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"Everything Unfolds"

Chapter 1"Strawberries"

Kaoru's POV.

I never get why I even agreed to join the Host Club. I just thought it'd be fun, I think it is, and the guys are really like family now. But I don't know whats going on anymore. Not with them, with me. As I walk the crowded hallway of the school; heading my way to the 3rd Music Club, I can't help but feel something missing… Where's Hikaru?

"Kaoru! Kaoru!" A very nagging voice called from behind, I turned around and saw an exact replica of me – Hikaru. "Why did you leave me there?" He said, panting. Why did I leave him? I didn't notice him gone until now.

"Oh… Sorry." I said, ignoring his gaze as he cocked his head to the left and looked me straight in the eyes. Why does he have to do that?

"Kaoru…" Ok. I was not in the mood for this now. I don't know whats wrong with me, but everyone kept staring at the scene we were supposed to make. "Not now, Hikaru." I told him, brushing him off me as he clutched my right hand, stroking it.

I didn't know what to do. It had to stop now. Why does he make this all hard for me? Why can't he just be a normal brother, not the one that sincerely… will cling to you? Hikaru… why do you do this to me? Why do you love me as a brother? Why not… more?

Hikaru stood there, frozen for the first time, as what came onto his face was an expression of pure sadness and disappointment. I'm sorry, Hikaru. But I can't do this, maybe later.

"Kyouya-senpai?" I tilted my head to the left as I stopped for the mean time and looked at the eye glass character. The raven-haired man was scribbling something down; he must've seen what I did. I shook my head as he only pushed his glasses up and looked at me. "You want, but in the end, need." What was he saying? I don't get this at all. I shook my head in distress and let out a pout, "Huh?" He shook his in reply and walked away.

Was there not a meeting? Why was Kyouya-senpai going the other way? Why am I thinking so much about today? Why can't I ever be normal? All my life, I leaned on Hikaru. And now, I don't know what to do – As I lean on the wall for support now. I'm really a helpless child. I can't live without my main support.


Hikaru's POV.

Lunchtime. Ah, lunchtime. Finally. Call me a pig, but I'm hungry – though I don't feel like eating. Its as if my other half has been ripped off me. Where's Kaoru?

"Hika-chan!" A cute voice rang from behind, he was being carried by a rather large man who was brining two trays. The cute blonde on top was hugging a bunny as he smiled at me.

"Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai." I greeted them, trying to smile but failed. "Hika-chan, can I sit here?" Honey asked me, I nodded nonchalantly as I picked on my food. Just then, the cafeteria doors burst open…

A redhead looked around, rather bored was his expression, then came into the front of the line to get his food. He looked at me for some time, and walked in, sitting beside me, opposite side of Honey-senpai. I didn't know whats wrong but I felt an eerie feeling when Kaoru looked at me.

Also, I felt tingy when he sat beside me.

"Kaoru…" I started, sometimes, I don't even plan on finishing that since this morning, he only remained silent and then turned to me, as he gulped a piece of sushi. "…Sorry about earlier."

Kaoru looked at me and just nodded, Mori-senpai was watching over Honey-senpai, the rest of the club was nowhere to be found. Judging by Haruhi, she must've eaten inside the classroom. And by the Lord, he must be bursting in here any second now.

"Haru-chan, Kao-chan, are you two fighting?" Honey asked, peering over as he pouted. No response. Were we really fighting? "No, were not…" Kaoru said it. So he wasn't mad at me. He shrugged his shoulders and brushed the question off.

"Oh, so do you two want cake?" This was the obvious question anywhere. Honey-senpai loved sweets – but sharing them with his friends was rather a sweet gesture.

"You, see, it has a strawberry and you guys can split it…" He murmured, pushing the plate of the slice of cake in between us.

"I have another box here anyway!" Just like senpai.

No one moved. No forks clang, nothing. "Don't you like cake, Haru-chan?" I nodded, I liked it, I guess. "How 'bout you, Kao-chan?" Kaoru nodded and smiled slightly.

"Eat! Eat!" The senior demanded, clapping his hands 3 times while grinning.

I lifted up my fork, and just as I was to pick the strawberry, another metallic thing blocked mine, the two forks made a 'clang' sound, breaking the odd silence between Kaoru and I.

I instantly put it down, he did the same. We were very much alike, like they said. "You have it." Something really wasn't right today. No jokes, no pranks, nothing. Not even any customers.

He stood up from his chair, something glistened. Ok, I can see it clearly now – tears, or tear. He was crying. Was something wrong? He looked away and didn't even bother to excuse himself.

"Kao-chan, where are you going?" Honey asked him, holding up his bunny. Kaoru just ran. He ran out of the dining hall and slowly slumped his was down to the floor behind a large vase.

He held up his knees close to his face. I can't bear watching my own twin like this. I crouched down low next to him and stroke his face with my hand, "Kaoru, is something wrong?" He didn't do anything to my hand, nor did he respond. After a few moments, he looked up, with tear-filled eyes but couldn't say anything. "Hikaru," He said my name for the first time today!

"…I'm sorry." He apologized, going back down to his position as he turned his back away from me and faced the wall. That phrase was said quite often this day.

I sat down next to him, wrapping my arms around my adorable and troubled twin, "Come on, tell me." Kaoru softened up, and like the old times, leaned his head on my chest. I wiped his tears with a white cloth; he only remained quite after then.

We stayed there. In that position. My arms wrapped around his body, his head resting on my chest… Just like the old times.

"Hikaru I love you."

I let a small chuckled escape my mouth as I nodded, "I love you, too, silly."

Was that the problem? Did he not feel love from me? After all… I am his brother--

Now, Kaoru looked up at me with those eyes that could read your soul, and you with his. "…More than this." He said. I froze in shock at what he said. Did Kaoru really say that? He loved me more than a brother?

If Tamaki-senpai was here, I could just imagine what he'd say…

"Did that Homosexual act you put on really got into your head?"

That wasn't an act. All our life we've been like that. Supporting one another in each possible way. "I… love you too…" This time, this was a reply to his second statement. It was like butterflies were trapped inside my stomach and just got out.

I didn't think we'd ever come to this. I mean, we just did it for show, but we really meant it all. "Kaoru…" I looked at him and lifted his chin up, he immediately pushed his face against mine – and what I was planning to do, he did it. Mental telepathy within twins was really precise AND was right.

A kiss. Incest. If people saw this, they'd only think it wasn't serious, but there was no one around…

So… It's fine. Its fine. I don't have to worry about this now. As long as everything ended up well, then its all fine.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru called, hugging me tighter as he buried his face against my chest.

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