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I was waiting down in the lobby for the McMahons, when a large shadow engulfed me. Now, I know it's not the lighting, has to be one of my wrestlers. "Paulie!" I jump up and hug him. He seems a bit startled but accepting. A projectile midget can be overwhelming I'm so sure …. "What's the matter Paulie? I'm sure women throw themselves at you all the time." The color 'fire engine red' has nothing on the shade he turned at that one. "I, uh, um…" he stuttered.

"More like they run from that ugly mug." Glen contributes with a snicker and a smirk from behind him. Paulie just glares at him.

"And have you looked in the mirror lately?" I responded. The closest color I can think of for his face to match would be magenta or maybe plum. Of course, it did not help that Mark and Paulie were laughing at him. Point, check ….

"You know, most people are wisely afraid of me." Glen told me with what I can only assume is a menacing glare. Like that would intimidate me?? Does ye realize who he is dealing with?? I think not. "Well, it's a good thing for you; I'm not like most people." I advised him with an evil grin.

"She has you there Glenn," Mark agreed far too cheerfully Glen thought and he said as much. (snicker) Paulie snickered at that. We all talk for a little bit and get to know one another better. The McMahons showed up so it was time for me to leave. I excused myself for just a minute while Vince got the car. I pulled Mark to the side. "You can call me pet names if you want to now." I told him. His eyes crinkled when he smiled, so I knew he was happy about that.

"Are you sure your okay babydoll?" Mark asked running his finger gently down the side of my face, still grimacing at the lovely color montage my face seemed to be at the moment. Awww! These guys are just big ol' teddy bears at heart.

"Yes, I'm sure. Linda does not want me working too much today, but I will be at the show tonight." I informed him. "Stephanie is taking me out to get some clothes until Friday. I hope I can find some glasses soon. I can't see squat! Looks like my ride is here. I will see you guys at the arena. Bye!" With a wave, I'm off.

"Who is that girl? I keep seeing her around." A voice asked the group.

"Hey, Kevin. Didn't see you. Scott, how are you?", Mark answered with a nod to both of them.

"We're both fine. Who is that?", Kevin asked with a slightly irritated tone.

"Apparently, Vince hired her." Glen answered.

"Diva?" Kevin asked.

"No. Not sure what. I think it is working with Vince??" Mark answered.

"I'm sure she will be," Scott piped in snickering. Kevin laughed at that.

The three giants turned as one, eyes blazing in anger. "She is not like that." Glen snarled. "She's a pistol that is for sure, but not in the way you are thinking." Glen continued.

"All women are the same and I can prove it. I'll have her in bed by the end of the week, probably tonight even." Kevin crowed confidently.

They all share a smile. "Sure you will Kevin! Go for it! 1,000 says she will have you whimpering in the corner within 10 minutes." Mark said with an evil grin.

Paul spoke up, "Could you please make sure we are near by? I would really like to see this. She will destroy you," he said with a smirk.

They turned and went their separate ways. Glenn turned to Mark, "Do you think she will be okay? I mean she is just a little thing and I think she is more tenderhearted than she is letting on." He commented with concern.

"Trust me. Our girl's gonna annihilate him." Mark said. Paul laughed at that and added, "I agree. She is definitely a sweet lil' thing, but she is also as hard as nails and has the bite and temperament of a pit bull. Who knows? It will probably be a good thing. Kevin needs to be brought down a peg or 2, or 20." He commented. Mark and Glenn shared a grin. Poor Paulie. He really had no idea he was falling for her.

At the arena, Linda dropped me off with Stephanie. We started fresh as promised, and before long, we were like two long lost friends catching up. We chatted about everything and found out we had a lot in common.

We made the rounds and I was introduced to the Divas. Well, that was a whirlwind of an experience. They all talked at once and wanted this that and the other. I feel like I'm at a scantily clad slumber party and I'm over dressed. I told them all to call or e-mail me with what they needed and once it was taken care of, I would call them to let them know, but to make sure they included their cellphones, otherwise they would have to wait on a response until I saw them. Stephanie advised that I was just starting and was going to take it easy for a couple of days to start out because of my injuries. They were all fusing and offering to help in anyway they could, which was sweet, overwhelming but sweet, none the same. Apparently, I was the talk of the locker room last night. He, he, he …

Then we moved on to the guys' locker room. Oh, look! The blond sex freak is making his way over to me. What the? Okay, he is either channelling an inner lounge lizard or he is trying to flirt with me.

"Hi! I'm Kevin, Kevin Nash, you know, Big Sexy." With a flip of his hair and I am assuming that is supposed to be a sexy grin while attempts to kiss my hand. Honestly, he looks kinda constipated. Oh dear Lord! He is either trying to mack on my hand or he missed lunch. Ugh!

"Yes, well isn't that wonderful for you." I grimaced. "Can I have my hand back? You seem to be drooling on it." There were several snickers to that.

"Don't you know who I am?" He asked incredulously with a start.

"Well, do you know who I am?" I asked him.

"The woman whose dreams are about to come true." He informed me with a sneer or that could be another attempt at a sensual smile. Yup, still looking constipated.

"Really?" I bat my eyelashes … does this crap really work on women? "You are going to mow my lawn and clean out my gutters at home? You know I have been trying to get to that but just have not had the time. Thank you so much for offering. You are a lifesaver." I gushed.

"Um … Er … Huh? What? No, no, I was going to take you out to dinner to a fine restaurant to wine and dine you?" Again with the suggestive leering … oh look now, he is doing eyebrow, up-down thingie … Yup, my breakfast does not seem to agree with this vulgar display.

"And, I'm assuming you want a quickie afterwards, right?" I asked him. Me and my stomach really cannot take this any more ….

"…" Yes, I do think the color has drained from his face. Should I be concerned? He looks like he might want to hurl. Oh now, that's charming!

I put my hand up; look him up and down shaking my head at him. "Okay, I'm sorry, but I am going to have stop you right there, Slick." I advise him and then I continue, "Does this crap really work or are the girls you hit on too stupid to realize a line when they hear it?" I ask. I'm really curious at this point.

"What?" Gulp. Is he blushing? I think he's blushing. Either he just was caught with his hand in the cookie jar or I busted him. I'm thinking the later. Men!

I continued. "May be they are just too horny and they are taking advantage of your giving personality?" I start walking around him appraising him like a piece of meat. Two can play this game there buddy! "Cause you know, they could do worse. I will give you that." I'm clearly making him uncomfortable. Poor baby, I feel so bad for you … NOT! "Did you honestly think I would fall for that?" I ask him with as much sincerity as I can stomach at the moment. Again, poor baby ….

"Well, I, um …." He clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck. Busted!

"No one ever questions do they?" I asked him. "They just fall at your feet don't they?" I continued.

"Well, you see," he stammers. Mr. Nash met shovel. Shovel met Mr. Nash. Start digging boys!

"Sweetie, you know, I was wrong about you." I told him honestly. "Your horn dog just comes out whenever it wants to and here I thought it was only at night." Kevin is clearly getting uncomfortable being called out in public because he keeps looking around at everyone staring and snickering at him. "All I have to say I you better get a leash for him, or I will take over his etiquette training." I advised. I hear snickering in the corner. Twin Oaks and my Little Man seem to be trying so hard not to bust out laughing. They are up to something; I just know it!

"Oh yeah! Well, your precious little buddies over there made a bet about you." He was starting to sound desperate. I almost felt bad for him, but not really. "Which you selflessly agreed to I assume. And to prove what point, might I ask?" This can't be a good thing.

"That all women are the same." Kevin advised me smugly.

"How so?" I asked. This should be interesting. Am I going to have to hurt someone??

"You all will rollover and spread your legs for any man that throws money in your direction." He snarled. Whoa! Someone has issues. There was a collective gasp in the room. Stephanie was starting to get mad, I could tell.

"What you don't know about women, Kevin …." I let that hang there, and of course, he jumped at the bait.

"I know plenty about women!" He informed me. To which, I replied very simply, "No Kevin, you don't," as I shook my head sadly at him. I turn around to the Twin Oaks and my Lil'Man. I walk up to them. They visibly gulp. "What was the bet?" I asked.

Glenn spoke up sheepishly, "That he would be whimpering in the corner within 10 minutes of attempting to seduce you."

"For how much?" I asked.

"1,000" Mark said looking a little uncomfortable.

I turned to Paulie. He looked down but nodded.

"Well, you better buy me something nice with the money you won because I don't think he even lasted 2 minutes." I informed them. They blinked in unison. I think they thought I was going to ream them out or something. It actually is kind funny in and sadly, offbeat, misogynistic kind of way. Poor misguided fools!

"Now, you just wait one minute …" Kevin started sputtering.

I turned back to him with a bored look on my face. "Are you done trying to get into my panties yet? I really need to get to the mall and get a new pair of glasses." I informed him with a flippant tone.

"You are refusing me?" He asked incredulously, turning bright red. I think his eyes are going to bulge if he gets much angrier. Oooo! Maybe they will explode? Squishie! Okay, that is just sick, Izzie … I digress …

"Yes, I do believe I am." I continued. "And furthermore, if you ever try another pathetic attempt at getting me into bed with you, you will regret it. I have a very long memory and an even longer vicious streak."

"What could you possibly do to me?" He asked dubiously. Again … Men!

"What is it with you men and your holier-than-thou attitudes? Steve said the same thing to me this morning. Oh! That reminds me! What time is it?" I asked looking around.

"Um, 2:05," Stephanie said.

"Hold that thought," as I held up my hand silencing Kevin before he started again as I grabbed my cell and phoned the hotel... "Yes, can I have room 547. Thank yes, I'll hold." Funky elevator/hold music played in the background. Kevin opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off while putting my hand over the receiver. "I am on the phone." I told him. With that, he kinda fizzled out. I guess it was too confusing for him?


"Steve? Good morning, or should I say afternoon. (giggle) How did you sleep?" I asked him.

"Phrmpne." Was the response I got.

"Steve, you need to talk into the receiver and not the pillow. I can't understand you." I told him.

I can hear rustling noises on the other end. "Just fine Ms. Izzie, thanks for taking care of everything for me. (Yawn)" was the response that I got. "You're welcome. Now, did you eat the breakfast I sent up?" I asked him. "Yes, Ma'am." Came his tired reply.

"All right, well get yourself together and get to the arena. I will see you later tonight then." I said. "Huh? I'm sorry, I though you said you were flying home this afternoon?" He responded, clearly confused. Poor rumpled, little sleepy mess that he was I guess it is confusing, especially with a hangover.

"Plans changed and I'm staying here for now. Lucky you. (snicker on the other line) So, I will see you later?" I asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am. Again, I'm sorry I was an ass earlier and thanks for all you did for me earlier." He apologized again. "You are very welcome. So, I will see you later then. Bye," as I hung up with Steve.

Everyone had a stunned look and there were several mouths hanging open.

"Was that Steve Austin?" Chris Jericho asked. "Yes, I believe that is what he goes by, he told me his room was under Williams." I responded with a little confused look on my face. "Now, where was I?" I asked.

Paulie cleared his throat and spoke up, "holier-than-thou attitude." He offered with a grin.

"Oh yes, thank you Paulie," and I beamed at him to which he blushes. "If you," looking and pointing at Kevin, "or anyone else in this locker room" scanning each and every one of them individually with a glare, "even attempts any bullshit like this with me again, I will feast on your sautéed testicles, followed by a snifter of your chilled blood while wearing an embroidered coat made of your intestines. Are we clear?" I smile sweetly. Everyone either paled or turned green except Stephanie who was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Um, Izzie?" Stephanie offered, "We better get going if you want to get to the mall, I know you wanted to replace your glasses." She continued. Der… Wonder what everyone really looks like (snicker) other than these fuzzy outlines I'm seeing now.

"Oh! Yes, thank you Stephanie. I can't see squat without them. Bye boys see you later tonight."

Chris was the first to speak. "I think I'm in love." They all had nodded in unison with dumbfounded looks on their faces.

Meanwhile in the corner, three giants beamed proudly at their new friend. Paulie spoke up first, "I think a necklace or a bracelet for her, what do you think?"

"I think you should find her a necklace Paul. She would really like that. I mean we did win the bet because of her." Mark told him with Glen nodding in the background.

"Me? Why me?" Paulie asked clearly confused.

"How are we going to explain buying jewelry for another woman to our wives?" Glenn answered.

"Oh. Okay. Yeah, I can do that," Paulie agreed. Glenn and Mark shared a grin. He had it bad, but just didn't know it yet.

At the mall, Stephanie and I had some lunch, got to know one another better after we found a LensCrafters and got started getting me a new pair of glasses. We stopped at several stores. I just wanted to keep things simple, so I just brought two pairs of jeans some underwear and socks and a couple of baggy shirts, button style and T-shirts. I wanted to be comfortable. As we stopped for a snack and coffee, I saw Paulie coming down the escalator. I walked up to him and I think I startled him. It really is funny, me scaring someone his size. "What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Oh, I had an errand to run real quick." Is he blushing? Why does he look like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar? I decide to leave it for the moment. "Okay, well we were just leaving; I guess I will see you later tonight?" I asked him. "I'm excited to see what goes on behind the scenes." I told him.

"Um, okay, yeah. I will see you tonight." Yeah, he's blushing and fidgety. He looks at Stephanie with a little apologizing look on his face and pulls me to the side. I just look at her and she shrugs with a hand wave to follow him. "I was wondering if we could maybe grab a bite or something in the cafeteria later tonight at the show?" He asked me, or I think he was asking me, he was kind of talking to his feet. How could someone this so overwhelming be bashful?? I put my hand on his arm and he looks at me clearly embarrassed. "I would like that" I told him with a smile. He smiled at that clearly relieved. "But, no funny stuff mister. I have a rep to protect." I teased him. He started sputtering. I laughed. "Paulie, I'm teasing. I will see you later, okay?" "Okay" He responded somewhat relieved and actually laughed. There's that grin. Oh yeah! I like that. Need to make him do that more often. With that, me and Stephanie headed back to the hotel.

I got back to the room and decided to lie down for a bit as I was tired. I called Linda to see what time she wanted me at the arena. I had a few hours still, so I put a call in for 5:00 p.m. wake up call and snuggled in for a nap.

Oh, that call came way too fast. I get up, freshen myself up, and call down to see if they can get me a taxi. I head on down to the lobby and don't really see anyone this time. I guess they are all at the arena already, so I just wait for my cab. When it gets here, I give the location. It a short ride as before. I get there and everything is bustling. The fans are lining up outside. I make my way in and find Stephanie's office. She tells me just to wander around and get the feel. Just watch what goes on. She says she wants me to do that for the next couple of nights. Not a problem. I realize that I really haven't eaten anything in a while when my tummy grumbles.

Stephanie laughs at that. "Why don't you go down to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat. I'm sure a lot of guys are there getting dinner."

"Okay." I responded.

I made my way down to the cafeteria, waving and saying 'Hi!' to people that I knew in passing. I grabbed an egg salad sandwich, some chips, a fruit cup and a diet Coke. I had brought my book with me so I started eating my dinner and reading my book. Someone approached and stood there. I just continued picking at my chips and reading my book.

"You embarrassed me." He said.

"You embarrassed yourself Kevin. I just called you on it," as I looked up at him. "Have a seat." He sat and pouted like a 5 year old. I just stared him down, not saying a word. He started to fidget and look around everywhere but at me. "Is there a reason you joined me?" I asked him.

"I, um …" He started. Again, with the fidgeting and the looking everywhere but at me thing. I think he is blushing too.

"Kevin?" I prodded.

He finally looked at me, swallowed visibly. I finally noticed that he had a black eye forming. I looked around and saw Steve in the doorway, rubbing his knuckles with a nasty scowl on his face. Okay, this is an interesting twist. "Is there something I can help you with Kevin?" I tried again.

"I, um, I wanted to say that I was sorry about earlier today." He mumbled.

"And?" I prompted.

"And that's it. I just wanted to apologize. I was wrong and we never should have made that bet." He answered.

"Is that you apologizing or did Steve coerce you?" I asked him.


"Kevin, thank you for the gesture but unless your apology is sincere, you are really wasting both our times." With that, I start to stand and get ready to clear away my things and proceed to leave. Kevin jumps up, grabs my arm and spins me around. I can hear several chairs being pushed out and people standing.

"Now, you wait just one minute. I apologized so you have to accept it." He informed me.

"No I do not, Kevin." I advised him.

"Yes, you do." He snarled.

"No, I do not." I informed him. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Steve come charging over to us. I turn to him and glare. "I appreciate what you are trying to do Steve, but please let me handle this." I told him.

"But, he …." Steve snarled.

"Steven, I said I will handle this." He backed down, scowling and muttering to himself. With that, I turn to Kevin and say, "If you do not get your hands off of me, I will remove them for you." He immediately let go. "Now, until you can give me a sincere apology that I know you mean, I cannot have any dealings with you other than work related." I turned to Steve and said, "Can I speak to you for a moment?" He nodded and escorted me to the other side of the cafeteria were we took a seat. "Why did you do that?" I asked him with no preamble.

"He was disrespectful to you and I could not allow that." He said. Neolithic, chauvinistic mentality of a 2 year old. Ugh!

"He was an asshole who was showing off for his friends. You disrespected me earlier today, there is a difference." I advised him.

Steve grimaced at that. "I told you I was sorry." He really do look sorry about that. Okay, he's forgiven. He is after all, a man…. And the can't help it sometimes.

"Yes, and I know you meant it so I forgave you." I told him with a smile. "Don't pout." I told him. "You cannot go off beating everyone up if you don't like how they treat me." I told him

"Why not?" he grumbled.

"You know why Steven, I don't need to explain that. Besides, I am going to have a lot of head butting and problems to start out with, but you have to let me handle it. I have to set boundaries with everyone. They are all going to see what they can get away with, but you have to leave it up to me to take care of. I appreciate the thought behind what you were doing, really I do. It's kinda sweet in a caveman sort of way." I winked at him.

"Do I get to club you over the head and sling you over my shoulder?" he teased.

"Why Mr. Steven, are you flirting with me?" I asked trying to look affronted and failing miserably because I was trying to giggle.

"Maybe." We both laughed at that. Stephanie approached.

"I need your help with a few things then I want you to get settled in to watch the show from the gorilla position." She told me.

"Okay, not a problem." I went over, hugged Steve, and chastened him dually with a waggle of my finger at him. "You behave while I'm gone." He just laughed and said bye. Stephanie just stood there and blinked a few times in shock. "Are you ready?" I asked her. " Um, yeah, I think. We need to check in with DX."

"With the what?" I asked. Sounds like a pseudonym for chemical warfare. Should I be worried??

She just laughed and said, "Just come on."

On the way, she explained there were certain personalities they were sure I was going to have problems with; so far, they had all just about been put in their place, except Kevin who was just being difficult but I seemed to be able to handle him, and that I still needed to meet DX.

Okay, whatever that is. Do I need a teargas mask?