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By: Feilan


The door to the Prince's chambers was slammed open, as five guards led in the high-priest, closely followed by Kiyoshi, the renowned healer. The Pharaoh and his queen watched in silence as the elder scrutinized the young prince, lying unconscious on his bed.

"What is wrong with him? He looks healthy and he's not weak at all…" The queen asked, panic and fear evident in her fading voice, as sobs broke through. The Pharaoh put an arm around his queen to calm her.

The healer looked up from the boy, watching the queen for a short moment as he sighed. "You're right, he lacks no physical power, although his soul lacks where his physical part is strong and healthy and for that reason he's a vulnerable victim for the spirits. The shadows are already gnawing at his soul as we speak."

A muffled shriek came from the quivering queen as her eyes, teary and bloodshot cried for the young prince. The Pharaoh removed the hand from his queen as a look of determination dominated his piercing eyes. "What can we do? We'll do anything...we can't loose him…Atemu is our only child and heir. Please." The Pharaoh pleaded, something very unusual as opposed to his normally more arrogant attitude, but it was clear that he was praying to Ra that his son could be saved.

The healer smiled sadly as he closed his eyes, concentrating. He tried to contact his younger helper, but the no answer came.

"We'll have to rid him of the shadows or they might possess him, but there's another option..." A gloomy presence lingered in the giant chambers as the healer waved for one of the guards to come over.

The guard looked slightly fearful as he reluctantly moved towards the healer. "Go get Yugi, and be quick about it." Bowing obediently, the guard left in search of the healer's apprentice.

"What's the meaning of this?" The Pharaoh demanded. Mirth shone in the elder healer's eyes, at the Pharaohs disbelief. "You wouldn't!"

At the elder healer's silence, the Pharaoh was further angered. "You can't use a filthy slave!"

"Yugi is by no means to be considered a slave, my Pharaoh," The elder healer said. "but a gift from Ra."

Mahado stepped outside and took a deep breath. He preferred to stand out here in Ra's light to being inside with their sick heir. He knew the process of the old technique, it was him, after all, who had suggested the use of the healer in the first place, though right now the foreign healer seemed more like a warlock than anything else.

"Let go of me! I'm not going in there!" Screams, yells and cries of protest filled the tense atmosphere, and Mahado saw one of the Pharaoh's guards pulling a small boy towards the prince's chambers. Mahado felt sorry for the child, knowing fully well that most of the sacrifices didn't survive and if they did then they were bound for all eternity to the person who they'd bonded their soul with.

The boy was undoubtedly much older than his looks gave him credit for, but with the childish features such of his full round cheeks, lack of height and wide amethyst eyes, he was very hard to take serious.

What shocked the egyptian was the kid's similarity to their prince. The boy possessed the characteristic tri-coloered hair, of Atemu, with everything from the untamable spiky locks of black and red, to the beautiful golden-blonde fringe, framing his face adoringly. The sacrifice was a very beautiful boy.

The only big difference were the eyes, Atemu's certainly weren't Amethyst and neither did the regal ruby-eyes of their prince hold one tit bit of the innocence Yugi's seemed so full of.

"It's not your decision, Yugi. You belong to master Kyoshi and he gets what he wants." The guard sneered, pushing the boy so he almost fell over on the hard stone floor. As soon as they reached the door Yugi was pushed inside, and was panicking when he heard the heavy doors close behind him and Mahado could only watch as the youth disappeared from his view, soon to visit a place of the silent dead.

The stench of the stewing herbs at the fireplace, mixed with the most foul reek of filth, was making him dizzy, and whatever thoughts of disobeying the elder vanished, along with the ability to think straight.

"Remove your clothes child." His master ordered.

Trembling fearfully, the boy obliged and unwillingly pulled off his tunic and trousers, while forcing himself to look at the ground throughout it all. He faintly noticed the servant girls, tying his body with narrow strings of leather to keep him from harming himself when his soul would journey to the underworld along with his master's.

One of the servant girls was given a cup containing an indefinable, foul-smelling liquid, and commanded to make him drink. Yugi had given up fighting a long time ago, but just the sight of the potion, had his stomach turning and twisting, renewing his fighting spirit all over again.

But it was too late, the cup was already at his lips and its contents pouring down his throat. Just the feeling of the thick potion. One word, deadly.

It tasted bitter and rotten and he almost threw up, but almost immediately, the whole room began to spin and he fell heavily to the floor, powerless to feel. Even though he wanted to move his limbs, he couldn't. It was like he was paralysed. His heart beat furiously in panic, while the girls dragged him over to Atemu's bed, and carefully put him next to the young prince.

The last thing he saw before his vision dimmed, was the tan hand lying limply on the bed, next to his own, and the gentle feel of the other's skin grazing his.

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