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Chapter One: The Start

I woke up to the annoying buzz of my alarm in time to get ready for class. It was barely the second week of school and I was already dreading it. I loved my school, just not the pressure of homework and deadlines.

I jumped into the old, red truck that my father, Charlie, had given to me as a gift for my high school graduation and left the beautiful loft that my best friend, Alice Brandon, and I shared. We met in our freshman year when she was my roommate in the residence hall at school. I was at first a little apprehensive about living with her at first because she was so hyper but she was always really nice. We had lived at the dorms at school until our lease ran out and then we moved to the loft we had now that was situated right in heart of the city and only fifteen minutes from campus.

Living in Seattle was amazing. I loved the atmosphere the city brought compared to my hometown in Arizona. It was always hot there and in this city, it rained almost everyday. The people were friendly and eager to strike a casual conversation about anything.

I originally moved here so I could attend one of the biggest art colleges in the country on a full scholarship, but I also moved here with the knowledge that I would be giving my mother a chance to travel more with her new husband, Phil, who had to travel a lot for his job.

Going into my third year of college, I finally decided that I wanted to major in creative writing with a minor in art history. Jane Austen had been my biggest inspiration since I was young and I loved reading as much as writing. It made sense for that to be what I did in life. I chose art as my minor because art had always been something I loved, even though I didn't really know why. Studying art was just comfortable for me. It didn't even feel like work because I appreciated looking at all of it so much.

Alice embodied her major more than I felt I did however. She had a living and breathing passion for fashion. I was happy she found something she loved but just not when I was her latest Barbie experiment.

I sighed and took in a fresh breath of October air as I got out of my truck and sauntered into my class. I managed to trip on my way in and looked around quickly, hoping no one had noticed my clumsiness.

"Hey Bella," said Mike Newton catching me off guard. "How was your weekend?"

"Fine," trying my hardest not to roll my eyes at how annoying he was. No matter how many times I gave him short responses, he always tried to ask me out.

"Oh yeah?? I was thinking we should go see a movie this weekend," he suggested, lightly touching my arm and looking overly confidently. Definitely too eager.

I almost lost it trying to keep up a façade of politeness.

"I'm sorry..." I would rather...scratch my eyes out... kiss a dog... go shopping with Alice... I remembered a concert Alice invited me to this weekend and it was the first thing that came to mind. "I already made plans with Alice to go see a concert," I lied.

"Oh cool, maybe some other time." He looked convinced enough and let the topic go.

The professor started his lecture and by the time I glanced at the clock again it was time to leave.

Alice and I usually met for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays since we both had the same two-hour gap between the next class. Even though we lived together, our schedules always interfered with us hanging out on a daily basis.

I walked across the street clutching onto my pea coat trying not to trip again in this rainy weather. The cafe we frequented was so beautiful. Walking into the place felt like you were in Paris with all its eclectic decorations and colorful glazed pastries.

I saw Alice already sitting inside the shop by the window wearing a bright green dress. "Hey Bella!!" said Alice, kissing me on the cheek.

We exchanged greetings and ordered off the menu. I ordered a crème brulee to go along with a warm latte and Alice was comfortable with just a sandwich.

I brought my cup of coffee to my lips, relishing the flavor and getting lost in my thoughts.

Alice snapped me out of my reverie. "So tell me what cheesy line Mike used on you today," she asked, giggling.

"Ugh worse! He invited me to go out again." I was still annoyed and Alice loved hearing the weekly gossip about the vile Mike.

"And what excuse did you use this time?" she chuckled, waiting for my response so she could laugh some more. "I said I had plans with you to go see that concert," I said, shrugging.

Alice squealed so loud that it almost scared me to death. "Oh my god Bella! I'm so excited you finally decided you wanted to go with me! It's going to be so much fun," she gushed, talking at rapid speed.

"Sorry, Alice, I just used it as an excuse..." I said, trying not to upset her.

It's not that it didn't sound like fun, but I had actually planned on spending the day alone at the museum. I always needed a day where I could escape all the stress of school and life.

"But Bella!!" she whined and throwing me her best pouty lip. "Please, Jasper will be really happy if you could show some support."

Jasper was Alice's boyfriend who was a music major at our school. He was one of the people who were performing on stage at the concert. He amazed me when he played the guitar with such ease, closing his eyes every time and being completely lost in each beat.

He always tried to teach me play whenever he got the chance. Feeling a little guilty, I agreed and Alice smiled mischievously.

"Great! We have all Saturday morning to shop for outfits!" she said so fast that I almost didn't catch it myself.

"Do we really have to? I do have clothes, Alice," I whined. It was always a losing battle for me when it came to shopping for clothes.

"Of course! It's semi-formal so we have to look our best," she continued and rambled on about what was in style at the moment.

It looked like I had no way of escaping this weekend but I promised myself I would try my best to enjoy it.

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