A new king

Ozai raced to the edge of the cliff and stopped at the sheer drop. He turned around and saw Zuko coming closer.

"Murderer!" Zuko snarled.

"Zuko, Zuko, please, have mercy I beg you!" Ozai pleaded.

"You don't deserve to live!" Zuko sneered.

"But, Zuko, I am…ah…family!" Ozai laughed nervously. Then he thought of something. "It's the rogue fire benders who are the real enemy. It's their fault. It was their idea!" He cried.

Not too far away, Miranda, Azula, and Ty Lee heard everything and backed away snarling in anger.

"Why should I believe you? Everything you told me was a lie!" Zuko said.

"What are you going to do? You wouldn't kill your own uncle would you?" Ozai asked nervously.

"No, Ozai. I'm not like you," Zuko replied.

Ozai sighed in relief. "Oh, Zuko thank you. You truly are noble. I'll make it up to you I promise! What can I do to prove myself to you? Tell me I mean anything."

Zuko stared at his uncle coldly. "Run. Run away, Ozai. And never return."

"Yes, of course," Ozai said, beginning to walk away, with Zuko's hateful gaze on him. "As you wish…" Then he looked down and saw a pile of hot ashes. "…Your majesty!"

Ozai threw the ashes into Zuko's face. Zuko swiped them away from his face. Then Ozai attacked him. The two threw fire and punches at each other for a few minutes. Then Ozai punched Zuko and knocked him down. Then he leapt into the air for the final attack. Then Zuko used the trick he had learned from Taranee to flip Ozai off of him and down the other side of the cliff.

At the bottom, Ozai weakly tried to sit up. Then he looked up and saw Azula, Miranda, and Ty Lee.

"Ah, my friends," Ozai said.

"Friends?" Azula laughed. "I thought he said we were the enemy?"

"Yeah that's what I heard," Miranda nodded. Ozai's eyes widened in horror.

"Ty Lee?" Miranda and Azula asked the girl. Ty Lee laughed evilly. Then the rest of the rouge fire benders began to make their way towards Ozai.

"NO!!" Ozai yelled as they attacked. Zuko turned away not wanting to see it.

Rain poured from the sky and put out the fire that was raging. Zuko walked down back to the courtyard. There Taranee ran up to him. She gingerly touched Zuko's scar.

"I'm sorry," She whispered.

"Don't be," Zuko said giving her a kiss.

Irma and Sokka walked up to him. Zuko smirked. "So I take it you two are an official couple now?"

Irma and Sokka just smiled and Sokka wrapped his arms around Irma's shoulders. Then Cornelia appeared.

"Well if it isn't the prima donna," Zuko laughed.

Cornelia just smiled. Then she hugged Zuko, happy that he was alive and well. Ursa walked up and hugged her son tears streaming down her face.

Then Aang and Hay Lin signaled for Zuko to come over to them. He walked over and hugged them just as his father had done years ago.

"It is time," Aang and Hay Lin said.

Zuko took a deep breath and walked toward the edge of the cliff his head held high. Taranee, Irma, Sokka, Cornelia, and Ursa watched proudly.

All the good fire benders cheered knowing that the new king would bring them peace and love, just as his father had.

A year later, the fire nation was once again a prosperous city. And now the whole city was gathers at the fire nation palace. Taranee and Zuko stood on the high balcony dress in regal fire nation robes. Irma, Sokka, and Cornelia stood by their side.

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

Ingonyama nengw' enmabala

Till you find your place

On the path unwinding

Then Hay Lin and Aang came up holding Zuko and Taranee's new baby, a beautiful baby girl with bright red hair, named Will. (Take a guess!) Then Hay Lin held the baby up for the whole fire nation to see.

In the circle

The circle of life

The circle of life