Title: In Shock

Author: Nicksfriend


Spoilers: For Gedda

Disclaimer: Bottom line...they belong to CBS and to those who make millions

Author's note:This is my fifth CSI fic. I actually jumped when the undersheriff shot Warrick; I did not expect it...but I could see that it could have been survivable.

Nick sat patiently waiting for the red head to come back out but ten minutes had past and she never returned, it was almost four thirty in the morning and he was tired. They had been working at solving who shot Gedda for almost two days and that was two days without sleep.

He stood to leave when he thought he heard a gunshot, opening the door to the diner he again heard a gunshot ring out, it had come from the alley. Two other officers who had been eating their dinner appeared beside him, guns drawn. They started out the door,looking the reason for the shots.

Sometimes when a car backfired it sounded like gunfire but this was close and spread out.

Nick pulled out his weapon and followed, a car horn now blaring from the alley way. Nick pointed to the car parked in the darkness, the parking lights were on but he could not get a good look at the passenger.

The officers were calling for back-up, Nick continued to follow, he was a crime scene investigator but he had a police background and knew the ground rules for staying out of the way.

Then it happened, recognition was immediate as they approached, it was Warrick's car. Warrick's head was slumped forward in the driver's seat, lying on the steering wheel. The horn was blaring and Nick could not stop his natural response, get to Warrick and give him assistance.

The first police officer was already making sure the scene was safe and the second was calling for an ambulance. An officer down was called,the response would be tremendous.

Nick tried to control his breathing as he felt for a pulse in Warrick's neck, a faint beat could be felt. He was also a CSI and knew that he did not want to destroy the evidence, the one thing that could catch the person who had shot his best friend.

Nick replaced the safety to his gun and placed it back into the holster on his side.

Warrick's breathing was labored, blood oozing from his mouth, his tongue falling out and to the left. Nick knew he could have a spinal injury given the location of the exit wound as he pulled off his shirt and ripped it into he tried to staunch the bleeding. As the second officer approached from the other side he showed the flashlight into the car window. Nick's heart almost stopped at seeing that Warrick had a second wound, to the chest.

"I need some help!" He shouted hoping that they weren't messing up too much of the crime scene but knew his friend's life was much more important at the moment."Dammit Warrick, I should have walked you out, dammit!"

The officer pointed down at the deposited gun lying on the passenger seat, the passenger window rolled completely down. A thought crossed Nick's mind, had he known the person who shot him?

"Warrick, hold on buddy. I'm here, I want you to hold on for me. Can you do that Warrick? Can you hold on for me?" Nick pleaded as he placed a hand on his friend's chest holding pressure, hoping to at least hear a siren, something.

Warrick did not respond, he continued to have labored breathing, he did not make a sound. He showed no movement except for the uneven movement of his chest.

Nick continued to try to keep his friend from dying. He could feel the dinner he had just ingested role up into the back of his throat, swallowing the burning acid back down, knowing that he did not have time for his own pain at this time, he had a job, his friend needed him and he was going to do everything he could to save his life.

Finally the sound of the sirens were audible and Nick could feel his strength fading, no matter how much pressure he held the bleeding continued, the shirt now soaked, his hand on the chest not holding back the river of blood coming from his friend's open wound. His attempts were failing his friend,"Warrick, if you can hear me, please hold on, please." He begged, tears now streaming down his face, the officers trying to assist but it seemed hopeless for their victim.

The paramedics pulled out their equipment, Nick quickly informing them that their patient had two wounds, one to the neck and one to the right side of his chest.

A collar was quickly placed after one the paramedics had placed a thick bandage to the entry and exit wounds in the neck,a large thick bandage was placed to the open wound in the chest, an intravenous line was initiated and fluids started. They gently lifted him out onto a board and strapped him onto it, rushing to get him into the ambulance."We're taking him to Desert Palms Hospital." One of the paramedics informed the officers.

Nick had a battle within, he was the first CSI on the crime scene, any evidence lost could mean that they might not get the person or persons responsible for shooting Warrick. He needed to call Grissom.

He looked down at his hands, they were covered in Warrick's blood, his t-shirt also covered in Warrick's blood, his pants covered in Warrick's blood. He was part of the crime scene now, he could not leave.

He reached down and took his cell out of his belt and hit the quick dial for Grissom, his hands shaking as he pulled the phone to his ear.

The emotion was overwhelming him, his best friend could die and he was responsible, he should have known that Officer Pritchard would have tired to kill Warrick, how stupid had they been?

"Grissom." A sleepy voice answered.

He could not speak, he felt mute, breathing was difficult and the world was spinning, he bent down on his knees as he watched the ambulance carry his friend away,lights blaring fading into the distance.

"Nick, are you hurt?" Grissom's voice now panicked for his CSI.

He gathered his strength and finally was able to give a short answer,"Warrick's been shot."

"Nick, where are you." Grissom started gathering his clothes that he had just discarded and quickly putting them back on as he waited for an answer to his question, hoping that Nick had not been injured too.

"The diner, the alleyway." Nick managed to get out the short answers but he was unable to get much more than the basics. His friend could die, his only thought.

"Nick, I will call Catherine, we will right there, hold the scene until we get there. You hear me Nicky?" Grissom knew that he had to keep calm with Nick, he sounded as if he were in shock.

"I will." he hung up the phone, dropping it to the ground and then standing, he had a job to do and he would do it for Warrick, his friend.


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