A/N- I needed a little break from Next July Fools Day, so I decided to start my all human story. Besides, the ideas for this were itching to be let out, and I couldn't hold them in much longer. So, here is the beginning.

And, before you panic, this is a canon pairing story. (You'll understand when you start reading.) But, you never know what could happen before we get down to the real thing. (This is basically asking you not to go ballistic if the hookup spoken of below actually occurs once or twice before true love comes along.)


"Aw, come on, please?" Alice whined at me. "It's not like I'm asking you to go speed dating, or clubbing, or anything like that. We just want to go out to dinner."

"Alice, I'm not ready." I silently pleaded that this would end it.

"Emmett will be there to protect you. You'll be just fine. I promise." She said. Emmett was Alice's older brother, and was the running back for the New York Giants. We'd dated before, for almost a year. Everything about the relationship was great, but we found ourselves falling for other people. We decided to break up to pursue other people, ending it completely amicably. Now, Emmett and I were simply best friends. Best friends that occasionally hooked up.

I knew how our situation sounded to other people, but it worked for us. We had our boundaries and rules, and there was no deeper emotional attachment. It was just sex. Spectacular sex, mind you, but just sex.

We hadn't done anything in a while, as I, until very recently, had been in a serious relationship with a man named Jacob. For a year and a half, Jacob and I had been completely in love.

Well, I had been completely in love with Jacob, and only Jacob. He, on the other hand, had two loves. Me, and his job. Jacob had been a police officer in the homicide unit of New York City. About four months into our relationship, he'd been put undercover in an organized crime family. He'd always promised me that he'd get out before anyone found out about him.

But he was wrong.

We'd been out celebrating my promotion into junior partner at my law firm when it happened. He took me to La Bella Italia, our favorite hideaway of a restaurant. Everything had been totally normal, us chatting back and forth with no concern. And then, suddenly, the door was opening and bullets were flying. Jacob pulled me toward the floor, shielding me from the bullets. But, in doing so, he was struck in the back twice. By the time the paramedics arrived on the scene, he was gone.

That was four weeks ago. After the attack, Alice had moved into my apartment to take care of me. For the first two weeks, I was afraid to venture outside for things like groceries or the mail. But, recently, I'd been getting better. I'd even gone out alone to get a gallon of milk last Wednesday.

"Alice, I'm really not sure about this." I could hear the resolve in my voice wavering. And so could Alice.

"Please, Bella?" She put on her best puppydog face, and the corners of her mouth quivered.

"You're sure that Emmett will be there?" I asked, giving in.

"Yes. He's canceling his date with Kandy tonight so that he can go with us." She said, instantly perking up.

"Alright. I'll go." I said, defeated. Alice squealed in the way that only Alice can before dragging me down the hall to the bathroom to get ready.

An hour later, Alice bounded to the door, opening it for a grinning Emmett. I really was no wonder that he went out with such beautiful women. Standing at an intimidating six foot five, he was all rock solid muscle. His pecs were clearly defined under his tight polo, which he bought a size to small for that reason in particular. He simply exuded power. The fact that he was completely gorgeous didn't hurt either. His dark curly hair curled just above his collar, and went perfectly with his mischievous blue eyes.

He stepped in the door, hugging Alice briefly before approaching me. He pulled me to his chest hugging me and kissing my forehead gently.

"And how are we today?" He asked me after pleasantries had been exchanged.

"Well, we're alright." I laughed. "Are you ready to go?"

Alice nodded and Emmett extended an arm to me, grinning. She chatted away on the way to the car, on the way to the restaurant, and on the way in to the restaurant. The hostess shot me a dirty look for clinging onto Emmett the way I was, but, in all honest, she could kiss my ass. It was taking all that I had to even set foot out of the house.

She lead us to a table off in the corner, taking the Reserved sign of the table. I shot Alice a look, which she studiously ignored, as we took our seats.

"I'll send your waitress over in a minute." She said, disappearing around the corner. Emmett squeezed my hand while Alice shot me a reassuring smile.

"Are you OK?" Emmett whispered to me. I nodded, smiling. As of right now, it wasn't so bad. I grabbed a menu, running my finger down the list of choices while they talked amongst themselves. Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, Emmett stopped talking and let out a low whistle.

"Please. Please, please, please, for the love of god, please let her be our waitress." He begged under his breath. I looked up to see who he was talking about, and instantly understood.

A platinum blonde was walking slowly toward the table, her hips swaying naturally. Her eyes were so blue that I could see us from across the room, but she wasn't looking at me. Her eyes were only for Emmett. As she stepped up to the table, she flashed a brilliantly white smile.

"Emmett McCarty. All-American running back extraordinaire. You were spectacular in the Superbowl last year. Thank God you flattened Tom Brady. What a tool, huh?" She said. "Hi. I'm Rosalie."

"Hi. I'm glad you liked it." Emmett, for the first time that I had ever witnessed, was stunned. He blinked a few times before recovering his bravado. "So, you're a Giants fan, eh?"

"A fan?" She chuckled, reaching for the hem of her shirt. She hiked up one side, revealing the top of a tattoo that disappeared underneath the top of her pants. The New York Giants logo.

When I looked over at Emmett, his mouth was gaping, and a special light was twinkling in his eye. Alice rolled her eyes and looked at me.

"I'm going out for a smoke. (A/N- Yes, Alice smokes. You'll understand why in a minute.) Would you like to come?" She asked me, glancing pointedly at Emmett and Rosalie.

I laughed. "Sure."

"Emmett, get us two beers while you're in here." She said over her shoulder as we stepped out the door.


Bella was finally starting to look like a human being again. For weeks she'd looked like a shell. Her voice was hollow, her eyes were empty. Now, slowly, and with a load of coaxing and help from Emmett, she was starting to come around. She was starting to smile again, and venturing away from the confines of her apartment.

We stepped into the cold night air, pulling our jackets tighter around us. We walked down the steps to the sidewalk as I fished my cigarettes from my purse, slipping one into my mouth before realizing that I had no lighter.

"You wouldn't happen to have a light, would you?" I asked Bella. She shook her head and frowned. She hated my smoking. I sighed loudly and turned to head inside for a matchbook when I heard a sound.

"I've got one." A voice said from my left. I looked over to see a tall, leonine man leaning against the brick of the building, his face immersed in the shadow of the awning. The only thing that I could see above his shoulders was the glowing tip of a cigarette. He pushed off the wall and stepped into the glow of the street light, and I was in awe.

His jaw was sharply angled, with the slightest hint of blonde stubble across it. His hair was long enough to be tucked behind his ear, but not long enough to touch his collar. His dark eyes were appraising as they looked me up and down before stepping towards me, lighter in hand. He flipped back the top, and I watched as the light of the flame reflected in his eyes. I lit my cigarette, leaning toward him to catch the flame.

"Thanks." I said, smiling at him. A small smiled played at his lips in return. "I'm Alice. Alice Brandon"

"Jasper." He said, his breath curling and spiraling around his face from the chill in the air. He looked over my shoulder at Bella, and then back to me.

"I'm Bella," She said. "And I'm going back inside. It's a little too cold for me. Sorry Alice."

I knew what she was doing, and I was going to thank her for it immensely later. I turned to look at her. "OK. If I'm still out here when the waitress gets back to get out orders, will you get me a fettuccini alfredo?"

"Sure." She smiled at us before stepping back in the door. The voices from the restaurant flowed from the doorway, then stopped abruptly as the door closed. I looked back at Jasper, and he was looking at me.

(A/N- See, this is why she smokes. Cause right now, I'm imagining Jasper leaning against the wall looking ohsosexy, his face in the darkness, being all mysterious and stuff. You can't tell me that doesn't sound even the slightest bit spectacular.)


As much as I loved to see Alice happy, I couldn't really handle watching her fall in love with a random guy on the street. This happened to Alice often, and I could tell by the sound of her voice and the look in her eye that the sexy smoker was going to be her next victim. Emmett was usually around to push the creepier ones away before they get too close, because when he wasn't around, bad things happened.

Like the time Alice and I had gone to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday, and she'd found some guy in a bar, gotten completely obliterated, and got married. Then, the next week, after getting the marriage annulled, she had to explain to Emmett why her name was Alice Brandon, rather then McCarty. Needless to say, he hadn't taken it well. I glanced over at the table to see Rosalie dropping off three beers at the table, along with something colorful in a martini glass. They started chatting again, so I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

After checking my face over in the mirror, I returned to the table to find Alice had returned. She was grinning brightly, which could only mean that secured somewhere in her purse was Jasper's number. Emmett, however, looked disappointed. Alice noticed my observation and filled me in.

"She's not allowed to give her number to patrons." She said as Emmett sighed, clearly disgruntled.

"Oh, you'll live." I told him as I rolled my eyes. A few minutes later, Rosalie returned to the table, not as happy as before. She set our plates in front of us, placing his last.

"I really am sorry." She said, smiling sadly. "But my boss is a huge fan of yours. He's watching you like a hawk, making sure that everything goes perfectly."

"It's alright." He smiled wistfully as she left before turning to us. "Damn that sucks!"

"There'll be others, don't worry brother." Alice patted his shoulder.

"Yeah, but I liked that one." He whined, pouting a little, just for show.

"She's not a car, Emmett. 'That one' is not a polite way to refer to her." I scolded around a mouthful of pasta. He shrugged before shoveling more food into his mouth. With exception to the few fans that came to the table to beg for his autograph, we ate in peace. I finished the last of my beer and was about to signal Rosalie for another when Emmett pointed to the glass on the table.

"Oh yeah." He said, taking a huge bite out of a piece of garlic bread. "That drink's for you."

"Aw, Em. You didn't have to get me a drink."

"I didn't." He looked at me like I was crazy. "You think I would have gotten you a drink and not Alice? What kind of man do you take me for?"

"Well, then where's it from?" I asked him.

"Eh, I don't know. Some guy over there." He waved a hand toward the opposite end of the restaurant. I looked over, surveying the crowd.

There was a man with dreadlocks leaning over the bar, looking hopelessly drunk. Another was seated at a table with a woman, staring listlessly into her eyes. A group of three were glancing around, surveying the group of woman collected at the bar that were surrounding a girl with a crown on her head that boasted 'Bachelorette'. The last two were seated at a table with one woman. One was blonde, and looked to be around 30, while the other had coppery bronze hair and brilliant green eyes. His smile was luminous, and crooked in a way that would look odd on anyone else. He was probably the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen in my entire life.

And he was looking right at me.

I looked away quickly, embarrassed that I had been caught.

"Ooh! He's cute." Alice whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled sadly. She saw the change in my face and quickly launched into a story about what had happened to her that day at the day care center where she worked. Apparently, some baby had started vomiting uncontrollably, and she drew the short straw, having to clean it up. I welcomed the distraction, laughing when she got to the part about the smell.

We'd decided to call it a night after finishing our dinners and drinks. As we approached the parking garage, I heard a loud cracking bang. And, as I was falling unconscious, I saw it all flash before me.

La Bella Italia.


The gun.

When I woke up, I found myself in an apartment that was, although familiar, not mine. I was still in my tee shirt, but my jeans and shoes had been removed. I rolled over in the bed to find Emmett asleep next to me. I curled into a tight ball, hugging my knees tightly. The bed shifted, waking Emmett, who looked over at me and smiled gently.

"Hey." Was all he said.

"I passed out, didn't I?"

He nodded in response, reaching up to place a hand on the side of my face to comfort me. Suddenly, I decided that I didn't want to think anymore. I needed a distraction, and I had a perfectly gorgeous one in front of me. Catalyzing the situation, I latched on to Emmett's hand.


I'd caught Bella just a second before her head would have hit the pavement.

Note To Self: Never allow car to backfire near Bella.

I'd carried her to the car, then driven straight to my apartment, as it was the closes to the restaurant, and I didn't want her lying in the backseat of the car for that long, hurting her neck. I carted her up the stairs to my door and Alice used her spare key to get us inside, where we changed Bella's clothes and laid her in the bed.

I hadn't wanted to get into bed before she woke up, but by the time 4am rolled around, I was just too tired to stay up any longer. After making up the couch for Alice, I changed and slid into bed, trying to keep a respectable distance away from her. I watched her for a few minutes, just observing, before falling into a shallow sleep.

I woke up to the bed shifting, and I looked over at Bella. She rolled over and looked back at me. After a moment of silence, I whispered.


"I passed out, didn't I?" She asked, her voice faint. I simply nodded, watching her face pucker. I felt the need to reach out to comfort her, my hand settling on her cheek softly. She sighed against it, and at first I thought she was about to fall back asleep.

Instead, she wrapped her fingers around my hand and brought it to her lips, while her eyes flashed a familiar signal. My brain and my body had two different opinions on the situation. My brain was panicking. I knew this wasn't what Bella wanted, or what she needed. My body, on the other hand, could barely resist what she was doing to my hand, let alone imagine what I knew she could do if I let this continue.

Fortunately, I found my voice soon enough to stop it before it got too far out of hand.

"Bella. Bella stop." I breathed. Now she had my middle finger in my mouth, and was sucking on it. Not good. REALLY not good. Abort mission. Abort mission! My brain screamed.

"Why?" She asked, running her tongue down my palm to my wrist.

"You don't want this. I don't want this." I said, trying to ignore the haze in my brain and the strain in my shorts.

"I sincerely doubt that." Bella said, her hand snaking under the covers to wrap her hand around me.

Oh God. We've upgraded to Def Con Three. DEF CON THREE! What do I do?

A/N- So, What should Emmett do? Bella's begging, but he's not sure if she really wants it or not.

Well, I already know what he's going to do.

And please, don't freak out for either of the following reasons



Bella and Emmett? WHAT THE HELL?!
This story has all the canon pairings later on. Bella and Emmett are just FWB's. Neither of them is going to fall in love with the other. It's just to see if I can write a decent lemon. haha

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