Still can't believe I'm doing this. Today Szayel that pink-haired fruit cornered Ilforte and me during lunch and started ranting about how fascinating it was reading a diary he found from what…sixth grade? That queer. (He actually used the word "diary" – couldn't he have at least said "journal"?)

He even suggested that I pick up his queer journaling habits and pushed one of his "spares" onto me, as well as a pink fountain pen (which I broke into half and tried to stick in his nostrils).

After that…it was a boring day. No. It would've been an interesting day for everyone else but me, but since I was the one who had to work to make it NOT boring, it was totally boring for me.

So I went to the arcade with Ilforte for an hour or so. Which was also boring, since we've cracked almost all the crappy machines there. Then, back to the dorm. Where there was absolutely nothing to do except study, but who needs to study to pass?

Math. It is beneath me.

So…I hate to say this, but I decided to take Szayel's advice. Maybe I'll use this journal to keep track of all the freaks who try to screw with me, and one day when I'm older and richer I'll look through my records and make them pay (again).

Whatever. I'm going to stop writing now.

16 May


I'm bored again today. The summer break is starting in like…a week, and Ilforte is flying off to visit his family. Sadly, Szayel's still going to be puttering around doing some extra science credit. Why can't he be the Granz brother that I won't get to see for a fucking month and a half?

Anyway. Like I said, summer break is starting soon, and since I got into Karakura High I have to take ten subjects and extra classes in the first week of break. Which I'm obviously going to skip when I feel like.

This year my class isn't that bad. True, there's the pink queer, but there's also Ilforte. Why don't I list them out:

1) The strawberry. He's stopped fighting with me as much now that he's dating that dorky Ishida with the weird hair. He rarely even picks up his cell when I need someone to talk either. N00b.

2) Aizen Playboy Sousuke. Holy fuck. I still don't get how someone like him got the position of Student President. Can you even get someone pregnant and get voted as Student President as well?

Szayel said it was 'charisma'. I guess he's okay, but sometimes…he kind of freaks me out. Shit…that makes him NOT okay. I hate having to listen to what he says. Fuck authority.

3) Fox-face. Aizen's BFF. Nothing much to say. He's a shady bitch, but generally I'm not close to him. Still not sure if he and Aizen are like…going out. It's like the monster in the closet. You never know for sure and either way it creeps you the fuck out.

4) Ishida the dork. Nothing much, no, nothing polite to say about a boy who sews in his free time. Should just marry Szayel and have lots of weird babies. I bet if it was them, they'd find a way to have kids. That's a freaky thought…lucky Kurosaki'd be there to keep Szayel from hitting on him.

5) Girl-man. I hate Luppi. I really do. First, there's his name. Replacing "y" with "i" is just so poseur. And he's always bothering me and trying to follow me and Ilforte around. Suck up…

6) The baboon Abarai Renji. He's cool, I admit that. I love how I can make him go so wild with my jibes all the time, then he becomes a real baboon. Stupid but fun – how I love these sort of people. Reminds me of Kurosaki, as well.

7) The sleazebag a.k.a Nnoitra. I usually like Nnoitra except he gets really pissy about his hair. I heard he orders US85-a-bottle shampoo from Italy. How much is that in yen?

8) Ulquiorra Schiffer. Ulquiorra fucking Schiffer. I know I said I hate Luppi, but he doesn't even compare. There's no one who can get me into a crazy rage faster than Ulquiorra, and the thing is, I don't even know why. He never seems to do it on purpose, but there's something about how brushes me off and just fucks around with me that makes me want to get out my lighter and burn him. No, that's not extreme.

What's extreme is the bitch's obsession with that playboy Aizen, always "yes Aizen-sama" and "of course Aizen-sama" and "at your service Aizen-sama", when Aizen's blatantly toying with his feelings. Fucking retard. It makes me almost laugh at how he's forever begging to help Aizen who just kinda stands there looking like a saint.

Hell, I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a complete bitch to me, oh and if I wasn't devoid of a moral dimension. So I hate him.

I can't believe I've spent a whole big paragraph talking about him. Now, I'm in no mood to continue writing. Maybe I'll just change and go to sleep now. The dorm is such a bore, and I'm not even in the mood to break any curfews today. What's wrong with me?

17 May


Right now it's 3.26am in the night or morning. I can't be bothered to determine which.

I can't fall asleep now, like I haven't been able to in a while. I guess it didn't really bother me much, until today Yumichika came right up to me and tsk tsked in my face that I had "more bags under my eyes than at the local Miu Miu store". I got my face tickled by his retarded eyelash feathers, too.

Stupid fucking queer. He and Szayel should just get married and have a bunch of queer babies. But when I went to the bathroom during lunch I realized he was sorta right…I swear, if I can't get to sleep in thirty minutes I'll name my left eyebag Nungal and the right Mabel. Go fucking sleep, Grimmjow.

Shit, I can't fall asleep. I feel sweaty as hell.

Reminds me, I had another encounter with that shitface Ulquiorra this afternoon/yesterday. During lunch, as well. I'm beginning to fear lunch – should I eat out in future? It went like this: we'd both gotten out of the queue and like in some drama serial, our hands reached for the last pair of chopsticks at the same time. Normally, I'd just snatch it and say something rude, but I really felt disheartened when the Emo Clown gave me his withering glare. So I thought I'd just try and be nice, and I pushed it to him and asked him to take it.

But then that bitch gave the chopsticks this revolted look, as if they were…contaminated by my hands, or something! What the fuck. I admit I offered the chopsticks a bit gruffly, but seriously…kindness does not pay.

Then, he picked the chopsticks up with the tips of his fingers gingerly like he was holding a used condom and dropped them back into the box with the same revolted look before just WALKING AWAY. How fucking annoying can that guy get. Does he think I'm some sort of hygiene-idiot who doesn't wash his hands or something?

This was somewhat like what happened on my first encounter with Ulquiorra, around a year and a half ago. Aizen had just begun his freaky tea party rituals, and at his "opening ceremony" he invited the cream of the social crowd. I felt obliged to turn up, so I did, and when I got there the Emo Clown was sidling up to Aizen even when Aizen was welcoming his guests. So Aizen shook my hand, and Ulquiorra said so clearly, right in front of me, "Pardon me, Aizen-sama, but why is he at your party?"

I wanted to strangle him. Really, I so hate how he belittles me. He smirks when I haven't been funny, he brushes me off when I try to do something or talk to him, he ignores me even when we're together in a room full of strangers.

Today, I was still mad throughout History (which was after lunch). I hope Ulquiorra never gets Aizen. Ever.

Anyway…went bowling after with Ilforte, Nnoitra, Kurosaki, and Yammy. Nnoitra invited that dumbass bloke from our chem class Yammy.

It was pretty hilarious, though. Almost made me forget that incident with Ulquiorra happened today. Ilforte and I were laughing til we shat our pants when we were getting our bowling shoes, coz we heard the others outside talking about hentai games. My god, Kurosaki is such a hentai pervert. I need to tell the Baboon King. I need to tell Ishida.

Or should I use that as blackmail for future circumstances?

Whatever. I annihilated everyone, especially Nnoitra who kept choosing the heaviest balls which he could hardly control just to prove his "masculinity". Yammy's fingers were so fucking huge, they got stuck in most of the balls. He's such a retard.

After that, we were about to leave when this small green-haired brat with bad teeth ran up to Nnoitra and started calling him 'Auntie'. I wish I could have taken a picture of his blush, man…

Somehow, she persuaded him (with our urging, of course) to help her play one of those toy crane machines with that grabby hand you use to pick out toys since she was so puny. Wonder why she asked him, does he even look like the kind who'd play those weird games?

Even weirder, she wanted this truly fugly cockroach plushie and shrieked when Nnoitra suggested he get the butterfly plushie instead. He probably spent like, 12 bucks on that machine. In the end, he just bullied the staff into opening the glass case and selling him the made-in-China cockroach crap.

And then…the girl hugged him and said she wanted it because it looked like him. The fuck…?

He had a weird smile on his face. Needless to say, he's never going to live this down.

Goodnight, Nungal. Goodnight, Mabel.

18 May