Once upon a time there was a girl
You really wouldn't call her typical
Had her own definition of cool
She lived in her own world

- Sharada; Skye Sweetnam

Yuffie Kisaragi was blind: blind to everything - and everyone - around her. All she ever did was charge into situations unpredictably and unprepared. And Yuffie – self-proclaimed greatest ninja ever - wasn't exactly known for her stealth, or her grace, for that matter. Yuffie's head was in the clouds, and her feet barely scraped the floor. She was just oblivious.

Vincent Valentine was just the opposite. Dark, serious, and to himself, he looked like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley. He nearly never showed emotion. She was a rollercoaster that could make anyone contract motion sickness. Oddly enough, they complimented each other in a way that was unexplainable. His silence and her never-ending chatter. Like in algebra – when two numbers cancel each other out.

Then one day, when unusual, oblivious, unpredictable Yuffie had haphazardly and out of the blue covered his lips with hers, he found himself - for reasons unknown - kissing back.

She was unlike anyone he'd ever met. She wandered into situations she almost always narrowly got out of, her speech was always ahead of her thoughts, but she……she could fix him. She had pushed her way into his heart, inch by inch, without him ever noticing. She could change all of the dark in him into light, and all of the sorrow into bliss.

And in those moments, in that kiss, insensible, over-the-top Yuffie found her head was coming out out of the clouds. And boy, did it feel good to have her feet on solid ground for once.