Her heavy combat boots didn't make a sound as they hit the dirty streets of L.A., the wind that blew past her didn't even bother her,she didn't even flinch at the coldness that hit her, her golden like hair whipped around her, but she paid no attention, her black trench coat was opened revealing her black halter top with her black trip pants, the chains clanged against each other echoing through the distance. Even though it was at night she still had her shades on her face, coving her cat like ruby eyes.

She stopped when she found the alley way that she was looking for, she was a women on a mission. She served 4 higher goddesses, the goddesses that made her who she was today. She would do anything to please them. She walked down the alley till she found her victim.

He was a boy of 17, dirty blonde hair that covered his icy blue eyes. She looked and started inspecting him knowing once she reached him she wouldn't have time to do anything else. His clothes were battered and torn, they had stains all on the front of his shirt. His jeans were ripped in many places but was not revealing anything. He looked handsome for a measly human but after all he was just food for them.

He got into trouble with the 4 goddesses and still hasn't paid his debt for which death was the only punishment. She walked towards him making no sound at all till she reached him, she placed a pale, chalky hand on his shoulder. He whipped around so fast he almost fell over if it was not for her hand.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice shook with panic

"You still owe a debt to the goddesses" She said softly, she took off her shades to reveal her beautiful ruby eyes, she looked into his eyes, they seemed to glaze over.

"What are you talking about?" He asked once he gained control of his body.

"You owe a debt to my goddesses. The 4 lady's." She said inching closer to his face, his breaths were coming out slow and shallow.

"They said they would give me a month!" He cried trying to step back but she put her other hand on his shoulder, he stopped struggling.

"It's been a month my dear boy. The only punishment is death" She said calmly

She bent down to his neck, she heard the pulse of his heart, she laid her head on his neck, her nose skimming up and down from his jaw to where his shoulder and neck meet.

"You will make a fine meal for me" She said before biting into his neck, his screams pierced through the silent night, the warm liquid went smoothly down her throat, when she sucked him dry she tossed the corps to the side, somebody was bound to find it in the morning.

She turned on her heel and walked back out of the alley way, she replaced her shades on her face to hide the crimson touch that was added to the ruby red that was already there. She whipped her mouth to get the remaining blood off. She smirked as she walked down the streets another mission was accomplished after all she would never want to disappoint her goddesses. She lived to serve them after all, they are the ones that made her. A creature of the night or known as a vampire.

She entered the cave and started walking down the empty halls till she ran into none other than Tank.

Tank was a good looking vampire. He had black hair that covered his crimson eyes, he was 6"3 and had the body that any guy model would kill for, he was muscular but not to where they just popped.

She tried walking past him but he kept getting in her way, she knew of his feelings towards her but she had no time for a mate, she only had time for her missions.

"Tank move" She commanded all Tank did was smirk.

He knew that one day he would have her even if it killed them both but they had all eternity. He loved this girl, the vampire that light up the cold evenings, he wanted to protect her, to avoid her from getting hurt even on the missions.

"Where did you go?" He asked even though he knew he had no right to pry.

"I was out on a mission Tank" She said calmly even though inside she was dying to reach her goddesses.

"Why do you keep taking these missions, you're going to end up getting killed" Tank said quietly, he didn't want to lose her especially if he could prevent it.

"Are you saying I'm too weak to handle them?" She snapped harshly, she hated it when people thought she was weak just for reason like she was a girl.

"What? No never" Tank said, his head snapping up to meet her eyes, her eyes softened a little.

"Then why Tank?" She asked softly

"I can't bear to see you hurt. I...I love you" Tank said looking down embarrassed for just blurting out his feelings.

She looked at him in shock, she knew he liked her but never did she know that his feelings were deeper than that.

"I can't deal with right now Tank" She said pushing past him, she felt bad for doing this to him because she too loved Tank with all her heart, she felt Tank stare at her back the whole time with hurt and rejection crossing his face.

She opened the door to where her goddesses always stayed. The inside looked more like a temple. There were statues everywhere with candles on them that were always lit. She saw her goddesses, her makers if you will. They were sitting in their regular high chairs, it was made out of pure gold with diamonds embedded into it.

"My ladies" She said politely bowing down to them, it was rude to look them in the eyes unless asked.

"My child you know you don't have to bow to us anymore, you are like our child" Yuki said.

She looked at her goddesses or mothers. She admired them greatly for she would give her own life up to save theirs in a heart beat. She was loyal to them and honored them greatly. She smiled softly because Yuki called her their child, to be called their child was a great honor.

She looked up at Yuki. Yuki was one of the goddesses, her real name was Yukiko but for short is was Yuki which meant snow is Japanese, she had her Asian features from her human life which she remembers her Japanese. When ever she was angry she would start talking in Japanese and nobody but the goddess would know what she was saying.

She had pin stright long light brown hair with natural red highlights, she had red in the inside with a black circle for her eyes, her eyes were slant just like an Asian's but when she had her black eye liner on, it make them look like cat eyes but more deadly looking.

She was tall and slender and nobody's dresses every fit her or her's on them she was just too damn skinny she was like a tooth pick. Every day the goddess would pick on her just for the hell of it but she never let it bother her. She always wore dresses that exposed the back considering she had a lighting bolt tattoo on her back, she didn't have it when she was human but because she could control weather it was placed on her back. Basically she was your ideal model.

She looked to Yuki's right where the goddess Elizabeth or Lizzy for short was. She had short brown hair that was A-lined cut and the back was up like a duck's ass she always straighted the front of her hair and let the rest stick up, she had lime green highlights considering she loved the color green, and she controlled earth, her eyes was a dark green color that was perfectly outlined with black eyeliner.

She talked with her Texas accent which everyone found adorable maybe because whenever she did she would get embarrassed. Lizzy was like a child at heart but knew when to be serious. Her power was to control earth that's why on her back she had the design of a big oak tree.She too like Yuki would wear dresses that exposed the back to show off her design.

To the right of Lizzy was Jeana. She had dirty blond hair that was always flat ironed and went down to her chin unlike the rest of them she hated long hair. Her eyes were ocean blue and when outlined with brown eyeliner her eyes stood out beautifully. Her power was to control water, she had a tidal wave on her back. But like Bella she hated dresses that exposed her back, she would rather cover up. She looked almost like a regular vampire and didn't stand out as much as the rest of the goddesses but you could tell who she was by her eyes and the design that was embedded in her back. Even though she looked like a regular vampire, she was even more beautiful.

To the right of her was the most powerful goddess in existence. Isabella or Bella for short. She was as beautiful as she was kind. She was the only vampire in existence that was immune to all powers except the other goddesses powers. She had long brown hair that went down to her waist, her eyes were gold with little specks of brown. Her lips were full that made them look kissable. Unlike the other goddesses she didn't have a specific design on her back instead on her back she had angel wings. She never wore makeup but her eyes were the ones that caught you when you first look at her. Her power was anything she wished it to be, but she never liked to use it unless necessary.

She unlike Lizzy or Yuki hated dresses that were opened in the back. She never liked to expose her body no matter what people say. She loved to wear simple dresses never anything that was to expensive even though she had an infinite amount of money.

"Did you accomplish your mission?" Lizzy asked

"Yes I did. The whole thing went smoothly"

"That's good"

"Is there anything else?" She asked, she didn't want to face Tank...not yet.

"No. But Eliza." Bella started looking at the other goddesses for agreement, they nodded.

"We are leaving here for 2 weeks. We are going to go see a dear friend of ours. He violated a rule that never should be broken. Can you watch over the castle for 2 weeks?" Bella asked kindly.

"Of course. I would be more than happy to" Eliza said smiling up at her goddesses.

"Very well. You're dismissed" Jeana said waving her hand dismissing me.

She bowed and left the room.