So I've had the idea to do this story for a while. It's going to be a MOE.

Pretty much based on a real life experience from when I was 13 except this story will have a happy ending. Joe isn't famous in this and neither is Miley.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Janine and Lizbeth.

Miley couldn't be more excited. She was going to visit her brother's new home for the first time since he got married. Miley and Jackson had always been close even though there was a 7 year age difference. At the moment Miley was 14, and Jackson 21. He had been married the previous year and Miley had never seen him so happy. Now she got to see what his house looked like.

"Miley!" yelled her dad. "Your cab is here!"

"Coming!" yelled Miley.

Miley quickly ran downstairs, after taking a quick look in the mirror.

"Daddy, are you sure you don't wanna go?"

"I have too much stuff to do Miles, you go ahead, and here", he said as he handed her money for the cab. "Be careful!"

"I will daddy, bye!" She ran out the door and into the cab.

"1143 and Broadway please", she told the cab driver.

As the cab driver drove to her brother's house she began to get excited again. She hadn't seen him or Janine, his brother's wife, in such a long time. She was also hoping that Lizbeth, Janine's little sister, would be there. Despite the age difference Lizbeth had always been there for Miley. They still talked on the phone but Miley wanted to see her in person. She also hoped to meet Lizbeth's new boyfriend, Joe that Miley had heard plenty about.

"We're here Miss," she heard the cab driver say.

"Oh, thanks!" she said as she paid him and got out.

"You're welcome," he said as he drove off.

"Wow," Miley said looking at the house. It was a pretty big house for Jackson and Janine.

She quickly ran up the front steps and rang the bell.

As she heard footsteps coming she grew more excited.

"Hey Miley!" yelled Jackson

"Jackson!" she said as she threw her arms around him

"It's been a while kid."

"Tell me about it, the house is so quiet now."

"I bet haha"

"So, where's Janine?'

"Oh, in the living room and Lizbeth and her boyfriend are here too," he said as he walked towards the living room.

"Awesome!" yelled Miley, running past Jackson.

She ran into the living room and saw Janine sitting on the couch.

"Janine!" yelled Miley

"Hey Miley!" said Janine getting up and giving her a hug.

"Hey Miles", said someone behind her

Miley turned around immediately recognizing the voice.

"Lizbeth!" she said hugging her." It's been so long!"

"I know, oh and this is my boyfriend Joe"

Miley turned to the boy next to her and saw he had a dreamy look on his face. He was really cute.

"Hey, nice to meet you I'm Miley", she said

"Yeah, nice to meet you too, I'm Joe", he replied.

Wow, Joe thought, she's beautiful .Wait a minute I have a girlfriend that I love, I can't be checking out other girls.

"So uhh how old are you?" asked Joe

"I'm 14", replied Miley.

Damn, Joe thought.

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