When one of Mumbo's tricks goes wrong, Beast Boy and Raven get trapped inside a mysterious playing card, the domain of The Queen of Hearts. With the strings being pulled by the queen and her ministers, can the two escape from the card? And what happens when the two become close?

This is before Trouble in Tokyo and "The End."

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Arkham Asylum: a place in the DC Comics Universe (particularly in the Batman comic series); it is where all supervillians (i.e. Joker) are placed in for treatment of their insanity. Unfortunately, villains are able to escape the facility quite easily.


Robin closed the refrigerator door a bit too harshly than normal. But he was a bit too distracted and a bit too worried at the moment to notice. It has been two, going on three, days since Raven and Beast Boy had disappeared during their fight with Mumbo. And for the life of him, he had not been able to bring the search for them to an end. It should have been easy—they knew the culprit, they had the evidence, no one else could be connected to the robbery or the disappearance, and there were no other disturbances from any other villains. (With good reason; word had gotten out that the three Titans were on a rampage and so practically every B-class villain was lying low for awhile.)

He grabbed his plate and wandered over to the couch, settling into the cushions and eating his sandwich in solitude. Cyborg and Starfire had left soon after their discussion, in desperate need of a nap. But he could not sleep. And so, he thought some more.

He, Cyborg, and Starfire had decided to keep Mumbo at the Jump City Jail to detain him for questioning before transferring him to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. But despite the three-to-four hour intervals they spent the first day questioning him, Mumbo was not squawking. He remained dedicated to his story. He did not know anything about them disappearing or anything about the card including how it ended up in his possession or why it could grow to the size of a door or why it took Raven and Beast Boy.

At the end of the day, they had to concede to the dead end. Mumbo was not that smart or clever at lying; if he had no clue, he really had no clue.

The only option they had had left was to examine the card itself. It had taken Starfire six hours to recover it from the police department's possession and little more than that for Cyborg to examine it. Even after putting at every expensive microscope and scanner he owned and used in his bedroom and the multiple tests he did to "stimulate a response" (i.e. shaking it really hard, waving over a cup of water, threatening, and cussing), nothing had come out of it.

Robin finished his sandwich and took a few gulps of his can of root beer. He sighed and eyed the card lying on the table. He picked it up and examined its curious back. It looked ordinary: not too old or too worn and especially not a threatening weapon. The only thing that made it different was its back where the queen looked at him with that smirk on her lips. A sneer crossed his face; he had no explanation for why, but it felt like she was mocking him. He flicked it out of his hands and watched it fall to the floor.

The moment it landed on the floor, it began to glow and stand itself up. Like that night when Raven and Beast Boy disappeared, it grew to the size of a door and the sword, cup, rabbit, and lock began its pattern of movement, its glow growing stronger and stronger. Robin reached for his communicator and pressed its button.

"Starfire, Cyborg," Robin said, "get down here. Now."


Raven and Beast Boy stepped out from the white abyss to find themselves standing in their living room. They stared as the card shrunk to its original size and fell to the floor with a pop! And then they stared at Robin gaping at them from his spot on the couch.

He looked speechless. "You're…here."

The doors opened behind him and Cyborg and Starfire came through the doors, stomping and flying respectively.

"Aw, you guys are back!" Cyborg paused. "And not dressed in your uniforms….but you're back!!!"

Starfire beamed. "Friends, I am especially joyous now that you have appeared to our eyes safely."

Blushes crossed Beast Boy's and Raven's faces. "Thanks, Starfire."

Robin stood and walked over to them. "So, where exactly were you two? And what's the deal with that card—?"

Cyborg interrupted. "Yeah, yeah, yeah—detective stuff. What I want to know is since when did you two start holding each other's hand?" Cyborg put on a coy smile as he watched them look down at their hands and blush furiously. "What exactly did you guys do while you were gone?"

"Um, well, you know…" Beast Boy started but then an explosion distracted all of them. It seemed Robin's root beer had exploded all over the couch. Beast Boy looked over at Raven's fushia-hued face. "Yeah, we're gonna take a shower while you clean that up." They ran out of the room.


Raven had finished dressing back into her regular, normal superhero clothes when she heard a knock on her door. She opened to find herself looking at Beast Boy wiping his wet hair. He was still in his towel and dripping from his shower. "Hey," he grinned, "feeling better?"

"Yup. I just got nervous and my powers slipped for a second. I guess I gotta get used to that again."

"Yeah, and I guess we have to get used to Cyborg teasing us." He smiled wider. "But hey, guess who I found stuck to the bottom of my foot outside the shower. He held up the Queen of Hearts's card with Her Highness looking at them with her immobile smile. They grinned back.

"Beast Boy, Raven!" They looked up to see bubbly Starfire hovering in front of them. Robin stood behind her with crossed arms. "In honor of your safe return, I shall prepare a batch of goxtoahtoshses for you to partake of. Robin has agreed to help me." She looked beyond happy.

They looked over her shoulder and stared at Robin. He had a sheepish smile on his face. "Uh, thanks, Starfire." She giggled and flew down the hallway, Robin following close behind with his hands shoved forlornly in his pockets.

They stared at the card again but noticed the queen was gone. In her stead was a fancy, swirly scrawl of writing:

Another pair. Shall I?

A finger beneath the words pointed at their friends.

Beast Boy grinned and flicked the card away. They watched as it fluttered over to the floor vent and slipped through the metal grates off to the unknown. He turned back to Raven and placed a kiss on her cheek. They grinned at each other.

"Nah, let'em figure it out."

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