Thoughts from the dead

I see the bright green grass, whispering, speaking in the wind. The flowing rivers that bite like sharpened blades leaving the skin tingling. The beat of a butterflies wing as it is swept away on the current.

But that doesn't matter now, I'm leaving.

I feel snowflakes swirling landing on my face and melting like tears upon cheeks. The sun beating down, whisking away my tears. The wind ruffling my hair, carrying voices, laughter and song.

But that doesn't matter now, I've turned and walked away.

I hear the swish of a scythe as it hurtles into me. The crunch of bone as it shatters beyond repair.The thud of my heart as it tries to pump blood around my broken body.

But that doesn't matter now, I've taken the hand that will guide me.

I wonder what would have happened if had another day to live? would I have grown old, found love and had children? Would he have ever forgiven me? For the things I have done, the brutality, mercilessness and the pain.

But that doesn't matter now, I've chosen a different path.

I think why did I do such a thing? I had a choice and a chance, but I missed it. I could have lived a little longer if I had thought, turned back and said no. I could have loved a little more if I had resisted, stayed strong and true.

But that doesn't matter now, I'm almost gone.

I hope there's something out there, something bigger and better, something that will forgive. This can't be the end it came to soon I wasn't ready. I will live another life , love another person and die another day.

But that doesn't matter now, for the shadow is nigh.