"No. This can't be happening..."

Edward's voice was choked and desperate as he stared into the kitchen as if he couldn't believe what was in front of him. He started to hyperventlate, sucking in oxygen, trying to make sense of it. "Why? No, no, no, no, no!" He collapsed on the floor and buried his face in his hands, fighting back the tearless sobs that threatened to overwhelm him. He rocked back and forth, keening softly to himself before lifting his face and staring at Jasper, who lowered his gaze, his face a mask of shock.

"Why Jasper?" Edward whispered, his voice cracking on the simple words. "Why? This is so unlike you...You said it would be all right." He paused and his face contorted in hatred and grief, a snarl ripping loose from his chest. "YOU SAID IT WOULD BE ALL RIGHT!"

Jasper instinctively lowered himself into a defensive crouch, baring his own teeth as he got ready to defend himself from an attack. None came. Edward glanced once more at the carnage and sobbed, covering his face with his hands and whimpering brokenly. "Bella..." he murmered. "Oh Bella..."

Self conciously Jasper wiped a smear of red from the corner of his mouth and lowered his head, shame cloying every part of him. "I'm sorry Edward," he whispered, knowing that nothing he could say could make it better again. "I'm truly sorry...it's just...the scent...I was so hungry...and then I couldn't stop."

Alice appeared out of nowhere, her golden eyes clouded with pain. She averted her gaze from the corner of the kitchen and took Jasper's hand and squeezed. He didn't respond, just stood there, numb with shock. "I should have seen..." She said, her voice low. "I should have seen this."

Edward shook his head slowly. "No Alice there was no way you could have seen this. It's just so...unusual."

Alice attempted a lighter tone. "Maybe you could try again..." Her voice trailed off at Edward's disbelieving look.

"How can there be another?" He whispered. "How?"

Alice shook her head sadly. "And on her birthday too..." Edward choked back another sob.

Just then Emmett walked in casually and took in the grieving trio before rolling his eyes in disbelief at his melodramatic syblings. "For pete's sake Edward! It's only a birthday cake!"

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