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Since it's been a while, summary of what's happened: Toshiro and Momo, both brokenhearted from their respective relationships meet unexpectedly while Toshiro is being chased by his paparazzi. Through a series of minor incidents, it results in an unanticipated kiss. Photos are taken and the two flee. What happens next? Read on!

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Smiling Pasta: HitsuHina

Course Four: Her Decision

It wasn't really taking much of an effort on her behalf to move so quickly through the crowds of people, she could thank the snowy haired prince holding her hand for that. In her other hand, she held a gift bag with a plushie in it. She would've complained about the situation and possibly have fought back, claiming she needed to get home and that the day really wasn't going her way. However, she didn't want to go home; it was actually one of the last places she wanted to go. The big, monstrous suit floated back into Momo's memories as she shook her head. There was one thing she could complain about though…

"Ah, give me a break! Seriously! I'm actually carrying stuff and do you know how hard it is to run for so long in high heels?!"

"No, and I don't want to."

"Not my point! Besides, it was a rhetorical question!"


Momo quickly noticed that the two of them weren't just running in random patterns and turning when a crowd obscured their path, they were actually heading towards something; namely, a convertible that was ice blue and appeared to be very expensive.

'Wait, scratch that. It probably IS expensive.'

The twenty-year-old girl's mouth dropped in disbelief as the boy opened the door of the passenger seat, motioning for her to get in. She shook her head fiercely, her face slightly flushed.

"I can't just get into a car with a random stranger."

Piercing green eyes narrowed into a scowl as he pointed at a point behind Momo.

"Do you really want to face those people again?"

Shoving through a crowd of people, while holding their cameras up high so they wouldn't get damaged, Momo recognized the strange people who were taking pictures and yelling out a constant stream of questions only minutes before. It was a short while of interaction, and it wasn't pleasant. Momo winced, and quickly got into the seat of the car.

"Hey, I think I at least have the right to know your name…"

"Hitsugaya Toshiro." The name was spoken in a rush as the boy started up the convertible, the engine humming softly.

"Ah, can't you talk slower? I didn't really catch your na-- AH!"

Without any warning, the car lurched forward, jostling the poor girl who had not had time to put on her seat belt yet. Rubbing the part of her head that she had bumped onto the compartment in front of her, Momo couldn't help but let anger cloud her face. What had she done to deserve all of this? And all on one day too!


Now there was a great distance between the pair and their pursuers. Toshiro parked the convertible near a park. The boy complained about having a headache and needing to take a small break from driving. This was where the ended up. Momo practically charged for the swings; her feet were killing her and she wasn't going to stand around and think. If she were to think, she would do it sitting down, and right now, Momo had a lot to think about. Thoughts bounced around her head. Who was this boy? What was this boy? Why did she trust him so much? What was she to do next? Hands shoved in pockets, Toshiro made his way over and sat down on the swing beside the girl. The thoughts were still there, constantly bugging her. Honestly, it didn't seem like she was going to get any answers from this boy. She didn't even know his name yet! The fact that he didn't know hers either didn't occur to her at that moment. A loud, cheerful ringtone stopped her train of thought. Momo looked at her phone to see who was calling and cringed. This was definitely not the time for this. Not yet at least.

"Onii-san, now really isn't a good time for you to be calling!"

"Dumped yet?"

The dark haired girl's eyes shot open with rage and pain. She bit back a sharp retort before replying sweetly.

"No, you're actually really ruining the mood right now. That's why I said it wasn't a good time. I guess someone's going to have to practice their bellydancing skills."

Momo would've liked to imagine Byakuya's face going into shock while shouting words of denial. She knew that her brother simply loathed anything that damaged his image, his pride. His sister had just informed him that he was going to have to wear a bulging orange suit in order to get more customers; wasn't his icy façade ever going to thaw out?

"If you want me to start practicing, why don't you bring your boyfriend home and introduce him to us? Okaa-san and Otou-san are simply dying to meet him."

Now she froze, and no words of reasoning came out. She needed an excuse. Fast.

"Um, I'm really, really sorry Byakuya nii-san, I simply can't. You see, we're going out to a, um, six star restaurant soon. Uh, I might also spend the night away from home so tell everyone I won't be back tonight, maybe later instead? Well, I gotta go now, bye!"

As she was going to hang up the phone, she heard her father's voice, dark and slightly angry in the background.

"The whole night? Hinamori Momo…"

The girl's face twisted in fear, and with a click, she never heard the end of her father's message. She didn't want to; whenever her father used that tone and called her by her full name, it wasn't a good sign. She could only be glad that the only form of contact they had was by phone. As an extra precaution, Momo switched her phone off. A slightly amused Toshiro watched and heard the whole thing from the sidelines.

'This is just perfect, Momo! Now you actually can't go home anymore! What on earth are you going to do now, huh?! Way to open your big mouth!'

The rattling of a swing could be heard as Toshiro stood up. Momo turned her head and followed suit. The boy started making his way towards his car and Momo followed after. Without turning to face her, the snowy prince spoke.

"You know, you have knack for making things up on the spot. Oh, correct me if I'm wrong, but you were lying?"

With a defeated sigh, Momo answered.

"Yeah, the lies have been spoken and I have no where to go. I'm so stupid! Why couldn't I just tell them what really happened?"

'Because you'd be letting down your whole family at the same time.'

"Well, you're on your own now. The headache has gone."

Toshiro got into the drivers seat and quickly started the engine, not showing any signs of wanting a passenger tagging along. Momo tugged on the passenger door, but it was locked. Emerald eyes narrowed.

"What are you doing? This has nothing to do with me."

Without another word, the car started to move forward, slowly gaining speed. There was no time for Momo to think. She ran and stood in front of the moving car. Toshiro slammed down the breaks as quickly as he could, but he still hit Momo gently. The prince exploded.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

Momo looked into his stunning emerald eyes.

"Please, let me stay at your place for just this one night."


"Just one night, that's all!"





"I said no!"


Focusing his eyes on the girls face instead of the background of roads and signage he had previously been looking at, he noticed tears that had started brimming over Momo's brown orbs. She lifted a single hand and brushed the tears away carefully, subtly, as if trying to hide them. Toshiro's expression softened. Through the tears, Momo managed to get a single chocked sentence out.

"I- I don't want to disappoint m- my family just yet. I- I want them to b-be happy for me, for just a bit longer, only a bit!"

She ended with another whispered word that had the true essence of pain and desperation in it. A single syllable. A word that had been repeated over and over only a moment earlier. Toshiro looked straight into coffee brown eyes, dark clashing with bright.


"Get in before I change my mind."

Momo let a gasp escape, her eyes lighting up again with remaining tears further highlighting them. A small smile appeared on her flawless face as she rushed to the passenger seat. She lifted her head and looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to make its descent and the clouds had taken on a darker shade. Momo turned to face the boy next to her with yet another small smile.

"I should've said this a while ago but given the circumstances, you should be able to understand. Hinamori Momo, it's nice to meet you."

"Hitsugaya Toshiro, you too."

'Hitsugaya Toshiro? Where have I heard that before…?'

The convertible suddenly seemed to spring to life, as Momo felt her mind get jolted from the impact. Forgetting her earlier thoughts, she complained to Toshiro about his driving skills. The prince gave a small chuckle in response. To Momo, it even sounded slightly musical. The next second the girl abruptly jumped in her seat.

"Ah! Hitsugaya-kun, where are we going now? Your house?"

Toshiro smirked

"I had the impression that we were going to a six star restaurant tonight?"

Preview of Course Five: His Suggestion

"You know, your family doesn't have to know about the incident between you and Aizen…"

Momo stabbed a tiny morsel of food with her fork and popped it in her mouth, savoring the taste. She didn't need to speak, Toshiro knew she wanted him to keep talking.

"I mean, you could just get some random guy to pretend to be your boyfriend for a day and just meet your family. How hard could it be?"

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