It suddenly occurred to me that being a shadow must be no fun. So I wrote a story from the point of view of this one.

No actual blood, but it gets mentioned.

A shadow protruded from the cobblestone wall in a district of Traverse Town. The sun had just set, and many of the residents would be traveling to their homes.

Yes... unsuspecting, naive travelers.

Already it could hear their shrieks of terror and dismay as it would claw through their flesh. Oh! And the blood.

Yes... the blood.

It could pour endlessly while the life was wrung from their necks and they choked upon their misery. That sweet, sweet nectar of life: sanguine honey. However, that was never the ultimate prize. Something has to pump the blood after all.

A heart... yes...

A party of travelers began walking in the direction of the shadow. It could feel the others around it preparing to pounce. The travelers couldn't see them! They weren't even paying attention! Naive to the trap that awaited them they discussed pleasant things that soon would be forgotten. Already, the darkness began to grow excited within the being. A frenzy of lust for that great throbbing orb welled up inside it as its claws extended in subconscious stimulation. The travelers were so close now. It could just barely...

"SORA!" Donald yelled.

Sora swiftly summoned the keyblade and swiveled on his heel, smiting three shadows at once. Goofy hurled his shield at two others and Donald rained hell upon five more. The street grew quiet again.

"What were you saying, Donald?"

Sora was completely unaffected.

"The keyhole!" Donald yelled.

The travelers moved on, leaving a dying shadow in their wake.

so close... so... close.

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