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Lana sat on her dad's bed looking around his room. His bed was big and covered in a cotton black. There was a plasma TV hanging on the wall across from the bed. Next to the bed sat a simple dark wood bedside table with a small light on it. To her left she saw a simple, small couch. To her right there was a door that she knew led to her dad's bathroom. Lana decided to stand up and stretch her legs. Her feet hit the soft, white carpet. As she looked around one last time Lana walked into her dad's bathroom. There wasn't really much to it. A simple, white polished counter was to her left and to her right was her dad's shower. Lana was about to leave when she noticed a small window on the wall inside the shower. She stepped into the shower to get a better look at it. The glass was stained so she had to squint her eyes to see out. Nobody was there. The window was small, but not too small. Lana opened the window and looked out. Still seemed safe.

She quickly went back out to her dad's bedroom and noticed no one was there. She silently ran back to his bathroom and hopped into the shower. Lana pulled the shower curtain from end to end. Once closed in, she put her hands through the window and hoisted her body up. Slowly she pulled her self through and landed with a light thud to the ground. Although she landed hands first and fell on to her back Lana was fine.

She looked once more at the window and in an instant bolted away. She ran hard and fast.


Sam stood in Lana's room. One second he was talking to the demon the next he was gone. For a moment Sam just stood there, making sure he was gone. To be sure, Sam walked around his house and saw the demon was gone. With a final sigh Sam headed towards the direction of his room to retrieve Lana. When he entered his room he looked around but did not see Lana.

"Lana." She said softly.

No reply.

Sam walked towards his bed and looked underneath it to see if she was hiding there.

Nope. No one was there.

Sam huffed as he walked towards his bathroom. He looked around and once again he didn't see her there. He noticed the shower curtain hiding the shower and with once quick and swift move he pulled it to one side. Sam was really surprised when he didn't see Lana standing there. Sam turned back around and looked at the bathroom again. In the mirror above the sink he finally noticed it.

No. She wouldn't.

Sam spined around to face the shower again. In one step, he stood in the shower looking at the open window. Nope, he clearly remembered never opening it.

"That little bitch." He mumbled leaving his bathroom and then his bedroom.

Sam went to the kitchen and grabbed his keys. He stormed into the garage and got in his car. He opened the garage, while simultaneously opening starting up the car.


Lana was walking down the road, with no idea where she was going. But then she decided there was only one place to go. There was only one person left who could really help. With determination Lana walked even faster towards her Uncle Dean's house.

Suddenly Lana's stomach grumbled letting her know she so hungry, but she had food.

Lana huffed in frustration but kept walking.

Ten minutes later Lana stood walked up to a truck stop. She walked in and noticed how small it was. There were about ten other people there, but that was all.

Lana walked towards the chip isle. She glanced around and saw no one was watching her. In one quick move, Lana grabbed a small bag of chips and shoved them on the inside of her jacket.

Lana moved over towards a section of what she assumed were small 'souvenirs'. She looked around at them and acted like she was interested as the minuted passed Lana decided it was time to leave. Without looking around she walked towards the door and left. Lana continued walking away for a few more minutes until the truck stop was out of sight.

Lana reached into her jacket and grabbed the chips. She opened them and shoved her hand in pulling out a handful and shoving it in her mouth.

God, it tasted so fucking good.

"Hungry?" Someone said behind her.

Lana jumped around and saw him, again.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Ya know, Sam's gonna be really worried about you?" Azazel said.

"I'm sure he'll manage." Lana said flatly.

"True, but what about you?" Lana remained silent. "C'mon I know you must have so many questions for me." He said smiling.

"Not really." She said her voice never changing and her face never showing any emotion, despite the fear pumping through her blood.

"Lana, Lana. I'm gonna be around for awhile so you might as well get used to me."

Lana remained silent looking at him until she finally spoke, "Fuck off."

The demon laughed. "Oh yeah, definitely a Winchester."

"And, I kill like a Winchester, too. So if I were you I'd scamper off now."

The demon smirked. "I'll see you around, Lana."

"Better pray you don't." She said as he vanished.

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