Miley had never felt so scared in her life. She started kicking but the person just held onto her. Finally she bit the persons hand and he let go letting out a little yell. Miley turned to look at him.

"Joe, you jerk!" she yelled.

"I'm so sorry Miley, I didn't think you'd get that scared" Joe said.

"Well, I did" she said walking away.

Joe sighed and followed her.

"Miley, I'm sorry" he said again. When she ignored him and kept walking Joe grabbed her and made her look at him. He could see she was trying to hide a smile.

"You're messing with me aren't you?" he asked suspiciously

Miley laughed and kept walking.

Joe let out a sigh of relief and quickly followed behind her and put his arm around her waist.

"Well Joe you know how to start a great relationship" she said jokingly.

"Oh you know me, kidnapping people are how I start my relationships" said Joe laughing.

"How many relationships have you had exactly?" asked Miley curiously.

"About four, but there was only one girl I ever really cared about" he replied.


"You, of course"

Miley stayed silent and kept walking.

"You okay Miley?" asked Joe wondering why she got so quiet.

"I'm fine I just…"

"What? What's wrong?"

"What do you like about me?"

Joe was kind of shocked by the question so he made her stop to look at him.

"What do I like about you?" he asked repeating the question.


"What don't I like about you Miley? You have got to be the most amazing down-to-earth girl I have met in my entire life. I love that."

"Really?" she whispered

"Yes Miley, don't ever change" he said leaning down and kissing her.

Miley pulled away and smiled at him. "Just promise that we won't let anything come between us?"

"I promise Miley, I love you to death" Joe said.

"I love you too" she said leaning in and kissing him again.