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Smiling Pasta: HitsuHina

Prologue: Entwined Futures

The soft sound of footsteps could be heard. It was already night and the dark sky was littered with tiny little stars shining down on the world below. A shadow slowly stretched across the balcony of a house. Seconds later, the actual figure was revealed. A light brown dog slowly made its way onto the balcony, raising its head to look above before turning around and walking back out the door. The sound of gentle growling could be heard as the dog finally managed to drag a girl onto the balcony.

"Tobiume! Stop! You're going to bite a hole in my pants!"

The dog released the material that it held in its mouth and a dark haired girl looked down at her pants in dismay.

'Great, dog saliva…'

Tobiume nudged the girl softly; an obvious signal that it wanted to play. The girl looked down and saw that in her hand, she held a terribly worn out ball. A smile slowly appeared on her face. She held the ball up, and Tobiume wagged her tail enthusiastically. The smile grew into a huge grin. The girl threw the ball gently and Tobiume expertly caught it between her teeth. With a twist of her head, Tobiume threw the ball back at the girl, though with fairly poor accuracy.

"Wanna go again?"

Tobiume sat loyally at the dark eyed girl's feet and barked energetically in response. Just as the girl was about to throw the ball again, something in the sky caught her attention. It was a plane that was flashing past with orange, red and yellow lights. But that wasn't all. It was only a moment later when a fast line streaked across the black sky. Words suddenly bounced around her head unbidden.

'They say… when you see a shooting star, one should make a wish. And maybe one day, it could really come true.'

The girl closed her dark brown orbs and clasped her hands before her, the old ball falling to the ground. The shooting star appeared so suddenly; she didn't know what to wish for, there were just so many choices. She could have wished for better marks at school, to improve her ability in sport, to have people at school respect her... but one wish stood out, a wish that the twenty-year-old girl desperately hoped could be granted.

"I wish for my love curse to be broken and that I can find a prince who will love me forever!"

Everything that happened in the next minute was so sudden that it was a blur. Tobiume ran for the ball that was slowly rolling away. She had the ball in her mouth and threw the ball at her owner… but missed her mark terribly. The ball went flying off the balcony and down onto the road below. The girl quickly turned her head and looked down to find an expensive convertible driving along. The ball bounced on the hood of the car and then onto the seat next to a boy with stunning white hair. He slammed down the brakes and looked at the foreign object in shock before turning his head upwards to find the source. The girl quickly ducked behind a wall, hoping that it would be able to hide her. Turns out that it did a fine job of concealing her, as moments later, the indisputable sound of a car driving away broke upon her ears. Getting to her feet slowly, the girl watched as the backlights of the car slowly faded from sight. She sighed in relief, but was jolted into reality again soon after.

"AH! That was Tobiume's favorite ball!"

She cast a sad look down at her beloved pet and then looked up at the sky with a frown.

'Maybe the star I saw…'

"WAS AN UNLUCKY ONE!" She yelled out to nobody.

"Momo! Stop making such a loud noise out there!"

Momo suddenly covered her mouth and ran back into the house with Tobiume close behind.

"Gomen, Okaasan!"

And little did Momo know, it was that 'unlucky' star that marked the beginning of a complicated, unexpected, but enthralling tale of love.

Preview of Course One: Meet Him

"Congratulations, on the success of your new album."

Toshiro looked into Rukia's dark violet eyes deeply.

"Your appearance… really means a lot to me."

Who knew that his world would start crashing down?

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