The sun's rays fell onto the grassy ground, as the various sounds of the morning rung out. Birds' chirping filled the air, serving as an alarm clock for the young female hidden under a mess of covers. She soon gave in and sat up in her bed, yawning and stretching. She stepped out of her bed and went into the kitchen looking for some trace of eatable minerals. A knock at the door interrupted her from this venture, though. She opened the door to find Kane, a young boy that had lived on the island since birth. "Kane, what are you doing here?" The fifteen year old seemed to jump about slightly, he was biting his lip. "Aryll! The lazy bum is back! Look, the ship pulled in about a minute ago," he exclaimed as he pointed in the direction of an all too familiar pirate ship. Aryll gasped and ran from the house, slamming the door carelessly on her way out. "I can't believe it. Is it really you, big brother?" she thought to herself, running towards the docks.

Flash back

Aryll stood facing her elder brother and the young pirate/ princess. Of late, the princess preferred her birth name, Zelda. So that's what everyone called her. The two fifteen year olds stood before Aryll, her grandmother, Orca, Kane, Maryl (Kane's older brother), and Kane's parents. Link held a heavy heart as he explained that he and Zelda would be leaving again. Aryll was the most upset of the group of islanders that was to be left behind. She had tried to reason with the both of them many times, in vain. The heroes of Hyrule had decided to live together on Zelda's ship as pirates. Quick embraces and kisses were passed just before the pair boarded the ship and sailed out to sea, leaving all they struggled to protect behind.

It had been a whole four years since then and it seemed like the two of them would have been gone much longer. Despite this, Aryll was overjoyed to see any trace of her brother. He would be nineteen now, old enough to marry. The way she figured it, Link and Zelda had been engaged since they first met. She reached the docks and stared up at the pirate ship and took in its familiar sounds: hoots and haulers coming from who knows where. This brought a smile to her face as she began to scale the latter. She reached the top to find the group of pirates laughing and snickering amongst themselves. The young girl smiled warmly as joyful glances began to come her way. A particular muscle man stood from the crowd and walked up to her, embracing her tightly. She giggled before acknowledging him, "It's great to see you again, Gonzo." More hugs were spread before her eyes began to search for the only two that were missing from the group. Gonzo tapped her shoulder and pointed to the staircase that would lead to the captain's room. Aryll took in a deep breath and walked to the door, opening it slowly. She peered inside to see three figures. She gasped at the sight that was filling her with mixed emotions.

Her gasp caught the attention of the one she was looking for in particular. Link looked at her and smiled warmly as he tapped Zelda's shoulder. The princess looked up from her previous activity and smiled warmly as well. "Come in, Aryll," her brother's voice was different. She felt weak kneed as she walked into the room and gazed at what Zelda held in her lap. Zelda rocked back and forth in her rocking chair, staring lovingly down at the young infant she held close to herself. Aryll smiled and embraced her brother silently. Zelda got up and walked into another room, signaling that it was okay to talk. "It's nice to see you again, sister." Aryll looked at her brother, smiling and wiping fresh tears from her eyes. "I'm so proud of you, Link! It's a beautiful baby! What's its name?" Aryll's question was answered by the new mother, who had just walked into the room, closing the door behind her. "Her name is Nayru and her brother's name is Din." The young girl's expression was one of shock. "Brother…wait, you mean there are two of them?" Link nodded happily as Zelda sat beside the two on the bed. "They are twins, Nayru was born first, though," Link spoke softly, trying to not be so loud as to wake his sleeping children. Aryll embraced both of them and they exited the room, arriving on the upper deck.

The group was still there, laughing and jesting as before. The pirates took turns slapping Link on the back and embracing Zelda. Soon afterward, the family hopped off the boat and walked down towards Orca's house. Link opened the door as the two young women walked into the house, giggling and discussing various 'mom questions'. Link's grandmother and Orca looked up from their tea, smiling happily at Link and Zelda. Link embraced his grandmother and then moved on to Orca, who he teased for being so old. The two ladies remained talking to Link's grandmother. "Grandma, Orca, you'll never guess what I just found out," Aryll yelped happily. All in the room's attention was turned to Aryll and Zelda was the young mother raised her finger, on which a golden ring with beautiful diamonds was. Zelda's new grandmother began to cry and Orca stood silently, gawking at Link. "That's not all! The also have two infants!" The old woman practically had a heart attack at this information. She immediately embraced Link, crying into his tunic. Link gestured for Zelda to come over. Zelda was the second to be embraced, a sort of welcoming into the family. That night was filled with tears, smiles, and most of all: joy.