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(Five Years Later Sora's POV)

After Kairi's trial she was put in rehab since then the gang and I have been great.

Leon and Cloud finally told everyone they were dating and had been for three years.

Wakka told us he was dating Selphie and was asking her to marry him (she said yes of course.)

They are now married expecting a baby boy any day now.

Tidus is dating Roxas.

Axel and Demyx our new friends just got married and are talking about adoption.

Oh and of course Riku and I are married and expecting to yeah its weird but I am pregnant with Riku's first child and so far Namina, our other new friend, says it's a boy.

She is a doctor married to Zexion, they have two kids together.

See happiness and lots of it for everyone.

(Riku's POV Four Days Later)

Yes, I am going to be a dad in less than 3 months.

Wakka is a dad now Selphie had their son last night.

His name is Sane.

Sora and I hope ours is healthy, though I am worried he has been really sick lately.

I think it might be that he is just not used to it at least I hope that's what it is.

I would hate to loose him or our son.

Oh, Axel and Demyx are filing for adoption this week they hope to be accepted.

(Normal POV 2 ½ months later)

Riku calm down, Sora will be fine, Leon called to the pacing Riku.

How do you know, and how can you sound so confident. Riku asked as the tears ran down his face.

I almost lost him once I don't think they will send him back twice. Riku proclaimed as he sat down.

I bet he will be okay Namina has him. Axel said turning to hug Riku.

Thanks guys but I just can't help but worry at least a little. Riku said giving them all a small smile.

Riku you can come back now, said Namina as she peeked around a corner.

Are Sora and the baby okay, Riku asked?

Yes he and your son are just fine sleeping like angels they are. Namina said with a smile.

Thank god Riku said and ran in to see his husband and son fast asleep.

So what happened, Riku asked her.

He was dehydrated, and the stress sent him into labor is all everything is fine though he needs lots of fluids and rest. Namina told him.

The baby on the other hand is fine no problems or complications, he is very happy and expecting his name.

What are you going to name him? She asked.

Well Sora gave me this piece of paper before we got here. Riku said pulling out the piece of paper.

(It Reads)

Riku in cause I am not awake when our son is born here is a name that would be perfect, Sioku, a mixture of both our names. I thought you might like the name. Love you see you when I awake. Sora,

Well then I guess we have a name Sioku is his name and we will love him forever.

(Months Later)

We are all doing great now Sioku is getting bigger.

Sora is healthy again and is up and about he and I love to hear Sioku laugh and smile.

Axel and Demyx adopted a little girl from Russia they named her Rosali.

Wakka, Selphie, and Sane moved into their new apartment this week they are doing great on their own.

Then there is Kairi who is not allowed any were near us due to the restraining order. So we don't see her any.

So since the beginning our lives have changed dramatically we hope it continues for the better.

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