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His Girl

Part 1 of 2


"Oh Syaoran, thank you so much! I promise the very next time you need something, I'll take care of it."

With that, Sakura Kinomoto flew up and hugged Li Syaoran, one of her best friends of many years, before waving and running off to her house several blocks away to change for her outting with 'the new guy'.

Staring at the rapidly shrinking silhouette of her, Syaoran hung his head down.

'What was I thinking? "Yeah…sure?" Way to show her how you feel baka.'

The depressed 18 year old Li Syaoran turned and began his trek to his now empty house since Wei had left back for Hong Kong last year. Sure, he missed having someone there that always knew how he was feeling and just what to do, but, his time being alone allowed him to concentrate on his passion; Sakura.

'Why does she like that new guy anyway? Is it because he's American or because he kept winking at her during phys-ed? She's had plenty of guys wink at her before, no, it can't be his wink. It must be him being from America; the land of opportunities. Well if there were so many opportunities there why did he have to come here? Why can't he just understand she's my girl?'

He stopped.

His girl? What made Sakura his girl? He had no right saying that no matter how close they were. Yes, they had been best friends since he moved to Tomoeda when he was ten, and yes, they spent each others birthdays baking a cake and watching old movies together that made them laugh until they cried, but did that mean she was his? No. He could never have her. She was meant for someone special; someone who could laugh with her at her clumsiness, hold her when she felt down, and tell her she looked absolutely beautiful in anything.

Maybe he had a chance... after all, Sakura had managed to stay single despite her numerous dates in the past years. Maybe someone was smiling down on him and giving him good fortune; a chance, but, what if he tried to tell her and things didn't go well? Could he live with her not talking or being around him anymore? No, things are good as they are for now…well… were good... until Mr. America came along.

Resuming his walk, Syaoran thought back to earlier that day in Phys-Ed.

Tomoeda High was in track season, so gym classes alternated on using the outdoor track. The class had been divided, girls running, boy's playing soccer. Syaoran, being the skill he was at soccer, was heading up his team. Opposite him was Nathan the boy from America who had transferred earlier that week. He was tall, maybe two inches taller him with light, green eyes, blonde hair, and sharp features. Definitely being athletic, Nathan had faked past Syaoran's team's goalie two times now leading the scores 3-2 for Nathan's team.

A time out was called. Syaoran jogged to the benches and grabbed his water bottle. Glancing over to where Sakura was chatting with Tomoyo by the gym doors he smiled. She was beautiful even in her gym outfit. Her shorts showed off her athletic legs while her t-shirt clung in all the right places. Moving upwards he noticed how her face lit up talking to Tomoyo; she glowed. Pink lips pouted out while her small nose wiggled when she laughed. Her deep, green eyes shone brightly even amidst the cloudy weather. Auburn hair brushed in front of her bright eyes, causing Sakura to push them behind her ears.

Gods she was beautiful and all the guys at Tomoeda High knew that also. Many of them had taken glances at her from time to time. Some when she bent to tie her shoe, others while she ran so they could watch her... attributes bounce. Syaoran was not like them. Yes, he'd admit she made him hot, but, his favourite time to glance at her was in the middle of a laugh or when she was so in thought with something that she crinkled her forehead and stared intentively. To him, she was perfection.

But, his perfection had been shortly lived as his secret love soon became aware of Nathan who was quickly strutting up to her and Tomoyo. Syaoran took a long chug of his water, glaring as they laughed and Nathan reached over and played with Sakura's short hair. She swatted his shoulder and he went back to the soccer field. Squirting the rest of his water onto the back of his neck, Syaoran geared up to show Nathan who was boss.

Half an hour later he trudged towards the locker room defeated. 4-3 and to rub it off even more, Nathan had made the final goal while Sakura had cheered them on. Thankfully though, Sakura had promised the day prior to come work on her essay and have dinner later that night.

Turning the corner to his street, Syaoran groaned. Right after gym was when she had asked.


Syaoran came up to his house and slowly opened the thick, wooden door. Walking in and listening to the door slam, he trudged into the hall and noticed a flashing light. Syaoran walked to the phone and saw a voice message waiting for him.

"You have 1 new message. First message received at 3:32 PM from "IT'S MEEEEE"".

Syaoran cringed as he heard Meilin's voice screech over the speaker.

"Syaoran, I haven't heard from you in weeks. Why haven't you called me? How are you doing? Are you still enjoying Japan or are you ready to come home? Well me, I'm good. Of course I miss you but Shimon keeps me entertained. He's great and all but sometimes he just doesn't know what a girl likes and i have to spell it out for him; as if I'm a teacher BAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, I almost forgot, well not really because this was why I called, but, guess what!? I'M GETTING MARRIED! Shimon proposed a week ago and the plans are already being made. Everyone is quite happy. Your mother has promised to help with the decorations and I invited your whole family, but I just want to make sure that you take time off to come back to Hong Kong next year for it. I hope you do Syaoran. Speaking of weddings, how are you and Kinomoto doing? Are you engaged yet? Does she even know you like her? If not, step on it! It's only been 8 years since I left and I don't want to have to come back to set you up. Anyways, remember to come home soon so you can see me walk down the aisle. Your mother misses you; we all do. Ja-ne!"

Syaoran smiled. Finally someone would be able to take Meilin down a notch and keep her off his back for the most part. He noted the comment from her about Sakura. Even Meilin knew he hadn't made a move, but, it wasn't his fault exactly. Maybe if Sakura wasn't so hopelessly hot and popular he would have a shot, but until then he was live as life intended.

He walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of milk. Taking it upstairs to his bedroom, Syaoran set the glass on his nightstand and flung his back-pack up onto the king sized bed. Tonight he had much work to do. Yesterday, he had promised Sakura he would look over her finals essay in Psychology with her. She was having trouble in that class and this essay would either let her pass the class or not. Wanting to ensure she would stay, and be entertained, he had asked if she wanted to have dinner so they would have more time. Syaoran loved how her eyes had beamed when he asked and how she flung herself at him, hugging him. Feeling a blush coming on, Syaoran had thanked the God's when the bell rang for 4th period.

Now, because of that Nathan kid, Sakura had agreed to show him Tomoeda while Li volunteered to check her essay home alone. All the groceries he had bought yesterday were still waiting in the kitchen to be cooked. Her favourite rice cakes were in the cupboard and he had made sure to buy some strawberry cake from the bakery early this morning on his spare. Now it would have to wait until he ate it, which would be in a very long time.


Hours later Syaoran put down the essay and his pencil. Getting up from the bed, he stretched then trooped to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Walking to the bathroom, he washed his face, welcoming the chill of the cold water to wake him up.
The kettle cried out as he finished drying off. Jogging to the kitchen, Syaoran noticed it was 11:07 PM. Just another night he wouldn't get a lot of sleep. Luckily the next day was the weekend and he could sleep in an extra hour before his laundry duties then getting together with Takashi to help move him into his new apartment with some other guys from their class.

Pouring his tea and adding some milk, Syaoran walked back to his room, drinking as he walked. He set the half empty cup onto his nightstand beside the cup from earlier then flopped onto the bed and stared at the essay. Sakura was having so many issues on it. He could tell she was having focus issues since her arguments kept getting off track. If she was here, he could have been able to show her what she was doing. If she was here, he could have helped her with psychology and maybe understand a bit more of how she thinks. If she was here he could kiss her like she was his air, touch her like she was fire, make love to he-. He had to calm down. Just thinking about her like that was making him feel the heat start in his pants. If he kept this up he would get even less sleep that night.

Taking a few deep breaths, Syaoran put aside the essay and turned on his and Sakura's favourite movie. Leaning back onto his green, plush pillows, he placed the essay papers onto the night table and turned his attention to the movie. He'd finish editing it in the morning.


A knock at the door woke Syaoran up. He wiped the sleep from his eyes while looking at the TV screen. Static illuminated the room. Checking his clock it read 1:20 AM. Who would knock on his door at this hour?

As if reading his mind, the knocker knocked again, this time more loud and aggressive than before. Worried at who it could be, Syaoran tip-toed into the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the knife rack; never failed to be careful.

More knocking. Whoever this was, they wanted his attention badly.

Slowly trekking to the front door, Syaoran put the knife in his left hand as he reached up and looked through the peep hole.

A silhouette swayed in front of the hole. Damn the street light put right in front of his house!

Syaoran stepped back; unsure what to do. Should he make them aware he was here but find out who it was, or should he stay quiet until they left?

Too late.