My husband always said I'm an evil witch, and now you know why :)

"Ohhh..yeah…oh God, Riddick…harder.."

Riddick chuckled, blue colored mirth hidden behind his goggles. "Like that, Jack? Is that how you want it?"

"OOhhhh yes, gods Riddick it feels so damn good…I think I'm gonna freakin cry…"

Again he laughed, leaning over her as he pressed deeper, stroking her.

Jack stretched, body seductively wiggling beneath his as she physically and verbally begged for more.

"Jesus Riddick, over there…yeah, right there…no no damn it…THERE!"

Riddick did as she instructed. He may have been a lot of things..killer, thief. But he always gave Jack what she wanted, and just how she wanted it. It seemed to go on forever for them both until finally Jack cried out, followed by a popping noise.

Riddick gave one final grin in approval before moving away from her, starring at the sprawled form of his partner on the workout mat. Panting hard, she sat up and stretched.

"Damn Riddick…that was the best damned massage I've ever had. Where the hell did you learn to use your hands like that?"

Riddick's face was blank this time, save for a little twitch of his cheeks. "I can do a lot of things with my hands Jack." He stood without further word, walking away from her and through the training doors.

"Damnit!" Jack yelled. There she was, all hot and bothered with no Riddick to relieve her…..again.