Thirteen walked into her apartment at a little after two and closed the door behind her. She didn't bother turning on the lights. She checked the phone in her hand and saw that it was later than she thought. Too late to call Cameron.

She was surprised that Cameron didn't call that night, but figured that the blonde doctor was working late and fell asleep as soon as she got home. It didn't bother Thirteen. She'd done it before.

After locking the door, she stripped all the way to her bed, leaving her dirty clothes to take care of in the morning. She kept her phone close her to for when Cameron called in the morning which she usually did if she missed their night phone calls.

Thirteen settled between the cool sheets wishing Cameron was with her. The internist pulled the pillow Cameron usually used to her and wrapped her arms around it, inhaling as much of the scent as she could. Thirteen smiled when she caught a hint of Cameron's perfume. She closed her eyes and finally drifted into a deep sleep.

A knock on her front door three hours later woke Thirteen up. She slowly opened her eyes and waited for another knock on her door. When another light knock sounded through the apartment she decided it was important so she grabbed a cami from the drawer closest to her bed and pulled on some boy shirts. She grabbed her phone and hurried to the door.

She was entirely surprised at who she saw through the peephole. She fumbled with the locks and threw the door opened.

Cameron stood there with a wide smile and a bag over her shoulder.

"What are you-" Thirteen started, but Cameron pressed their lips together and wrapped her arms around Thirteen. Thirteen quickly responded my locking her arms around Cameron's neck, never wanting the kiss to end.

Cameron realized that the early morning air was quickly chilling Thirteen's near naked body so she carefully backed Thirteen into the apartment and kicked the door shut behind her, momentarily let go of Thirteen to lock the door and drop her bag

They slowly walked to the bedroom and Thirteen was the first one to fall back onto the bed while Cameron took off her jacket and crawled on top of Thirteen.

An hour later, Cameron and Thirteen were wrapped in sheets, Cameron's head on Thirteen's shoulder and the blonde's arms around the brunette doctor.

"Not that I'm not totally glad to see you," Thirteen looked down at Cameron who was now looking up at Thirteen, "But I thought I was coming to Boston tomorrow."

"Well," Cameron paused, biting her lip.

Thirteen could see Cameron trying to word everything perfectly and smiled at how adorable she looked biting her lip.

"What?" Cameron asked, seeing Thirteen's smile.

"You're cute," Thirteen added, "But please continue."

"I…" She paused again, but this time continued, "I really miss you when I'm in Boston."

Thirteen kissed Cameron's forehead, "I miss you too."

"And I was thinking," Cameron let out a long breath, "It's stupid for me to live so far away when we don't…have that much…time together," She watched Thirteen's reaction which was blank so far. She continued, "And there are times when I just want to pack up everything in my car and move back."

Thirteen watched tears cloud Cameron's eyes and her heart melted, "I've felt the same way for a long time."

"Then why didn't you say anything?" Cameron asked, more accusingly than she intended.

"I thought this was what you wanted," Thirteen could barely whisper. It was dark, but she could still see a few tears finally slide down Cameron's face.

"I thought it was too," Cameron moved herself up so that she was eyelevel with Thirteen, "but now I know all I really want is you."

Thirteen felt tears build behind her eyes as she moved to kiss Cameron. If she had been standing Cameron would have fallen down due to the sheer passion and force behind the kiss. Her knees would have given out.

"So you're moving back?" Thirteen asked gleefully.

Cameron couldn't help, but laugh at Thirteen's eagerness. "Well…all my stuff is in my car outside."

Thirteen's eyes lit up even in the dark, "Really?"

Cameron nodded.

"That's…so…" She couldn't seem to find the word so she just kissed Cameron again.

"I hope you don't mind," Cameron offered, "I don't really have anywhere else to stay."

"I was going to ask you to move in with me before you left," Thirteen confessed.

After a few minutes, Cameron stroked Thirteen's hair, "I missed you."

Thirteen briefly kissed Cameron before adding, "You don't have to miss me anymore."