Aristocratic Assassin Sesshomaru


Inu's Hanyo

Chapter 1: Work/Play

Night was falling fast in modern day Tokyo and darkness was spreading all over the land. "Where do I go from here?" I asked exasperated before letting my head hit the cold desk. "This isn't fair." I mumbled into my papers, my words barley understandable.

"What is not fair lady Kagome?" a deep, velvet and calm voice questioned from the corner of my room.

"That I have to do all the work and Kikyo gets all the fun." I answered in a sour tone, not lifting my head from its resting place.

"You only do all the work as to rise in this business, do you not?" his voice was calming and as soft as silk. I lifted my head and turned to look at him. Within the darkness he stood, standing straight and gazing in my direction.

"Yes, I suppose so." I gave in, looking back at the uncompleted work. "But still."

"Still nothing Lady Kagome, Kikyo is your boss and because of it you must do her bidding." I knew he spoke the truth, but I didn't want to accept it if it meant doing all this work.

I let out a pitiful whine. "If I may speak my mind," he continued, his voice liquid gold. "Kikyo does not deserve your effort…or your time." His voice was close now and his cool breath swept across my bare neck.

My body went numb as his smooth lips touched the base of my neck. "Yasa-..shi."

"Hm?" his questioning mumble was hardly audible as my ears were ringing with the very essence of him. I closed my eyes, savoring the wonderful feeling of his kiss. I let a small noise of satisfaction escaped my lips as I felt the tingle of his fangs brush across my skin.

Movement sounded from beside me, it was so silent I almost missed it. I felt his hand caress my blushing cheek, moving to the back of my neck as he lowered his face to mine. I chill ran down my spine as his icy breathing sent waves of sweet aroma crashing into my lungs. His face was so close to mine, his lips inches from mine, my breath caught –then, suddenly, he was gone.

"Please forgive me, that was out of line." Yasashi said backing away, returning to the murky shadows cast by my small lamp.

Air rushed into my body and my eyes flashed open. "Yasashi."

"yes Lady Kagome?" his face was hidden behind the mask of darkness.

"Why..Why did you stop?" I asked, pushing my chair back a little and standing.

"I am your protector, nothing more." Yasashi said, his voice still liquid velvet, but there was a hint of repressed wanting in it.

"Yasashi…" I walked towards him, my steps careful and slow. "You are much more than that to me." I was right in front of him now, my hand reaching out to touch his face.

His marble hand caught mine in a gentle grasp, sending a surge of tingles up my arm. "Lady Kagome, I believe you should get back to your work now."

I sighed. "I guess you're right." I mumbled taking back my hand and walking back to my seat.

'what was all that?... did I do something wrong? … Does he not want me?'



"Inu-..Yasha." lust coursed through her veins as her lover took a hold of the back of her neck.

Inuyasha kissed Kikyo's lips full on, pushing her back and into the wall. He pinned her between his body and the stone white wall, moving his hands to the collar of her shirt. He undid a button of her pale red blouse and, when finding no disagreement, moved to the next. Soon her shirt was off and tossed aside leaving her only in her bra and black shirt.

Kikyo wrapped her arms around her captors' neck and held tight, arching her back. Inuyasha spun Kikyo's form around and pushed her onto her desk, throwing the papers that had littered it onto the ground.

"Oh Inuyasha." Kikyo panted when the hanyo finally released her mouth.

"what about that girl?" the silver haired Inuyasha asked unclasping Kikyo's bra from the back.

"She won't be back tonight; I gave her enough work to last weeks." Kikyo laughed tugging at the black buttons of Inuyasha's shirt. Kikyo's bra came off, revealing her luscious breasts, then came Inuyasha's shirt, showing his well build torso.

Inuyasha pushed Kikyo higher on the desk, so that her feet no longer touched the gray carpet and ran his now free hand up her leg. Kikyo grasped Inuyasha's mouth with her own and pulled him into another shameless kiss. Inuyasha's hand traveled up Kikyo's skirt, brushed aside her wet undies and rested over her opening.

Kikyo gasped and arched her back the teasing was too much. Inuyasha smiled his wicked smile and withdrew his hand.

Kikyo sat up and pushed her breasts against Inuyasha's torso and wrapped her legs around his hips. The hanyo slid his hands down her back and unzipped her skirt. Kikyo in turn lowered her hands and undid the button on his worn out jeans. His lips pressed against her neck and sucked hard.

"Inu-yasha." Kikyo gasped as her lovers pants slid down just enough for her to feel his hard erection pressed to her open legs. "Take me!"

Suddenly Kikyo was pushed to the ground, her skirt and undies thrown aside, leaving her completely bear on her office floor. Inuyasha hovered above her, his pants gone and his large member brushing her thighs.

Kikyo gasped for air and arched her back, but Inuyasha held her down.

"You're mine woman." He almost growled, yet allowing her to throw open her legs.

The next instant was pure pleasure for the both of them as Inuyasha drove himself hard into his mate. Kikyo gasped arching her back and Inuyasha pulled out. Pumping himself into her again Kikyo moaned.

"Harder!" Kikyo panted. Inuyasha drove into her faster and harder, sweat running down his cheek.

At the same time they reached their climax, Him releasing all his seeds and her drinking them up.



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