Chapter 1

Meeting Bella


We were waiting at the airport getting weird stares from people, I held Caity close to my body, I didn't like the looks that the guys were giving my girlfriend.

We were at the airport waiting for some girl who is Aro's daughter, and she is HUMAN! I didn't have anything against humans but I was worried about Jasper...well kind of. That just meant we couldn't do a lot of things because we had to watch this girl.

Her name was Isabella Voulturi and Aro found her when she was a baby and decided to keep her because he found out he couldn't read her mind.

"Oh my god there she is!" Rose squealed jumping in the air like Alice would do.

"Geeze Rose you don't see Bells for half of a year and this is how you get? I really don't want to see you when you go see her every summer." Emmett said shaking his head laughing.

"Shut up Em. I love Bella ok so excuse me for being excited that she is finally going to live with us." Rose said crossing her arms.

I saw a blur run past me and found a girl hugging Rose is a death grip if Rose was a human she would have killed her. It was then when I smelled her, she smelled sweet something I wasn't used to.

I knew that my eyes turned black because Jasper gave me a questioning look.

"Edward are you ok, you're eyes are black?" Jasper thought

I nodded and griped Caity even tighter to my body. She gave me a questioning look also but I just smiled weakly knowing she couldn't tell the difference.

I looked at this Bella girl and found her pretty for a human. She had long brown hair that went down to her waist, she had a heart-shaped face with doe brown eyes and her lips were bright red I guess looked kissable.

"Oh my god Rosie I haven't see you in half a year" Bella squealed loudly and jumped at Rose again.

"Hey human. What no hug for Emmiebear?" Emmett asked looking hurt.

"Em there is no way in hell will I ever forget giving you a hug." Bella said before jumping at Emmett giving him a bear hug. I looked over at Rose to see what she would do but she just smiled. She would usually give girls death glares if they even looked at Emmett but here she was just smiling.

"Bella!" Alice sang dancing over to Bella.

"Alice!" Bella screamed before jumping off Emmett and crashing into Alice giving her a death hug too.

They were both jumping up and down screaming about how much they missed eachother. Soon Rose was joining them leaving the rest of us in the dark.

When they finally calmed down Bella turned to Jasper before attacking him with a hug too. He suprised me by hugging her back like it was usual.

She ran over to Esme and Carlisle and gave them each a hug and a kiss, before she came over to me.

She looked me up and down before looking me in the eye. I stared right back at her but found myself getting lost in her eyes, they were like an endless pool.

I heard Caity cough trying to get our attention, Bella turned to her and did an inspection on her too. I looked over at Caity and she had an annoyed look on her face.

"Who the hell does this girl think she is? She had better not think she has a chance with my Edward." Caity's thoughts drifted in my mind.

I blocked out Caity's thought and tried to focus on Bella's but found there was none.

"Hello Edward, you won't be able to read her mind no matter what you do, any kind of powers that work with the mind it won't work on her." Aro said snapping me out of my thoughts.

I looked up and saw Aro standing next to Bella. He had his arm around her shoulders and she had her head on his chest.

"Thank you so much for this Carlisle. I hope Bella isn't intruding." Aro said turning to Carlisle.

"Not at all we all love Bella, after all she is part of this family." Carlisle said smiling warmly at Bella who in return blushed, I was struggling with the monster inside of me that was begging to be released and go after her.

"Well I'll leave Bella in your capable hands and I'll come back and get her when school is finished." Aro said giving Bella a hug and a kiss on the cheek before letting her go.

"I'll see you in a few years my darling" Aro said to Bella

"Bye father, I promise to call or email everyday. I love you" Bella said softly

Bella watched her father go back to where she came from before turning to us and smiled softly.

"Let's go" Alice cried pulling on Bella's arm and dragging her outside to her car.

Bella threw her head back and laughed, she looked even more beautiful and looked more like an angel. Wait where the hell did that come from? When did I start thinking that Bella was like an angel? Since you set eyes on her. The voice in my head said.

"Which car am I riding in?" Bella asked snapping me out of my thoughts again.

"Well Edward and Caity are riding in his Volvo, Carlisle and Esme are riding in the Mercuries with your stuff, Jasper and Em are riding in Emmett's jeep and us girls are riding in my Porsche." Alice said jumping up and down. Bella smiled and nodded before getting in the car followed by Rose.

"We will see you there" Rose called before Alice stepped on the gas leaving us all behind.

"Well we had better go, come on Jasper" Emmett said going towards his jeep with Jasper on his heels.

I saw Carlisle and Esme going towards their car and got in and drove away following the boys who followed the girls.

"I don't like that girl" Caity said from beside me.

"Why's that?" I asked while walking towards my car.

"Did you see the way she was looking at you? You're taken for crying out loud! She can't just look at other people's boyfriends" Caity ranted

"Caity just calm down ok. Besides she never met me before this is the first time seeing me so she was just seeing who else was in the family ok" I said, she was always like this when ever a girl looked at me. She was too...clingy.

"What ever" She said rolling her eyes before getting in the car, I followed and shot off like a bullet.

We pulled up at the house and saw all the cars there and heard talking coming from the house. We walked inside and found my family minus Esme and Carlisle in the living room crowed around Bella.

"So Bells how old are you?" Emmett asked

"Em I'm 16 remember" Bella said laughing at Emmett's stupidity.

"Ok so that means your a sophomore right?"

"Nope I'm a junior. I skipped sophomore year" Bella said simply while Emmett's jaw dropped.

"You might want to close your mouth before you catch flies" Bella said closing Emmett's mouth.


"Well every year when Rosie comes over she helps me with all of this stuff and I am a pretty fast learner so yeah. You're only stuck with me for a year and a half"

"So meet any cute boys?" Alice asked

"Well there is this one guy I like back home but I know I can't be with him considering I'm the princess of the Volturi." Bella said sadly

Alice and Rose went over to B ella and crowed her giving her a hug while Emmett and Jasper gave her sympathy looks.

"Wow that's got to suck." Jasper commented, he looked like he wanted to send calm waves but knew that Bella needed to get this out of her system, since she had nobody else to talk to about this subject.

"Everyone expects so much from me, I don't know what to do or who to turn to. I can't be with who ever, I have to be with the person that my father wants me to marry and knowing him I'm going to end up marring Felix." Bella said letting out a sigh.

"Who knew being the princess of the Volturi would be hard. She must have a lot of pressure on her shoulders." Jasper thought

"Poor Bella" Emmett thought

"How about we lay off on this subject and go to another one that isn't so depressing." Rose suggested, Bella gave her a small smile for thanks while Rose gave her a nod.

"Hey can we go shopping?" Bella asked smiling widely.

Alice and Rose squealed and dragged Bella towards the door with the guys following.

"Edward are you coming?" Alice called form out the door.

"Sure I don't see why not." I said walking towards the door before Caity blocked my way.

"No he isn't going shopping with you Alice, he is staying here with me and you can't do anything about it." Caity snarled

"Geeze someone has their panties in a bunch" Bella joked

"You stupid human just shut the fuck up!" Caity yelled, before I knew it Rose was on top of Caity growling at her, that it even scared me.

"Talk to her like that again, and I'll ripe you to shreds myself. Got It!?" Rose yelled, even Caity was scared and she should be, nobody wanted to get on Rose's bad side. Caity nodded still terrorized.

Rose got off of her and brushed her jeans off before walking back towards the car, I looked up at Bella and saw her trying to stop herself from laughing by leaning towards Alice's shoulder and keeping it there, Alice rubbed her back and was also trying to keep herself from laughing.

"Geeze Bella calm down, we don't want a replay of what happened the last time do we?" Rose commented smirking at Bella

"That was one time" Bella argued, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Sure...One time was enough" Rose said playfully.

"Wait what happened last time?" Alice asked after she was done laughing

"Well..."Rose started looking back at Bella who was starting to blush

"Someone just tell us" Emmett said irritated that nobody was telling him anything.

"Well the last time Rose was around we ended up fighting over something in a mall and when realized how stupid the whole thing was we cracked up laughing but since I was human I couldn't breath and I ended up throwing up" Bella stated looking down embarrassed.

We were shocked except Rose who was replaying the memory in her mind and started laughing. After a few seconds everyone started laughing while Bella blushed even harder.

"Well...that's interesting" Jasper said trying to send out calm waves to everyone.

"Yeah yeah let's go to the mall already" Bella said clearly not enjoying being the center of attention.

Alice laughed while tried getting everyone in the car,

"Edward you coming?" Alice asked turning to me, I nodded at got in the car sitting next to Bella.

How long would I be able to stand being just friends with Bella?"

I asked myself.

I would find out soon enough but right now we were on our way to the mall.