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His Girl

Part 2 of 2

Syaoran dropped the knife and unlocked the door, not hearing it clank to the floor.

He threw it open and stared into the tearing face of Sakura Kinomoto.

"Sakura, what are you doing here? Why are you crying? What happened?" he quickly questioned as he stepped closer to her.

"Syaoran!" She cried again as she sunk onto him and hugged his muscular chest. Her tears spilt onto his black t-shirt making it damp, but, he just looked around the porch then slowly ushered her in while she continued to cling to him.

Closing the door then locking it, he gently raised her head; hoping to see those bright, emerald eyes he loved, "Talk to me. What are you doing here?"

Sakura looked up into his chocolate brown eyes. Standing on her own, she sniffled then tucked her hair behind her ear. They continued to gaze at each other as she talked.

"I'm sorry for coming here at this hour and waking you up. I just…I just had to see you."

Syaoran blinked. Why did she have to see him at 1:30 in the morning...? Did it matter? She was there, in his house, needing help and choosing to come to him. He smiled down at her.

"Well here I am. Let's sit down and you can tell me what's going on. Would you like some tea?" He offered as he led her to the living room couch. "Take a seat".

She looked fondly at the plush couch calling out her name then remembered his question. "No thank you, I'm not quite in the mood for tea, but... I would like you to sit with me." Sakura shyly suggested as she plopped down and wiped the leftover tears from her eyes on her pink sweater sleeve.

Syaoran shifted nervously before quickly sitting down on the opposite end of the couch from her. Her perfume had wafted through the room and had started doing things to his body. Sitting forward, away from her gaze he stared at the paintings on the wall. "Wh-why are you here Sakura? I want to know what happened."

He continued his stare at the painting as she spoke. "I had to see you. I made some mistakes today and didn't realize it until just now and I couldn't let the night go without correcting them."

Mistakes? What did she mean? "What happened to your outing with Nathan?" He asked as he felt a slight anger rise when he mentioned Nathan's name.

Sakura's voice changed; quieter than before. "It… Well… I didn't… I don't know. It wasn't like I thought it would be. He had asked if I could show him around Tomoeda and I didn't want to just say no to someone who didn't know the city so I agreed. Everything started good but later on it felt…weird." It took Sakura about a minute to find the last word.

Syaoran shifted again in the couch. "What do you mean?"

She played with her hood string while finding the right words to describe her meaning. "He was acting weird. Everything he said to me seemed like he was implying something but I just didn't know what. We drove around the town and I pointed out things to him but he didn't even bother looking at most of them, just at me. I felt awkward just sitting beside him and it got to the point where I just wanted to go home since it was getting late. Somehow, he talked me into going up to the lookout to see the city. I figured one more place would be fine, but, that was my first mistake…"

Sakura trailed off as she saw the depressed look on Syaoran's face that matched her own. Was he hurting for her? She had to tell him.

"H-he tried to make a move on me. I guess he had been trying all evening but it wasn't until we were alone on the bluff that he actually physically moved on me."

Syaoran breathed heavily. If Nathan was here, he would have been dead.

Sakura continued looking at him. He hadn't replied and it was making her nervous. She could see his face growing red but he didn't move. She put her hand on his clenched one which made Syaoran finally look down. Her creamy skin complimented his darker tone while her long fingernails gently grazed his hand. Even her hands were perfect.

"Syaoran…I'm sorry if this changes things but... when I was with Nathan I couldn't imagine him there. I almost blocked out the fact that Nathan was there because... it meant you weren't."

Was she really saying this? His emotions for Sakura were true but he had never figured they would be returned. She was above him; a goddess in the body of a mortal, he; a mere slave to her charm. He coughed as his face got red.

"When he kissed" she took a deep breath, "when he kissed me, I saw you instead of him."

Syaoran got redder and he felt the heat rise. He looked through the side of his eyes at the girl baring her soul to him and unclenched his hands.

She continued speaking. "I can't spend time with another guy when I'm already set on someone else, but," Syaoran turned his head towards her, facing her for the first time since they sat down, "with none of us making the first move I was stuck and I figured maybe it wasn't meant to be. Then when I did try to move on, I was left thinking about you."

Sakura stared into his eyes. Both were stuck in each other's gaze. Her hand gripped Syaoran's tighter. Syaoran intertwined their fingers together and she smiled as he rubbed his thumb over hers. He couldn't stop staring. She was speaking to him about him!

He saw her pink lips move as she slowly whispered, "I-I love you Syaoran."

"Oh Gods Sakura!" he gasped as he quickly moved towards her; unaware of what he was doing.

His lips smashed against hers as his hands cradled her angelic face.

Sakura sat there stunned as Li Syaoran, one of her best friends and, until recently, unknown love, kissed her. This was so unlike him to take what he wanted like this, but, she loved every second of it. The lateness of the night and whirlpool of emotions left her to fend for herself. Giving in, she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him back.

The two fell from the world and landed in their own land. It was a land of each other; their bodies, their tastes, their moves. Each wanted the other more every second. The fast realizing emotions flooded their senses and all that was left was instinct and want.

Syaoran felt her head loosen as she relaxed. His body had now taken over for years of want and wishing.

He coaxed her by licking her now swollen bottom lip and begged for entry. She opened slowly and Syaoran quickly took the chance to explore her mouth; tasting her strawberry lip gloss and dancing with her small tongue. He felt her moan into his mouth as she leaned back, pulling him with her.

Sakura felt her body taking charge also. There was a heat in her loins and her hands moved of their own accord. She grabbed at his short, chestnut hair while pushing her chest against his. His hand braced her neck, keeping her glued to his lips while the other roamed underneath her shirt, scouring her back. He tasted so good. She had to have more.

Pushing him up, she stood off the couch and sat back down on his lap facing him. Trailing her hands to his waist, she grabbed the edge of his shirt and lifted it up off him. Tossing it behind her, Sakura leaned back admiring his sculpted chest. Her hands lightly danced across his naked, sculpted chest; circling one nipple then the other before going down to circle his navel. Pulling her hands back, she slowly leaned in and kissed his nipple. Flicking it with her tongue she teased it before coaxing it into her mouth.

Syaoran groaned loudly. He had only dreamed of times like this, with this girl; his Sakura. Her eyes were hooded with want and her face was flushed from the heat and excitement. He knew he was hard and he could just barely understand reason. His body and heart wanted her so badly; to push her against the wall and make her cry his name; to take her and claim her as his, but his head was screaming to stop before an accident happened.

Amidst Sakura's suckling Syaoran managed to calm down before pulling her head up and looking at her.

"Sakura, by the God's I love you more than life and I want you so badly right now, but I can't do this not if it means getting you pregnant. I want to be with you so ba-"

Sakura kissed him to shut him up. "It's okay, I'm on the pill." She went back down and kissed his neck. Syaoran closed his eyes so he could concentrate, "Yo-you're on the pill? Since when?"

Syaoran stood up quickly after he asked, cradling Sakura as he got his balance and made his way to the stairs.

Sakura mumbled her answer in between kisses, "A few weeks ago… when Tomoyo went to get it… she said I should too…so I did."

Syaoran made it up the stairs and into his dark bedroom just in time to collapse on the bed. All her kisses had made his legs jelly. He moved her to the top of the bed and crawled up to. The light from the outside streetlamp softly outlined the two.
"Well Sakura, you might have solved our problem then, but, I want to make sure you're fine with what's going on. I won't do this if you're not up to it."

He watched her get a smile on her face and raised herself on her elbows to be up by his ear, "I saved myself for you, Syaoran."

Syaoran got a smirk on his face before he growled and kissed her. She moaned with delight at his forceful tactics then laid down as he pulled her down the bed so she could lie more easily. Stretching her body, Sakura's eyes followed him as he moved to hang over her.

He grabbed her t-shirt and sweater together then pulled them up slowly, not to hurt her. Throwing the clothes beside the bed, Syaoran turned back to her and marveled at the perfection that was underneath him. He could feel her heaving, full chest and flat stomach.

Syaoran ran his hands across her abdomen while watching her face. She had closed her eyes to allow herself just to feel; feel his hands graze her stomach, then lightly trace up to her shoulders, feel them around her back where her clasp was. The small tug indicated he had unclasped it. Not moving, she continued to let him take her arms out of the straps before nuzzling the rest of the bra off and lightly caressing her breasts.

Sakura breathed deeply. His hands massaged her breasts while his mouth hovered over them. She could practically feel him licking them and she wanted it so badly. Opening her eyes she grabbed Syaoran's head and pulled it to her breast. He willingly flicked out his tongue and took her nipple into his mouth.

Sakura gasped. It felt so good. All she could do was lie there and grip his hair as he suckled her nipple.

Lifting his head up, Syaoran moved to the other while having his left hand massage the breast he just left.

Sakura felt her body go on fire. Her head flailed and she could only gasps words out to him, "Pl…Please Syaoran…Onegai…I wan-…I want you."

Syaoran lifted his head to stare at her. She laid there completely immobile with hooded eyes gazing at him. He grinned and nodded as he trailed kisses down to her navel before reaching her track pants. Grasping the sides with his hands, he bit the front of her pants and pulled them down far enough for her to kick them off. Slowly coming back up, Syaoran noticed the damp stain on her black thong. Feeling his want, he rubbed where the dampness was, watching her wriggle.

She bucked her hips while clenching the bed sheets. Gods he was tormenting her. "Syaoran…please." She moaned quite loudly, frustrated at the teasing.

Syaoran continued to grin as he pulled down her thong and let her kick it off. He moved back up to her crotch and smelt her arousal. It was intoxicating to know he was making her behave this way. Moving his head right to hers, he saw Sakura lick her lips as he snuck his hands in between her folds and slowly began to rub.

She flew open her eyes and gasped, "OH GODS SYAORAN". Flinging her head from side to side, Sakura didn't know what to do.

Syaoran continued to look down at her as she wriggled and bucked in confusion and want. She was beginning to sweat on her forehead and more was forming on her neck.

He rubbed faster.

She moaned again, this time calling for more. She wanted him. She wanted him inside her so she could stare in his eyes as she bucked to his rhythm.

Syaoran could feel her tensing up so he quickly pulled his hand out. Sakura whimpered at the loss of the sensations, but, soon found herself hearing clothing being shucked and a zipper sound indicating Syaoran had taken off his pants. Looking towards where the sound was coming from, she saw his naked outline toss the last bit of clothing then climb onto the bed.

Stopping at her folded knees, Syaoran looked at Sakura, "This is it Sakura, I can't stop if we begin this part. I just want to make sure you're okay with this." He held his composure as he felt his hardness being pressed to his stomach by her knee.

Sakura could feel his naked skin on hers and it enthralled her. She breathed loudly but spoke clear, "Syaoran, I trust you and by the Gods I love you. I would never imagine anyone else but you." She leaned up quickly and kissed him before falling back to the bed, "Now take me." Her final words made her shudder as she felt him move.

"Sakura, I love you too and I never did imagine anyone else but you. You are perfect in every way and I will make you mine."
Syaoran eased her legs open and slowly inserted his finger into her small opening. She bucked. He began pumping his finger to get her more wet. He added another finger when she started getting accustomed to the rhythm.

More bucking, this time she flung her arms across the bed and clenched the sheets. In and out he pumped until he knew it was slick enough for him to enter.

Crawling over her body, Syaoran placed himself atop her. Sakura looked up at him as he positioned himself at her opening. Looking down at her, his eyes asked once more. Sakura nodded and lightly whispered, "I trust you".

Syaoran slammed quickly into her, feeling the resistance that was her barrier and broke through. Sakura cried out sharply but all Syaoran could do was continue to slowly pump in and out to dull her pain.

When the pain began to subside, Sakura wiped away the formed tears and began to feel a whole new sensation. Her body moved in time with his thrusts and her eyes swayed to his moving head and his short bangs flew around.

Syaoran looked down at her, seeing she had gotten over the pain. He was worried it would hurt a lot but there was little he could have done. Looking at her now, he saw the wonder and enjoyment on her face, he could now move quicker.

Grabbing her hands one by one, he moved them so she was holding the headboard above her. Moving his mouth close to her ear he whispered, "Hold on" and thrust faster.

Hold on was all Sakura could do. Syaoran's thrusts had quickened and she was having difficulty breathing at a steady pace. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped the headboard more heavily.

The heat between the two was intense. Sweat began to form on Syaoran's back as Sakura felt her knees begin to get moist. None gave much attention to it. The thrusting continued as Sakura began to daze off and only feel. Syaoran watched her eyes close and knew she was beginning to climb. He re-positioned his hands beside her and sped up his thrusts as quickly as he could go. He had to see her come.

Sakura felt the new speed and couldn't contain herself. Her legs began to lock up and her crotch began to feel tight.
"Sy-syaoran, I'm-"

"Just hold on to me Sakura. Hold on. Just…one…more…minute"
"Come on"
"Come on…ah-Ah…SAKURAAA"

They yelled in unison as they rocked to each others climaxes. Sakura dug her nails into the broad wood of the headboard and bit her lip; tasting the bitter iron from blood. Syaoran had slammed into her one final time then locked up; frozen inside her. Their bodies clung together as they rode out the pulses from each other.

Sakura could feel his throbbing member slowly spitting into her and she felt her damp hair plastered to her face but didn't care. She looked up at Syaoran as he raised his own sweaty head to meet her gaze. Smiling, she cupped his head with her hand and kissed him softly on the lips. Slowly stroking his cheek, she cooed, "I love you my dear Syaoran".

"I love you too Sakura", he whispered as he looked into her love filled eyes.

Gently rolling off Sakura, Syaoran moved behind her and cradled the sweating goddess. He smiled as he knew they had finally found love together; the kind that stood through 8 years of secret crushes, multiple tension-filled movie get-togethers, and even dates with other people. Syaoran knew he now had the beautiful Sakura; his friend; his love; his girl.