Hi everyone I hope you like this one enjoy. Warning Yaoi & Character death.

To Sad To Be An Angel

(Sora's POV)

"When I awoke I had know idea where I was everything was different nothing looked the same. I know I wasn't here when I fell asleep last." Sora said.

"Well you are correct you did not fall asleep here you were carried here by the other angels." Said a voice from a far.

"Other angels? Where am I? Who are you ? "Sora asked in a panicked voice.

"You are in heaven, and I am Aeris. "The red headed women said.

"Yet you still seem so unhappy even in your dreams. "She said.

"My dreams?" Sora asked.

"Yes and you talk in your sleep. "Aeris exclaimed.

"I do well, I'm sorry if I disturbed anyone." Sora said through a yawn.

"Nonsense you have disturbed no one, but yourself. "Aeris confirmed.

" Oh, well in that case I'd like to go home now I have a date tonight. "Sora told her.

"I'm sorry I can't send you home your dead. Aeris said with sadness in her voice.

I'm what!" Sora screamed.

"Yes I am afraid to say it but you are." Aeris said trying to think of a way to calm him.

"How can that be I was alive when I went to sleep." Sora tried to think back.

"You didn't go to sleep." Aeris was trying to reason with him now.

"You were with Riku when you died." Aeris finally told him.

"Wait how do you know that?" Sora asked with suspicion in his voice.

"Well you see you were not supposed to die that night you died from a bullet to the side of the rib cage around mid-night." Aeris told him.

"I had planned for you to die from the stomach flu I am very sorry." Aeris said.

"So how did I die from the bullet." Sora asked her.

"Well we're not in control of everything you know." Aeris said.

"Yeah I know but how come I don't remember." Sora asked scratching his head.

"That is a good question I don't know either." Aeris told him with a puzzled face.

"My question is why are you so sad?" Aeris asked him.

"There are two reasons: one I have no clue how I died, two my boyfriend is all alone and has to live without me, and I wasn't ready to die. Anyway I was just upset because my mom died." Sora said with tears in his eyes.

"Oh, well maybe I can work something out so you can return." Aeris said in a hurried voice.

"Just try to do it before my funeral." Sora said.

(On Earth in Riku's House)

"Yo Riku do you want to practice ya." Wakka asked.

"No thanks Wakka, but you can go and ask Tidus or Selphie one of them might." Riku said.

"Hey Riku if you want you can go talk to Kairi. She was looking for you." Tidus said as he walked by.

"Thanks Tidus but no thanks I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone." Riku said tapping his foot.

"Hey Riku why are you so down Sora's funeral is next week. I know you are going to miss him but if you think about it he is not really gone he is in heaven." Tidus said.

"Well so what I can't see him there." Riku said as he began to walk away.

"Well no but you can talk to him in your prayers." Tidus said talking to Riku as he walk off.

"That's it you are no longer sane you are a nutcase." Riku said as he stopped walking.

"I'm not." Tidus tried to proclaim.

"Yes you are Tidus your nuts." Riku said to Tidus.

"Well yeah I know I have nuts but I am not insane." Tidus said a little louder than he had intended to.

"Alright boys calm down," Selphie said, "Kairi is right you two need to cool it off a little don't you think Sora's death should not be taken in such a way. "

"Riku you should be ashamed to call yourself his Sora's boyfriend," Selphie proclaimed, "the way you have been acting could have made someone think you killed him."

"Well I think I am just fine so excuse me I am going to bed." Riku said as he went to his room turned off the light and went to sleep.

(Sora's POV)

"Okay Sora I found out when your funeral is." Aeris said.

"Really when?" Sora asked.

"Its next Saturday." Aeris told him.

"Their having my funeral on my birthday?" Sora said throwing his hands in the air.

"I guess so, wait your birthday is next Saturday?" Aeris said then questioned.

"Yes I was turning nineteen. "Sora said with a smile.

"Oh no! I'm in trouble." Aeris said with horror on her face.

"Really, why its only my birthday? "Sora asked Aeris.

"Its because you were not supposed to die until after you birthday, "she said to him.

"I thought it was last weekend. "Aeris said.

"Nope its this weekend." Sora informed her a little to late.

"That is not good is it?" Sora asked her.

"Not in the least bit." She answered.

"Why? "Sora asked again.

"Well you see your mother made us promise that if you did die you couldn't die until your nineteenth birthday." Aeris started to explain.

"Which means?" Sora interrupted.

"That your mother is very mad at me for something I had no control over." Aeris finish.

"Yeah but its okay because I wont be dead much longer anyway right?" Sora answered trying to cheer her up.

"Right so if my mom doesn't find out she wont get mad, right?" Sora asked Aeris.

"Right she wouldn't, Aeris answered with excitement in her voice.

" So when I am I going back." Sora asked.

"Now if you want to. "Aeris told him.

"Good that's great, I can go back explain my feelings to Riku, and I wont be unhappy any more so I could stay right." Sora told himself out loud.

"Well I guess you could, Aeris said.

"Could you get me some paper and a pen?" Sora asked Aeris when he stopped talking to himself.

"Sure I can what for?" Aeris questioned him.

"I am going to write a letter to Riku to explain what is going to happen. Is that okay?" Sora asked.

"Yes that would be great I will get a messenger to send it." Aeris said a disappeared.