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"You know, Gaara? You kinda look like a panda."

And all heads in the room turned to Uchiha Sasuke, staring in utter shock and horror.

They were in one of those almost monthly reunions where the most influential and important people of every hidden country and non-shinobi nations came to discuss subjects of popular interest, so it was no surprise that Sabaku No Gaara, the Kazekage of the Wind Nation, and Uchiha Sasuke, head of ANBU and Hokage Uzumaki Naruto's right hand were there.

This particular reunion was being held at Suna, on one particularly hot day. It was almost unbearable to be in that conference room, cramped with a bunch of sweaty, bored men, with that stifling weather outside.

So, really, who could be blamed for making such a random comment? The guy was from Konoha --rumours were that they got really bored really fast--, and maybe the heat had taken its toll on him.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, apparently when it was Uchiha Sasuke the one to make the random comment, and about Sabaku No Gaara, of all people, it just couldn't happen. Ever.

But it had happened, and people were literally falling out of their seats because of the surprise. A rain-nin had even passed out, but everyone was so busy gawking at the brunette, that no one was able to notice.

Uzumaki Naruto's ocean blue eyes widened, inwardly praying Gaara wouldn't consider being called a panda as an offence.

Knowing Gaara, he probably would. The red-head would probably take it as far as declaring war to Fire Nation. If he did so, Naruto would have tons of work to do, and he wouldn't have time to eat ramen at Ichiraku's!

…Oh-- And Sasuke would probably end up dead in a gruesome, painful, and rather bloody way. But that was the unimportant part.

He was going to have tons of work to do! There would be no ramen!

The horror!

While their blonde leader had a small panic attack, lead ANBU strategist, Nara Shikamaru leaned over to ANBU second-in-command, Hyuuga Neji, a smirk playing in his lips.

"Ten bucks Gaara rips Uchiha's head off." He muttered and Neji smirked sadistically "Ten bucks he uses his sand on Uchiha."

"Deal." They answered at the same time, turning again to see the show as they shook hands under the table.

Everybody was staring at Gaara, waiting for his ultimate reaction.

Right now, Gaara settled for glaring at Sasuke.

And glared. And glared. And glared some more.

Then finally, he opened his mouth, and everyone stopped breathing, save for one oddly calm Uchiha, who looked at Gaara casually, not one bit scared for what the red-head had in stored for him.

Ones thought he was brave. Others thought he had an isolation or something.

"Shut up, Uchiha." Gaara's lips curved up in the tiniest of smiles "You're just lucky you're the cutest thing I've seen."

And all heads turned to Sabaku No Gaara, staring in utter shock and horror, as one Uchiha Sasuke simply snickered.

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