked up for the rest of their lives, their wands destoyed, and no human contact ever again."

"Harry, that is not enough detail! I said everything and that was certainly not everything!" Ginny half-cried, getting the attention of those around them. Harry quickly ducked his head, avoiding being recognized. He was still not comfortable with people staring at his head and now his neck.

"Well, that was everything." Harry quickly whispered as heads turned back to their meals. "I told you it was short."

"So there is nothing else?"

"No. Nothing, and I promise I would have told you." Harry swore as their meals blossomed on their table in a was similar to that at Hogwarts. Ginny pouted ass she realized the sincerity behind his words. "But..."

Ginny quickly perked up, hoping that he had remembered some small detail. "You have to tell me everything about the camp." Realizing that it was over, she started telling about the camp.

"It was awesome. You would have loved it. No offense to Hogwarts Quidditch and all, but they were amazing. I mean, some of them had been playing together for YEARS!" Ginny quickly started explained everything she had learned in loving detail. Harry just smiled and listened, glad to see Ginny happy.

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