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"For I Love Thee"

Tamaki regained his composure—the little that he held—and erupted in laughter. The twins that were still on the floor looked up. Hikaru had already released his brother from the kiss and was sitting beside him. Honey had his head tilted to the side as Mori looked at them stoicly. Haruhi didn't seem fazed; instead, she just looked at them blankly. It was Kyouya who gave off the surprising comment.

"I see where everything has trailed off to. I've seen this coming." Kyouya said plainly, pushing his glasses up. The twins looked up at him, eyes slightly wry. This prodded Kyouya to continue, "The other day at lunch, I got the last of your performance." So Kyouya really knew from the beginning. Of course, he was an Ootori, he was smart.

"Of course I wasn't spying on you," A glint passed his face as he assembled a sly smile on. "I am merely observant, and my assumptions were proven to be true." Tamaki had remained silent the whole time Kyouya had explained and then slapped his forehead with his palm. He kept his hand there, blocking his face for a while.

"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner, Kyouya?" He was no longer laughing, but there was a hysterical attempt in his tone.

"Because, Tamaki." Kyouya said in a deadpan as he turned to look at the twins again.

"Will this be for public knowledge or will you two go on with your... er... act?" Finally, Haruhi spoke, having trouble finding the right words. She herself found the twins relationship—right there and now—a bit weird already. But who was she to judge others in their sexual preference?

Honey rubbed the back of his palm idly on his cheek, waiting for the answer like everyone else. Tamaki just ran a hand through his hair and dropped it now. He looked expectantly at the twins. They both shrugged at the same time, faces looking wry and sheepish. Twin Telepathy works wonders.

"It really won't be controversial if you two decide to... um..." Haruhi cut herself off. Tamaki was too busy thinking to notice how cute she looked like when she was at lost for words. Then, like before, the twins laughed together. It was a bit humourless but they still laughed. The members just stared at them like before, too.

"It probably won't be bad," Hikaru said, turning his head as he grinned at Kaoru. "But we don't want to start rumors. Especially if these rumors become quite personal already." Kaoru finished for him, grinning back.

"So Hika-chan and Kao-chan love each other," Honey stated a bit matter of factly as he placed his thumb under his chin. He gave up there and propped his chin on Mori's head.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Tamaki nodded. Haruhi seemed to be agreeing because she nodded as well. Kyouya pushed his glasses up once more and then turned to the others this time as the twins helped themselves up.

"We will be perfectly at ease about this," He reminded them over his shoulder. He turned around and smiled—a smug look on his face, most likely and then waved a hand in the air. "If there will be no need for me anymore, I would like to be excused. Family matters. Tamaki?" He said.

"Don't you want to go to the carnival, Kyouya?" Tamaki asked, pouting that Kyouya would be leaving. Their whole intention for coming to the twin's house was to pick the two lazy redheads up and throw them into a car if necessary. A while, Tamaki thought that the twins might've been sick. Forgetting there was a carnival and all that. Because it was not like them to forget, they would probably the first ones to come knocking on the door and go dragging someone else to go.

He grinned at the twins and then saw Kyouya shake his head. His grin didn't falter, except, he just turned around. "We'll see you two downstairs in 5 minutes." He reminded them. The twins shrugged their shoulders as the others went out of their room with assurances such as, 'don't be late.' And 'don't let us drag you back down there'.

Haruhi was the last to exit. She seemed to be flustered. Hikaru and Kaoru looked at her and then they both placed a hand on either of her shoulders. And then the twin telepathy was back, they both bent down at the same time and kissed her cheek lightly before grinning.

"Thanks, Haruhi." Kaoru said as Hikaru rubbed the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. Haruhi nodded and then smiled warmingly at them. She closed the door as she went out and Kaoru plopped back on the bed. He looked at the ceiling for some time and smiled to himself. The Host Club was family already. Because who wouldn't understand you if not family? They took in their decision quite well and were even happy for them.

"I'm glad we have friends like them." Kaoru said. Hikaru was just putting on a shirt and donning a jacket. The dude changed fast. He turned over his shoulder and nodded towards Kaoru. "Family," He confirmed and then threw clothes at his brother playfully. Kaoru laughed and then put on the shirt that Hikaru threw.

His twin sighed when he found that Kaoru was having trouble with the buttoned down shirt. He helped him, buttoning it but stopped at the last two buttons starting from the top. He looked at Kaoru and then idly ran a finger on the boy's neck. Kaoru shuddered, pushing himself closer to Hikaru. With a sigh, he wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck. The older one of them leaned forward and kissed his cheek. They broke into grins and with a quick look at the mirror, went out of the room.


The carnival was indeed fun. Filled with games, and the stuff. Kyouya wasn't with them, he said he had family matters to attend to. Tamaki was playing every single game he came across on, trying to win as much prizes for Haruhi as possible. Honey was in the ice-cream booth, licking the first scoop of ice cream. Five scoops of ice cream was in his hand, in a cone, that is. Mori was looking at his own cone, having only one scoop. He was used to Honey's sugar craving that he himself sometimes indulged in them.

As for the twins, they were seated under a cherry blossom tree, sprawled on a bench behind everyone else. Their view was blocked by the huge tree and they faced the peek, overlooking the city. The sky was just magnificent then. The sun was almost setting, and the lights that reflected from it danced around their skin and everything else.

Kaoru leaned his head on his brother's shoulder and Hikaru wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer to him. "Hikaru," Kaoru started, looking at the dazzling sky.

Hikaru had his face buried in the nook of Kaoru's shoulder, so he looked up and followed the dazzled gaze of his twin. He looked at the sky, too, and like his other half, got fond of it. "Isn't twilight beautiful?" The sun was just about to set, and then night would fall.

"Sometimes, I hate the sight of it." Hikaru said, his brows furrowing. Kaoru looked up, locking gazes with his twin.

"Why?" He asked, Hikaru smiled slightly.

"It just means that even the greatest of things have to end. And a perfect day like this, too. I just don't like it sometimes. It makes me sad." He admitted, the words coming out soft and gentle. Kaoru placed a hand on his brother's cheek and smiled with him.

"Perfect days like these are meant to end so that we can have more of it. Also, because we have a lot more great days to come. We have all our lives to enjoy days as we want. Perfect days that end so that we can have more." Kaoru's tone was just as soft and gentle as Hikaru. Hikaru leaned forward, their foreheads bumping playfully.

"You're right," And he tightened his hold around Kaoru's shoulders. "You're absolutely right." He chuckled and Kaoru followed. His cheek was pinched playfully, once more, and he pouted.

"Come on, Kaoru, you said it yourself. Perfect days have to end so that we can face other days that will be more perfect than the last." He found himself laughing at this, he laughed in harmony with Kaoru. The sun was slowly setting and the sky was growing dim.

With a sigh, Kaoru rested his head on Hikaru's shoulder, closing his eyes for a while. When he opened them, Hikaru lifted his chin up. "Do you know the reason for why I wake up in the morning, and why I even bother living this far?" He was trying to humor Kaoru, but his words were true. He just wanted to sound nonchalant.

Kaoru shook his head, "Nope. Why?"

"It's because I love you. Even when I close my eyes, I can still see you." And to approve of this, he closed his eyes and placed a hand on his cheek. Kaoru leaned forward to it, sighing.

"And because I love you, too, I go wherever you are. Wherever, whenever, whatever, however stupid it might be, I'll still follow you." Hikaru cradled his brother's face and then leaned down, kissing him. Kaoru's hand wound up in Hikaru's hair. Their free hands were on the bench, intertwined. When they stopped for a while, they smiled, and bumped their foreheads again. This time, Hikaru placed a hand on his brother's back.

And just like earlier, they spoke in unison, their tone of voice the same like before; soft and gentle. "My other half." They said, this was followed by, "Because I love you, because is enough already."


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