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The next morning, when Veronica woke up and saw whose arms were around her, she could not help but smile. She turned and saw that it was already 7:30am, "Time to get up for school!" She got out of Dick's embrace and walked into the bathroom and got into the shower; about 20 minutes later she came out of the bathroom in a towel and ran straight into Dick.

"I was wondering where you went, because I did not hear the shower going." Dick said.

"How about you take a shower, while I get dressed, so that I can finish using the bathroom when you get out."

"Sure," and with that he closed the bathroom door and hopped into the shower.

When he was done he came out, saw Veronica, "oh my god she is gorgeous!" (A/N outfit on my profile page, I am not going to describe in great detail.) She had black skinny jeans on, with black flats, sunglasses, and a white dress like shirt, with a woman on the front with yellow and orange. While Veronica had been in the shower Dick had went to his car and got his extra clothes he keeps in there, so now he had clean clothes on as well. They gave each other a kiss and decided to meet up at school since Dick had to grab some stuff from the Casablancas mansion.

When Veronica got to school she went straight to her locker to find Wallace waiting for her, when he saw her smiling as bright as she was he looked at her strangely.

"Hey, what's up with you?" He asked completely confused and wondering what he missed.

"You will see."

"When?" wondering again what was going on, as Meg walked towards them. When she saw Veronica smiling, she turned to Wallace, "What's with her?"

He shook his head, and turned to Veronica waiting for an answer.

"You will find out in less than 15 minutes, okay?"

Her two friends looked at each other and just nodded.

7 Minutes Later...

Dick walks through the school doors holding two coffees, he walks past his friends with a quick "hey." He headed straight for the group of three, Veronica, Wallace, and Meg. When he reaches them he surprises everyone except Veronica when he comes to a stop. He hands her one of the coffees, if that didn't give people enough of a heart attack what he did next would, he leaned towards her and pulled her into a very passionate kiss, until they were making out against her locker. A minute later they hear a throat clearing and saw Wallace and Meg looking at them half shocked and half wondering what the hell was going on.

"Oh sorry guys, you know my boyfriend, Dick right." That right there gave all the 09ers the shock of their lives but it made Wallace and Meg smile to see Veronica so happy. Everyone in the hallway froze once 

again. Madison however did not, she stomped up to the four teens and screeched, "You are dating that trailer trash?! What about me!"

"I broke up with you." He said like he was wondering what this possibly had to do with her.

"Yeah Madison, you just weren't enough, because let's face it when you screech like you just did you sound like a little child throwing a temper tantrum." And with that she grabbed Dick's hand, "Walk me to class, considering we have it together. Meg, Wallace, see you guys at lunch?"

"Yeah, sure V, see you later," he and Meg started to walk the other way towards their first period class, that they share with Logan and Duncan, "Oh this is going to be a blast, an hour of questions about Dick and Veronica, which we know nothing about." Both Meg and Wallace were thinking the same thing.

As Meg and Wallace walked into Biology they could feel Logan and Duncan's eyes on them, but they did not do a thing they just continued onto their seats which were unfortunately located just behind Logan and Duncan's desks. Logan was the first to pipe up, "So Dick and Veronica. So did not see that one coming. How long have they been together?"

"What no hello?" Wallace remarked sarcastically, "Why don't you ask them considering we found out this morning when he walked up to us and kissed Veronica hello." Wallace replied sounding not the least bit interested in the conversation they were having. Meg giggled.

Duncan just shook his head at Logan. Logan turned to him, "You know you want to know what is going on just as much as I do."

"Why do you care," The three said all together.

"I thought that Veronica was a trailer park piece of trash and a traitor?" Duncan said knowingly.

Logan looked at Duncan wide eyed. Wallace took his turn, "Yeah if I did not know any better I would say you either have a crush on V, or you are friends with her again."

Logan turned to the boys then to Meg, "It's not exactly like that. We were friends again. Key word there is the were in the sentence."

"You are going to have to explain this to us, and also if you were friends again why didn't Veronica tell Wallace and me?" Meg replied.

"Yeah," Wallace turned to Logan with a smug grin.

"Because we thought it was better that people did not know," Logan exclaimed.

The other three turned to each other, then turned to Logan, "And by we' you mean you."

"Well..." Logan started but the bell cut him off.

Meanwhile in Dick and Veronica's class, everyone was starring at them however they were actually doing their physics work so they did not notice. However the teacher did notice.

The teacher decided that since the bell was about to ring she would pipe up and with a smirk she said, "Before you leave you have to show me the work you did this class, and if you don't have enough done because you were slacking and not trying then you will be in here at lunch doing it." She walked around the class and looked at everyone's work, "Looks like I will see everyone except Dick Casablancas and Veronica Mars in here at lunch," the bell goes, "hope the rest of the day goes well for you guys, and I will see everyone except those two at lunch."