Maybe I Will

Maybe I Will

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AN: I'm back! I got so many good reviews that I thought I'd write another fic right away. When I am going to put it up is another matter. It may actually be published a long time after, I suppose. Anyway, enjoy!

Beka POV:

It has been a few months since we wrapped up the Shadow Snake gang and Crookshank. I say we, but my Dogs insist that, at least with the Shadow Snake, I did it all on my own.

"Cooper, you are the one who would not drop the Snake. We're the ones who dragged you away to save those diggers." Tunstall insists, while Goodwin just says, "We didn't help you at all, so drop it." She had a scary look in her eye, so drop it I did. But they are right, though I will never say so. Shy I may be, but I'm also stubborn and loathe to admit that I am wrong. Especially since that would be saying that I am better than them, in a way.

Nothing has happened since then. With Rosto being the new Rogue, most of the Rats have been avoiding doing anything particularly Rat-ish. They want to see what kind of Rogue he will be before they risk jailing themselves.

I am walking home from visiting my Lord Provest and my family. Diona did not greet me while I was there, but the pride from Nilo, Will, and Lorine was enough for me. They were proud of me! That made me very happy as I walked home.

I was so blissful that I didn't hear the footsteps behind me until it was too late. Then, someone shoved me into an alley opening, blocking the exit as they walked in themselves. I growled and stood up, facing them. Didn't they realize who I was? A Dog? A friend of the Rogue's? Then I remembered that I was in a dress, not my uniform, and being Rosto's friend could cause as much trouble as good.

I looked the cove over. Tall, dark brown hair, with a lot of muscle and a blade in each hand. So he did know who I was, enough so that he knew I would fight, and fight hard. He leered, drawing closer. I was about to attach, when something heavy slammed into the back of my head and the world went black.

Rosto POV:

Where was Beka? She had promised to actually talk to me when she got back. After I had kissed her the day after the riot, she had been avoiding me. Whenever I tried to talk to her alone, she would blush furiously and leave, stammering apologies. Kora saw me, pacing in front of the boarding house, and walked over.

"What's wrong? You look more worried than when Aniki threatened to tell Beka about your childhood crushes and how they all viciously rejected you."

She was grinning, but frowned when I told her what was wrong.

"Beka's late. She was supposed to be here an hour ago."

Kora looked scared and a little nervous.

"What is it?" I asked, a little crossly from anxiety. She looked at me apprehensively, then muttered something incoherently. I stared at her, willing her to repeat herself. I didn't trust myself to speak calmly. Thankfully, she answered.

"I heard some rushers talking earlier. They said that you seemed…er…smitten with the pretty Puppy. They decided that getting to her would…get to you."

That's it. Cool face gone.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! SHE COULD BE HURT, OR…or…" Suddenly speaking seemed to much of an effort. I slumped against the front of the building, shaking slightly, and wondering, where are you, Beka?