Title: In Shock

Author: Nicksfriend


Spoilers: For Gedda

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Author's note:This is my fifth CSI fic. I actually jumped when the Undersheriff shot Warrick; I didn't expect it...but I could see that it could've been survivable.

Remember I will never allow Nick to be anything less than a hero...so he could not kill Mckeen...Brass had to do it...Grissom is not a killer either...I did consider Catherine though...she has a temper!!


They all looked at each other,each thinking the same thing basically,Nick had suffered trauma in the past,just maybe his mind couldn't handle anymore.

Grissom waved the others to leave, a very confused Nick threw back his blanket and looked at his supervisor."What?"

Grissom walked over and took Stephane's chair and sat down, placing a hand on Nick's shoulder,"Listen Nick,you had a fairly good blow to your head, you've been out a few days, the doctor says it was due to a combination of the head injury and the exhaustion you suffered during the past week."

"But something happened Grissom,something really bad. Right?" He asked knowing the answer already, bits and pieces coming back but he needed to know what had happened to his best friend.

Grissom licked dry lips, he felt like he had a rock in the pit of his stomach, Warrick is dead."

"Where's the body?" Nick asked , his body language letting Grissom know that he was getting defensive.

" The Undersheriff shot him and he died later. He was cremated and buried." Grissom replied,feeling the truth was the best method of dealing with Nick's denial.

"Warrick would have never allowed it, he hated fire. I know because I helped make out his primary directive, it said no cremation if he died." Nick was now sitting up, Grissom was getting worried that he was over doing it,getting too upset,he still suffered from the side effects of the concussion.

"Nick, he's dead. Catherine made the arrangements, she had him cremated." Grissom tried to explain again.

"I don't accept that." A calm Nick replied,"Warrick was specific, he didn't want to be cremated, Catherine would have never gone against Warrick's wishes, she respects him too much. She cares about him too much. She loves him too much."

Grissom shook his head, frustrated at Nick's refusal to accept the facts."Nick,you need to lie down, we'll talk about it later, when you're out of the hospital."

"Ask her Grissom,ask her why she's lying to you, to us." he shook his head, tears streaming down his face,"Warrick is alive,you'll see, he's alive."

Grissom stood and started to walk out but he decided to try once more,"Nick, she wouldn't lie to us. Catherine would never lie to us about something like this, it would never happen."

Nick let out a small laugh,"She's lied before,reverse forensics Gil. Is she protecting the one she loves?"

He hesitated for a few seconds regaining his composure," Gil she does love him. And he loves her, that's why I know he's not dead, he would've never given up that easily,he would've fought to stay alive,not for himself but for Catherine and his unborn child that Tina was carrying."

"Nick, get some rest. We'll talk later." Grissom knew that arguing was not going to help Nick, he had to work through it and they would be there when he could, when he was ready.

Grissom opened the door and left and allowing the door to close, leaving Nick alone with his thoughts, he wasn't crazy, he knew Warrick wasn't dead,he knew his friend,he would never give up, he would have fought to stay alive.


"McKeen's dead, it's confirmed." The voice on the other end of the line confirmed.

"Good, he was getting to be a real problem. And Warrick?" The man asked, wanting to make sure everything was taken care of, needing the peace of mind.

"He's definitely dead, they cremated him and buried his ashes. No more of the CSI team to worry about,they'll go back to business as usual. I promise." The sheriff feeling that all of his troubles had been eliminated.

"Good, make sure you keep Stokes in order, he seems to be the only one that might just figure it out." the voice on the phone instructed.

"I'll keep a close eye on Stokes, don't worry." The sheriff answered.

The person on the other end of the line ended the call, hearing all that he needed to hear,knowing that if the sheriff couldn't handle them, he could.


Tina had started her new job, her husband was still in the hospital, the transfer to New York had been difficult but she had to protect Warrick,she had to protect the father of her baby.

Just days before the divorce was final she had scheduled an amniocentesis that had proven that Warrick Brown was the father of her unborn child, they had decided to stay together for that reason. She would keep him safe,her father's FBI connections would keep them safe.


The end??

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