Okay in this story here is the background info. Six months before Jess died she had a kid with Sam who they named Lana Marie Winchester. Now its 14 years later. Enjoy! :D

"Lana, I'm going out with your uncle for a little while."

"Okay, Dad. I mean I had no idea you swung that way, but okay."

Sam laughed at his daughter's joke. "Cya." He said hugging her good-bye.

"Bye." She said still laughing.

At the bar Dean and Sam were taking about random stuff. Neither were getting out full sentences seeing as how drunk they were.

"Hey, bartender, how bout another round for me and my brother." Dean yelled happily.

"Sure thing." The guy said. He grabbed two more beer bottles and opened them up. Making sure know one was watching him he carefully slipped a red liquid into the one of the bottles as his eyes flashed black. He grined wickedly as he walked over to the Winchester boys. He handed them their beers making sure that Sam got the one on the left. The one had messed with. He watched merrily as the boys chugged down their drinks.

About an hour later Sam and Dean left the bar. Sam had stayed out way later then what he had planned to. They were both so smashed that they decided to grab a cab. Sam said good bye to his brother when the cab reached his apartement. He stumbled into his house. Normally he would check on Lana before going to bed, but tonight she didn't even cross his mind. The second he was in his room he crashed onto his bed. Five minutes later he was out like a light.

"Dad. Dad." Lana said nudging her father awake. "Dad, wake up."

Sam groaned and moved around a little making himself comfortable.

"Dad, c'mon." Lana tried again. She pushed him a little harder this time.

Sam snapped around to face his daughter. "Stop." He said in a pissed off tone glaring at her.

"But dad--"

"I said stop!" He yelled. "You're bugging me. Now, go away and let me sleep."

Lana stood in shock at her dad's words. They cut her like a knife. She watched him as he turned back around and fell asleep. Slowly she walked out of the room overwhelmed with saddness. She was so confused. Why was her dad so mad at her? She's never heard him sound so cruel and he barely said anything to her. Lana sat down in the living room and turned on the tv. She tried to focus on the bugs bunny cartoon she was watching but failed miserably. An hour and a half later Sam walked past her into the kitchen. He didn't even look at her. She listend carefully as she heard him pouring himself a bowl of cereal. A minute later he walked out.

"Can I talk to you know?" She asked in a annoyed tone.

"No." Sam said flatly. He grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

"Hey! I was watching that." Lana protested.

"Shut up." He moaned. "Either shut up or go to your room."

"But I didn't do anything."

"Go." He said calmly.

"What? But I--"

"Go! I dont wanna have to deal with you right now."

His words stung her. She got up and left. She was even more sad when she noticed her dad not even care or look at her as she left. A single tear ran down her face.

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