When one of Mumbo's tricks goes wrong, Beast Boy and Raven get trapped inside a mysterious playing card, the domain of The Queen of Hearts. With the strings being pulled by the queen and her ministers, can the two escape from the card? And what happens when the two become close?

This is before Trouble in Tokyo and "The End."

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Q: Has anyone ever noticed that you never really see the any police officers or the whole police department in an episode of Teen Titans?


It was an explosion that could be heard for blocks as the glass doors of Jump City's First National Bank shattered and a torrent of smoke billowed out. As the smoke and burnt dollar bills rolled unto the street and the sound of the bank's alarm system blared with the car alarms, a figure stepped over broken glass, gripping the silk top hat on his head and the burlap sack on his back. He moved quickly, trying to find a getaway before the smoke fully dissipated and he was caught under the glare of downtown's neon lights, billboards, and Jump City's Police Department that was soon to arrive. His feet crunched the glass shards underfoot as he ran for a manhole visible in the midst of the smoke.

However, there was already someone standing over it. The figure came face-to-face with a grim-faced teenager and a slender female with glowing green hands.

"Where you going, Mumbo?" the teen asked, crouching his muscular, but lanky body into a fighting stance and balling his fist.

"Why Robin, I was simply leaving with the contents of my saving accounts," He grinned sheepishly as Robin's eyes narrowed menacingly.

"I thought you were still in Jump City Penitentiary?" His eyes hidden underneath his mask were dangerous slits.

"Well…you know…I would've stayed but it's a tough crowd up there. I put my best foot forward, told a couple 'o jokes, and nothing."

"I think you need to stick with your magic tricks; you're not cut out for comedy. " At this, Mumbo stepped back, avoiding Robin's fist and a volley of green light. He sidestepped as Robin's gloved hand came down again.

"Everyone's a critic. But still, sound advice. That's why you should consider this my opening act!" Mumbo's gloved hand took off his hat and aimed it at Robin and Starfire. A deck of playing cards spat out at the two from the hole, knocking them to the ground. As Mumbo tried to escape, he heard a thundering pair of footsteps come behind him. His head swiveled and he saw Cyborg's large silhouette past his bulbous blue nose. His arm was quickly changing into its Sonic Cannon and his teeth were clenched. Mumbo again aimed his hat and from its depths came a large white rabbit that slammed Cyborg's body to the ground. His footsteps clacked down the street.

"Titans, don't let Mumbo get away!" Robin yelled loudly, flicking away the playing cards that fell on him. Spades, Diamonds all fell until the last, the Queen of Hearts, was left. His masked eyes never paid attention to the unusual card and its smirking queen surrounded by gold-etched locks, cups, sword, and rabbit.

He ran after Mumbo and came with a roundhouse kick that the magician simply dodged and countered with a whack of his burlap sack, sending Robin to the ground. Mumbo did not spare his advantage; he turned and began running, Starfire close behind.

Robin slowly picked himself from off the ground. "Where are Beast Boy and Raven?"

"Fighting, what else?" Cyborg yelled from his position on the back of the giant rabbit. The animal kicked its legs back and smashed the front of a corporate building. The sound of fallen debris and Cybrog's yells echoed throughout the street. A few streetlights toppled over and fell unto the street; their snakelike cords sparkling along the black tar.

"Again?" He grunted. Robin's gelled head swiveled around for the missing fighters and was met with only the artificial haze of the city and the growing wail of the police sirens. This was the tenth time the two were off butting heads somewhere—"flirting" as Cyborg called it—instead of helping to fight. And these fights were getting serious every time he turned around.

He grabbed his communicator off his utility belt and pressed the button. "Beast Boy, Raven, where are you?! We need you two to help catch Mumbo!" He was answered with static, but saw some of the cards swirl in an invisible gust of wind. As they went down the block, they joined a car shrouded in violet light. "At least someone's there," Robin said under his breath.

He didn't notice the mysterious playing card rise on its own and join with the other cards as they made their way to their invisible caller.


Mumbo made his way down the street with his sack, avoiding another series of attacks from Starfire and debris only to stop as a large truck suddenly came crashing down in front of him. Hovering in front of him was a hooded female figure with glowing eyes and slender, poised arms raised over her head. His face twisted into a smile. "Ah, you've arrived for the beginning of my main act, Raven. Care to be my lovely assistant?"

"I'll pass," Raven's arms raised higher. A mailbox unhinged from its spot on the sidewalk and slammed into Mumbo, knocking the bag out of his hand. "I could skip another one of your nickel-and-dime organ grinder tricks."

Mumbo frowned at the comment. Money was scattered along the street with letters and cards. He took his hat and aimed at her, watching as a chain of knotted silk handkerchiefs snaked out and wrapped around Raven and slammed her to the ground.

He put his thumb into his mouth and blew. Raven's purple eyes widened as his foot ballooned. It grew until it was large enough to hover over her body. "Does this look like another one of my 'nickel-and-dime organ tricks' to you? Or is it too lowbrow for your 'Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble,' mantras?" He lifted his enlarged foot and brought it down, but as he neared her body, it stopped in midair and he was flipped over. He cursed under his breath as he spied a green gorilla out the corner of his eye.

Beast Boy reverted back to his human state and freed Raven from her bonds. As the silk handkerchiefs fell to the ground, Beast Boy looked over her with worried eyes. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she replied in a clipped voice, trying to steady herself. She felt strong arms, Beast Boy's arms, find their way across her shoulders and back and hold her steady.

"Are you sure?" He gave Raven a quick once-over. He pulled back her purple hood and brushed away strands of her hair. Raven firmly planted her feet on the ground and pushed Beast Boy away, blushing slightly.

"I said I'm fine." She rubbed her temples and took deep breaths in an effort to calm herself. "I need to stop him." She raised her arms again and glanced at the green superhero. "Why don't you do something easy like collect the money?"

The teen looked taken aback insulted at the idea. He looked at the burnt green pieces of now worthless paper around him, and then up at Mumbo running for the next pothole.

Beast Boy turned from Raven, sneering, and crouched down for a moment before breaking into a run after the magician. As he raced around the truck, his body began changing into a cheetah for effect. The skin of his fingers melded together and his hands turned into paws and green fur. The change continued throughout his body ending with a long, spotted tail.

He raced down the street, his spine flexing with the effort. He came closer and closer to Mumbo, almost there, when a sudden metal door made of antimatter rose from the street.

Mumbo dodged the oncoming wall; Beast Boy slammed into the door face first and shifted his body to his human state. "Ow!"

"Beast Boy, what do you think you're doing?! I told you to stay out of my way! I can catch Mumbo myself!" Raven yelled, dispelling the door illusion.

"You said I should collect the money like I'm a dog or something!" He snapped back, barely watching as a card hovered in the air. Floating long after the others had fallen down, it glowed curiously, the only witness of the conflict.

"I can catch him, too." Beast Boy yelled. "Just because you're a sorceress with mystical powers doesn't mean you're the only one who can stop him."

"Raven, Beast Boy! Right now, no one is stopping Mumbo! And he's getting away!" Cyborg yelled, interrupting their spat. He jumped off the now subdued rabbit and chased after Mumbo down the street Sonic Cannon in tow; stranded cars along the street shook with every heavy step he took. Starfire came behind him, backing up their two-man formation. "Can't you save the flirting for later?"

As Cyborg chased after Mumbo, the two Titans started to follow suite and follow him down the street. Suddenly, the golden-etched card flitted in front of their faces and grew in size until it was the height of a door. The image of its queen slid away from the frame and the card came to life in response.

The sword fell from its corner in one fell swoop and cut the corner of the card open, a strange white light materializing from the cut corner.

A rabbit ran across the bottom of the card disappearing into the white light. Its pursuer, a porcelain cup rolled down the same path before shattering in a million pieces. They watched as the card began to peel off, the light growing stronger.

Beast Boy pulled back in a panic, grabbing Raven's hand and racing away from the phenomenon. But as a lock fell from the top of the card to the bottom, the card peeled away completely and engulfed the two in a bright, white light.

"Raven! Beast Boy get away from there!" Robin yelled. But it was too late.

Hands snaked out, grabbed their limbs, and pulled them to the blinding light much to the horror of their friends' faces. Beast Boy and Raven watched as the night of Jump City faded away and they sank into the dazzling light. The light quickly imploded and with a pop! the card reappeared and fell to the ground, gleaming mischievously.

And then there was nothing at all…

A/N: I was looking through the stories I've written in the past and came across this particular fanfiction. And even though I was really happy about the reviews I had gotten at the time, when I read the story, I kept noticing all these…gaps that were there. And so, I want to try and write the story again, to see if I could approach it more thoroughly. It's always nice to see how you've changed and progressed as a writer. So if you choose to read this, I'm appreciative. Thank you.

I tried to expand on the chapter itself by focusing the scene. I wanted to mention Jump City at night and the street they would be fighting. I also tried to include sounds that you would hear if they were really fighting: a bank alarm, Cyborg's footsteps. And I tried to personify the card itself since it's just as important as the prologue itself. I'm only mad because I didn't really focus on a true fight. Oh well—plenty of opportunities exist. I hoped you enjoyed reading it like I enjoyed writing it.