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Full Metal Alchemist:
Fate, Alchemy, and Bridges

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was a woman with a distinguished record. She served under Colonel Roy Mustang, also known as the Flame Alchemist. The latter was still considered a traitor and an exile. He found his own way of serving Amestris by operating with the police force in a town far to the north near the border with Dorakuma, a hotly debated border. He made a temporary return to Central, but he fled after the strange incidents involving moving armors and flying machines, a technology not thought to exist.

The reason the woman walked down the streets was to explain these occurrences. As she walked into one of the many government buildings contained within Central, her mind flooded with the possible inquiries and how she would best answer. She didn't hesitate to walk straight up to the receptionist's desk. The middle-aged man sitting behind the desk looked up at the blond Lieutenant with dull eyes and graying hair. Riza didn't bother to take in the man's features as she set the official summons on the desk.

After a few moments studying the paper, he made a call. As the man picked up the phone to call the person currently considered the most powerful man in the military, she made a guttural growl. She didn't like the idea of anybody but Roy Mustang holding that position. Though, the position of Fuhrer was technically unfilled. When Fuhrer King Bradley was killed by the Mustang, a huge political shift occurred.

Riza's musings were forcibly cut short when the middle-aged receptionist's gruff voice announced General Kelly Westford would see her. She nodded in acknowledgement and silently strode to the General's door. She didn't like the man, and she never pretended to. He was also known as the Glass Alchemist, which was a surprisingly weak name for how utterly devastating his chosen alchemy was. He wasn't a sadist, of that she was sure. She knew he was a war hero, but, unlike Mustang, he didn't regret fulfilling even his most gruesome orders to the best of his abilities.

When the door opened, she gave the man sitting behind the desk a cold glower. He wore a smirk across his aging features. He looked every bit the sixty-seven year old he was. As politics has the tendency to do, bureaucracy caused time to be a cruel mistress. His features were overly wrinkled, and he had no hair atop his scalp. He wore thick glasses over his dull-gray eyes. With undue confidence, he rested his chin neatly over folded hands, and he barely gestured with his pinky for her to sit down.

Riza was careful to turn as she walked to stand before his desk, so one side of her face was hidden as an angry twitch worked to betray her disdain. She stood at attention in front of the seat offered to her before acknowledging him with a callous, if perfect, salute. When he merely nodded his head, she took at ease and sat. This meeting was already becoming one she'd sooner forget. The seat was comfortable, at least, and the room was Spartan enough. The only decorations adorning the room were old war trophies. She stifled a scoff. The room had no personality at all.

Westford let a long sigh roll from slightly parted lips. His eyes rested on hers through his thick glasses which made her wonder at the rumors of their sightlessness. "I hear you want to make a case for reinstating Roy Mustang?" His voice was as heavy and thick as the bags under his eyes. She didn't bother to pick her words. "He's done more to serve this country than anybody I know, sir." She almost paused before adding the honorific, but her military training was far too well ingrained.

The smirk disappeared off his face as he continued to look at her. Following protocol and a general disdain for the man before her, she wasn't about to speak without being spoken to, first. She answered his question, and she'd await further cues to speak. Westford, on the other hand, had plenty to say as he casually continued. "Roy Mustang was dishonorably discharged on counts of murder and insubordination." He paused to gauge Hawkeye's reaction.

He was disappointed when none came, so he continued. "He killed the former Fuhrer which plunged this country into chaos. Amestris might not have even survived if the Consulate wasn't immediately formed and an end to hostilities with the Ishvalans declared." Again, he paused, but his eyes dared her to speak. She remained silent, and he was forced to continue when the silence became awkward. His smirk broadened when his mind formulated words to directly attack her pride. "That man is nothing more than an uncivilized menace, and he'll bring nothing but ruin to Amestris."

Riza felt the heat rise in her face. She barely controlled an angry twitch from displaying itself at her lips, and she had to bite her tongue from lashing out at this uncouth General. A sigh emanated from his throat as his lips closed. He was sure she'd fall into his trap. His eyes narrowed as he resumed his rant. "Nonetheless, the Consulate is considering rescinding his discharge." He noticed the light in her eyes, but he was again surprised by her stubbornness to remain silent.

Westford decided to lay one more trap. "I, however, am in opposition to such drivel, and I have stated as such to the Consulate. I've heard rumors that Roy Mustang is residing near our border with Dorakuma, and I can't believe he'd go to such a hotly debated border without cause. I believe he has sold military secrets…" He watched as her eyes became positively livid during his speech of accusations, but he continued unabated. "…to spies from Dorakuma placed in that region. He has done this, of course, as insurance. His actions are utterly for his own self interest. He killed Fuhrer King Bradley for his own ambitions, but he ran when he realized he'd been caught."

For her part, Riza was holding back very well. If he were any other man, she would already have her pistol drawn with safety off. As it was, she barely restrained her hand from removing the clasp which held the pistol in its leather case. Her breathing was all but ragged from anger, and she knew she was doing a terrible job of keeping her emotions from displaying on her face. She swallowed and released her tongue before she threatened to draw blood. She had no desire to commit suicide and give this man the pleasure he sought.

Westford finally raised a brow with his unusual inquisitive look. He was only able to gleam so much from her expressions and body language. Her livid eyes notwithstanding, she displayed no reaction he could use. He finally decided to give her a question she could answer. "Do you have anything to say on his behalf?" To this, it was her turn to wear a confident smile. Unlike her superior, her smile was more reserved and barely displayed.

"I do, sir." She started slowly. She wanted to watch his every reaction. Unlike her, he didn't know how to hide his emotions very well. "Sir, I can assure you that Mustang hasn't sold any state secrets. He holds this country in his highest esteem. He also isn't about to leave any subordinates behind, and, believe me, he still has comrades willing to serve and die for him. He isn't about to leave his men behind, and I am someone he would be the first to tell if he were planning such heinous actions."

Riza paused and didn't allow a smirk to cross her features. As she predicted, Westford's face was contorted in all manner of annoyance. "His record speaks for itself. Though he disapproved orders given to kill innocent civilians, he carried them out to ensure the safety of his men and his country. He is a decorated war hero, and his skills are known far and wide. Dorakuma, Aelgo, Xing, and Crata wouldn't rest on their laurels if they thought there was even the slightest hint of such a well-versed Alchemist returning to the ranks of Amestris military commanders…" She paused to let the General realize his face was twitching. "…sir."

He felt his brow furrow before rubbing the bridge of his nose, which caused his glasses to lean uncomfortably against his forehead. After a moment, he regained his composure and reached to one side of his desk. She watched carefully as he picked up a particularly thick manila folder. Once he placed it in front of himself, he opened it to reveal the contents. Her eyes went wide as she immediately recognized some of items, particularly photographs, he was slowly spreading out on his desk.

Riza's gaze fell, one-by-one, upon pictures of familiar scenes. She saw the underground city which lay beneath King Bradley's mansion. She saw close-up images of the strange transmutation circle etched across its center. She saw Wrath fighting at such inhuman speeds that he actually appeared in five different spots on the still image. She saw chimera, Lust, Greed, and, finally, Pride and Sloth. All but the last two occupied separate photographs. "Did Central really have this extensive a level of intelligence on them?"

Her thoughts were interrupted when Westford cleared his throat. "I assume you know what these are?" Riza nodded her head in agreement. "Good. It saves some explaining. While I do not agree with you or the Consulate, I have been reviewing these…findings." She eyed him suspiciously as he reached into a pocket on the inner lining of his coat. He reached out his hand with a white, sealed envelop with the unspoken command to take it. She complied.

"I was ordered to give that to you." He stood up and turned to look out the window as he continued. She noticed this and immediately stood up; though, she remained at ease. "It's a summons to go before the Consulate with your findings. Even with my position and power, I have no way of stopping you. If those fools annul Roy Mustang's discharge, my conscious will be clean. You are to report at the time and place specified on those papers." He turned to face her. "Is that understood?"

Riza brought her heals together with a loud thud as she stood at attention and delivered a salute. "Yes, sir!" Westford turned around with a heavy breath and appraised the blond Lieutenant standing at attention with a practiced salute still held. The General couldn't help but surrender to her determination. He stood at attention, albeit a bit unkempt for his old bones and joints, and returned the salute which he quickly dropped. Following tradition, she didn't drop the salute until after her commanding officer. "You are dismissed, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye."

She did an about face and strode straight for the door. "Oh, there is one more thing." She stopped and looked over her shoulder. She wondered what more the General had to say. "Don't say anything stupid. I wouldn't want to see you ruin my recommendation for your promotion." She gave him an icy glare without ever turning around and promptly left the room. Westford stared at the empty portal for a moment before taking his seat and pulling a single sheet from the manila envelop he opened just a few minutes ago. It was a letter addressed to him, and the signature at the bottom read 'Dante'.

Riza hastily left the government building. General Kelly Westford may have had a distinguished record, but he was no ideal leader. She found a nearby bench and sat down as she opened the letter given her. Her eyes scanned the words, but her thoughts still covered her annoyance towards the incompetent leader. "I know Mustang will unite this country. He's worked so hard to form alliances with those the former Fuhrer discarded." She sighed.

"I'll just have to make that case before the Consulate in a few hours." She shook her head as she stood up. She had to make her way to the library to pick up a certain Private. She slipped the new summons into her inner coat pocket and looked to the sky and noon-day sun. "It's just like the Glass Alchemist to wait until the last minute just to protect his own assets." With her destination in mind, she took the shortest route to Central's intelligence bureau.

Riza's expression contorted to one of mild confusion as she approached the steps leading to her target destination. "I'm surprised to see you already out here." The brunette Private smiled as she double timed right up to the blonde Lieutenant. She saluted which Riza quickly returned and dropped. "I take it you know already, Private Sheska? Sheska nodded. "Yes, ma'am!" Riza waved the honorific off. "I need you to bring your research with me." She handed the summons she received over the young Private.

Sheska's eyes widened. "The Consulate isn't this inconsiderate!" Riza shook her head. "No. I imagine somebody's ambitions retarded its delivery." Sheska nodded her head. She knew they couldn't make any direct accusations against the General, and 'somebody' could be anybody between and including the Consulate and the Glass Alchemist. She turned slightly and bent down to pick up a briefcase. "I wanted more time to prepare everything, but we can go with what we have now."

Riza nodded slightly to acknowledge her understanding and started walking. "We don't have much time, Private. We'll discuss the details over a quick lunch then head straight for our destination." Sheska quickly followed after her commanding officer. They knew what had to be done, and it was something they weren't about to hesitate for. The brunette Private did wish they had more time, though.

The luncheon was little more than a debriefing between an officer and enlisted personnel. They shared facts, suspicions, and rumors on everything that would be important when they stood before the Consulate. They knew they couldn't go in unprepared, so they were forced to discard several items they couldn't easily confirm. When they were finished deciding what they were going to use to make their case, Riza paid for their meal, and they quickly made their way to the building housing the Consulate Chambers.

As the building labeled 'Central Hall' came into view, more and more civilian politicians were seen bustling around their usual routine. One of the first things the Consulate changed was how the country was run. The military was still a powerful and near omnipresent entity within Amestris, but civilians gained more say in the daily running of the country. There was still a long way to go as a lot of people still didn't trust the Ishvalans. The misinformation and mistrust sewn by Dante and her homunculus army were powerful forces to deal with.

A Warrant Officer saluted Riza as she approached, and he noted Sheska, who seems to be looking around nervously, as he dropped his salute. "First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, I have been ordered to escort you to Consulate Chambers." She nodded. He turned his gaze towards Sheska. "I was not informed anyone would be joining you, ma'am." She didn't avert her gaze from the entrance to Central Hall. "Private Sheska should be expected, nonetheless. I sent word of her expertise and my need for her."

The Warrant Officer nodded. Riza took a moment to study the young man. He wasn't much older than Edward Elric, but he already acquired a distinguished rank and served the Consulate directly. He stood an inch taller than Sheska, but his dark hair and eyes reminded her a little too much of Mustang. She was bothered by the fact, however, that he hadn't introduced himself even though they didn't know him.

As if sensing the unasked question, the Warrant Officer spoke up. "I'm Warrant Officer Benjamin Daniels." He turned and took a single step up the stairs. "My brother serves as part of the Consulate, and he wants to ensure you're on time." Sheska's expression was one of surprise as the young man started walking up the stairs. As he beckoned them, she regained her composure and quickly followed. Riza, however, eyed him suspiciously. "If he's talking about who I think he's talking about…"

"It's not like the famous Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye to be late." Riza angled her perception to see Benjamin Daniels looking down the stairs wearing a confident grin. Sheska was looking inside the building with a look she could only guess was amazement. She eyed him but quickly marched up the stairs. They continued silently through the busy hallways until they came to double wooden doors.

Warrant Officer Benjamin Daniels swung the doors open and introduced everybody. "Members of the Consulate, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye reporting with Private Sheska. Ladies, meet the esteemed members of Amestris Consulate." The Consulate Chambers looked more like a courtroom than anything else. In comparison to most governing bodies, the Consulate was relatively small. It was comprised of only seven members, and it was often jokingly called the Counsel of Seven.

"Thank you for escorting our guests." Riza's gaze fell upon the man who just greeted them. He was the only member of the Consulate who wore a military uniform. His rank was Lieutenant General, and this man was one Riza knew. "You are dismissed, Warrant Officer Benjamin Daniels. This is a private hearing." The Warrant Officer clapped his heals together as he stood at attention and delivered a salute. "Yes, sir!" He quickly turned and left.

"Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye… We weren't told we'd have any other…guests." She turned towards the new speaker. This time it was the female Consulate member who spoke up. She knew it had to be General Kelly Westford keeping information away from the Consulate. She politely nodded before responding. "I was unaware you weren't informed. I informed the General I would be brining Private Sheska. She has information vital for my case."

All Consulate members nodded before beckoning the two ladies to take seats. Riza eyed the Lieutenant General again. He smiled and answered the unspoken question. "I am, indeed, the Desert Alchemist." Her eyes narrowed. He just continued. "It's a silly name Fuhrer King Bradley gave me a long time ago. I prefer Jack Daniels, but I'm sure you'd prefer to stick to Lieutenant General."

Riza remained silent. She had her suspicions about this man, too. He wasn't called the Desert Alchemist for no reason. He was trained by Westford, and the Glass Alchemist and Desert Alchemist shared similar Alchemy. Considering Roy Mustang shared a similar philosophy to his mentor, she felt this meeting was already making a turn for the worst. The uncanny resemblance both Daniels bore to Mustang was almost frightening; though, both the brothers Daniels were shorter, and the elder brother had brown hair.

"There isn't reason for introductions." Riza kept her eyes trained on the Lieutenant General even as the eldest member spoke. "We've gathered this special session to discuss our decision to discharge Roy Mustang." There was a pause as another member spoke up. "We are here to hear your testimony on Roy Mustang's reinstatement into Amestris military."

Riza noted an uncomfortably long pause. Her gaze remained on Lieutenant General Jack Daniels who finally sighed and lightly rolled his shoulders in a half-hearted shrug. "No doubt…" He started, and he felt the gaze of each Consulate member fall on him. "…your wondering where my loyalties lie. It is well known, after all, that the Desert Alchemist was trained by and uses the same Alchemy as the Glass Alchemist." She nodded, and he took that to mean he had guessed right.

"To paraphrase for my esteemed colleagues, there have been suspicious activities. For example, we were not informed of Private Sheska's involvement in this important matter. I can guess you weren't given our summons in a proper manner." Riza nodded in agreement again. Daniels smirked and shook his head, and he shifted his eyes to look at the rest of the Consulate members without turning his head. As they whispered amongst themselves, he continued. "No doubt, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye suspects I may be involved in the plot to keep Roy Mustang as far from Central and Amestris' decisions as possible."

All eyes fell on the Lieutenant General, and silence reigned. He cleared his throat, but he had every appearance of calm and no sign of discomfort. "I can assure you; I have no association with that man. He was…and is loyal to Fuhrer King Bradley to a fault." He smiled as he turned his attention to Sheska. "I'm sure you want proof, though. How about this? Brigadier General Maes Hughes told me all about Private Sheska. He had a letter delivered to my offices in Western after his untimely demise."

Sheska was wide-eyed as she looked at the Lieutenant General, and tears were welling in her eyes. Daniels turned his attention back to Riza. "I imagine her photographic memory has been a great asset to you. Hughes expressed she'd make a fine intelligence officer, if she ever took officer training school. He even guessed she would figure out all his research without leaving it to her, or anybody else for that matter."

His confident smirk grew as he watched the expressions on the Lieutenant and Private standing before the Consulate. The rest of the members remained silent as they watched him. He leaned back in his chair and thoughtfully scratched his chin. "On that note, I think we should start debriefing you on what you know. I don't want you to skip any details, however. If you have suspicions, I want you to present them, as such of course."

Riza and Sheska eyed Daniels. They felt like their luncheon to separate proven facts from speculation had gone to waste. Nonetheless, they started their presentation to the Consulate. They started with the facts. There was no point confusing the issue with unfounded speculation until they were ready to present those. With the known facts, those suspicions and rumors made more sense. Riza was straight and to the point in everything she said. Sheska, on the other hand, was a little imprecise in her words and often overzealous in her body language.

Riza and Sheska revealed facts to the Consulate which left them nothing short of stunned. Interestingly, to Riza at least, Lieutenant General Jack Daniels maintained his composure. In fact, he wore a confident grin. She was curious at that. The Consulate was informed of just how much Dante and her Homunculi had penetrated Amestris at both a civilian and military level. The most troublesome information was that Fuhrer King Bradley was none other than the Homunculus Pride.

The level of infiltration was discovered by the Flame Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist. Fuhrer King Bradley's own secretary, Colonel Juliet Douglas, was the Homunculus Sloth. This brought up questions about the Ishval War. Sheska was quick to the point on this indicating her research that Sloth was the one to start the conflict. The Consulate members felt sickened by the news, but Lieutenant General Jack Daniels kept his cool exterior.

He held up his hand to stop them from going any further. "That would make Roy Mustang a state hero." He paused as he felt all eyes fall on him once again. His confident grin became a confident smirk. "Why would he run when he so obviously did Amestris a great service?" Riza shot him a disdainful glower. "He knew there were loyalists who would sooner see him executed. Rather than risk his comrades, he took all the blame upon himself and left."

His smirk broadened. He felt like adding on, or finishing, her statement. "…to the northern territory where such loyalists could pile further accusations." He watched her face contort in anger. It was barely noticeable. To the rest of the Consulate, she looked as calm as she had the entire proceeding. She had only one, curt response. "Are you insinuating something?" He shook his head. "No. I am merely pointing out an observation."

Daniels paused as he heard the rest of the Consulate members whisper amongst themselves. He took a deep breath as he wanted Riza and Sheska to continue. "Now, please tell us about the Gate." They both looked at him wide-eyed. There were more whispers among the Consulate members before they nodded. This subject was something they were eager to learn about.

Riza bit her tongue. She was not prepared to talk about the Gate just yet. The fact that Daniels brought it up disturbed her. He was an Alchemist, and he might try to use that information to further his own ambitions. Worse, this information had the potential to create another Dante.

Sheska was the first to speak up. She explained that what they knew was little more than speculation, but the Consulate was just as eager to hear the information regardless if it were unfounded or not. The Gate was some kind of portal connecting two completely alien worlds from one another. To any Alchemist lucky enough to have survived an encounter with the Gate, it was described as knowledge. Edward Elric attained his unique Alchemy abilities after seeing the Gate, and it was Forbidden Alchemy which caused it to appear.

All members of the Consulate save one Lieutenant General Jack Daniels were abuzz over the possibilities. A calm clearing of the throat from Daniels brought them from their discussions. "As interesting as this information might be, we have to take it with a grain of salt. It requires the use of Forbidden Alchemy, which is what got us into this mess in the first place." Riza felt her brow furrow as her eyes narrowed. "What is he playing at?"

Daniels smiled as he continued. "From the reports I've read, it would seem the fabled Philosopher's Stone is a grotesque creation. It is the solidified form of an unfathomable number of souls. Even if we swore only to use criminals, it is unreasonable to constitute any action to create that abomination." Riza eyed him, still suspicious. He was playing his cards right to get on her good side, but she didn't want to risk Mustang's life on a gamble.

He nodded as he noticed her softening expression. He wasn't her enemy, and he needed to convince her of that. "Brigadier General Maes Hughes and Major Tim Marcoh entrusted me with this information after…acquiring me for, then, Colonel Roy Mustang's side." His brazen statement caught Riza and Sheska off guard. The former knew Hughes went to Central 'ahead' of Mustang to enlist the services of as many allies as he could. The next statements nearly sent her into shock.

The female Consulate member leaned back in her seat and let out a sigh of relief. "Whew, I thought I was the only one." Riza turned to her finally taking in the woman's features. She was middle-aged with graying, auburn hair. She maintained a petite physique, and she was shorter then Ed. She dressed conservatively in a business-like gray suite. Her green eyes remained youthful.

"Hahaha!" She looked to the eldest Consulate member as he laughed. He was balding with white hair trimming his scalp, and his eyes appeared to have Ishvalan heritage. He sat with an irregular posture due to the hunch osteoporosis had caused him. He seemed to prefer neutral colors as well, settling for white primarily. "I wouldn't doubt if Maes approached each of us. He was a shrewd businessman, and he picked his battles well." Riza took a quick moment of silence to take in each of the members. She was anxious enough she hadn't fully appreciated the civilian-chosen Consulate.

Lieutenant General Jack Daniels was the only military member of the Consulate. Amestris was always a military state, so it made sense to pick a well-liked man like him to serve on the Consulate and represent the proud Amestris military. He was a better choice than his superior officer, General Kelly Westford, at least. The female was Gwyneth Riggs, the resident economic expert. The eldest was Julian Rivers, a scholar. The remaining four had their own backgrounds and expertise to bring to the Consulate.

Lloyd Furr was a well renowned Alchemist. He easily stood taller than the rest of the Consulate at somewhere around seven-one. He had brilliant red hair and crystal blue eyes. He wore khakis and a forest green shirt. Over his clothing, he wore a dark blue cloak, something similar to Ed and Al's red cloak. His eyes remained closed most of the time, and he seemed to be tightlipped. He only opened his eyes when he heard something interesting. In response to the female and elder in concern to Hughes approaching them, he merely nodded. He seemed to be collecting his thoughts.

A burly man in forties laughed as he slammed a tight first into the hard wood in front of him. He wore a red, orange, and yellow plaid shirt and overalls. He was a lumberjack, but he was an expert at trade. The Consulate members weren't chosen at random, despite appearances. "I doubt Mustang'd be alive if weren't for friends in 'igh places." Riza took that to mean the lumberjack, William Pond, was on their side and providing some kind of support for Mustang. She barely contained a small smile.

The youngest member of the Consulate cleared his throat. He had the unusual appearance as if he were the male version of Winry Rockbell, only with chestnut brown hair and eyes. He wore a matte blue business suit. "Even if you allied yourselves with Mustang in the past, it would not be wise to jump to conclusions based on what you knew of him." Riza only nodded. His point of view was hardly clouded. Young Jeremiah Twain was a philosopher and poet. "That said; we cannot overlook the powerful evidence presented before us."

The last man was the hardest to read. He was Alan Kingston, a business man. He had a natural poker face. His black hair had few gray highlights to show his age, but the light bags under his eyes betrayed near insomnia. He cracked his eyes open as he took in the ladies and his fellow Consulate members. His eyes were an unusual combination of green and blue which made them appear almost yellow. If it weren't for his healthy appearance, it might be worrisome. He wore a brown business suit. He didn't say anything, only drew a deep breath.

Lieutenant General Jack Daniels beckoned Riza and Sheska to bring their evidence to the Consulate table. "I think it's time we deliberated on what you've presented to us. If you'd leave your research with us, we'll get back to you as soon as we've reached a decision. If there's nothing more, you are dismissed." He awaited their response. Sheska quickly bowed, but Riza had something else to say.

"I hope the Consulate reaches a quick and wise decision." Daniels nodded. Riza saluted, and Sheska followed suit. They turned and left the Consulate to debate the issue. All that was left now was to wait. Daniels turns to the rest of his esteemed colleagues. "I trust you've already arrived at your decision?" They nodded in agreement. "Good. We just need to discuss the finer details."

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