Chapter 1

I have scattered the seeds, of the future…

The scene he was surrounded by began to disappear. The last recognizable person he could see was a beautiful girl, tears in her eyes, looming over him sadly. She was screaming something; he knew it was his name.

"Link! Link!"

The girl's voice was soft but scratchy from crying, fighting the tears and failing at it horribly. He could hear her voice drifting off as darkness surrounded him, a shadow got her attention. Her gasp was the last thing he heard, before he could no longer see.

The girl's yelling rang through his head. He wanted to answer it, but couldn't. The voice lost some of its desperation and turned softer, younger. He was able to see again, but it was only slightly. He saw a face with beautiful sapphire eyes and blond hair. He started to remember what was happening, and uttered the name he wanted to call out before. "Z-Zelda?"

The girl tilted her head and laughed. She smiled and slowly spoke. "Are you okay Linky?" The name she called him by gave her away. "Yeah, Aryll…I'm fine." He sat up holding his head painfully and looked around the room. "Where are we?" She giggled and smiled at her elder brother. "We're on a pirate ship, Tetra's ship Linky, do you remember?" He sat in silence for a moment then remembered what he was doing before he awoke. He stood up quickly. "Where is she?!" Aryll looked at her older brother, confused and concerned. "Who Linky?"

He realized that she had said that they were on a pirate ship and found hope in the captain's name. "Tetra! Where is Tetra? Is she okay?" Aryll looked down. This worried Link more than ever. He looked down too as a familiar pirate entered the room quietly.

Flash back

They stood there on the tower's roof. The water above started to pour downwards onto them. Link looked over at Zelda, torn between what was more important. He wanted to defeat Ganon, but Zelda could easily be hurt here. She could help him fight, but die in the process. He decided she was more important. "Zelda, get out of here." She looked at the hero of winds with shock and despair. She looked at the rain covered floor then at Ganon. "No!" Link had expected this; she was a pirate after all. He sighed and made up his mind for the final time, mistake or not. They'd fight together and attempt it.

Aryll looked at the intruder and smiled. "Gonzo! Look! Linky's awake finally!" Link ignored them and continued to look at the floor, that's when the tears came. The first one drew the other inhabitants of the room's attention. The second both shocked and saddened them. Link fell to the floor hugging his shoulders. Aryll didn't know what to do for him, so she did nothing. Gonzo went to leave but stopped short and looked back at the poor boy. "Miss Tetra's waiting, you know?" The young boy looked up, tears tearing down his face. Hope and confusion beamed in his eyes. Gonzo smiled at this and left. Link wiped his eyes and ran out the door. Aryll smiled and stood there. She'll steal him from me, but…if Linky's happy…I'm happy. She thought. Link came out on the deck and saw something on it that was enough to bring him to tears.

Flash back

She looked at him, determination filling her heart and body. "I'll ask you one more time. Leave me, Zelda." Her eyes were thrown to the floor. She was nearly heartbroken by this. She couldn't leave, her body wouldn't allow it. "Or…" She looked up at him; a smile crept across his face. "Take this…" He held out a bow and some arrows. She eyed them in awe, they all glowed with power. She took both and turned again to Ganon. She loaded an arrow. "Go, I'll cover you." He ran towards him and swung his sword. The larger foe blocked it easily. Link flung his body over Ganon's head, drawing his attention. Zelda released the arrow and it hit square in the chest. She smiled in victory, but the moment didn't last. Their enemy's attention was on her now and he leapt at her. She held the bow to her face to protect herself, knowing it wouldn't work anyway. The blood that hit her face wasn't hers though. Her eyes widened in fear, shock, and most of all…sorrow.

Link walked slowly to the upper deck, were stood a young girl, her long blonde hair blowing in the wind blissfully. She turned as she heard the footsteps and faked a smile. Her eyes gave away her true feelings of regret and shame. "Hey, Zelda", Link whispered. She went to wave, but she fell forward. Whether it was purposefully or not, he caught her in his arms, embracing her tightly. She then broke down in tears, unable to breathe. He continued to hold her, fighting back tears himself.