What Lies in Murky Waters

Chapter One- Destination

The move to Tokyo was definitely an act of stupidity.

Not only did they, the Dawn family, have not a single clue how to speak the actual language of the Japanese, but they did not understand it either. Why they couldn't have just moved to Australia or any other English-speaking country was a question that went unanswered amongst their family members and friends, however, Frank Dawn, the father of Jane and James and husband to Veronique Dawn, had let on, before leaving on the plane, that the family left for one thing- Japan's fine healthy cuisine.


They only wanted to get away from the negativity of the country they had left, the politics, the corruption and the crime, but one must understand that the Dawn family, although wanting to get out of that company as soon as possible, did not feel the need to run the country down into the gravel like many other people who had emigrated. They wanted to leave on a good note, for the country had been good to them.

But now, landing on Asian soil and arriving in an alien airport, the family couldn't help but give each other looks of worry and dissatisfaction (in truth, James Dawn had been sadistically hoping that the plane would have crashed into the sea as they passed over it, for what his parents had done by forcing him to leave his friends and school behind), and with a deep breath, left the security of the plane- the last trace of western luxury, and entered the new world.

People walked past it with a look of fear clouding their faces.

Birds steered clear of it.

Trees grew bent away from it.

And at night, the windows didn't reflect the moon- but the blackness of its own depths.

It infested the neighborhood in the night time, making innocent passers-by succumb to its evil.

Those who took one step inside it- disappeared.

Those who took one step in the alley outside it- disappeared.

The only way to avoid its evil was to map out a round-about route carefully created to steer away from it and what it brought with it.

It wasn't only the house anymore- oh no, it had become too big to cram itself inside a minute Asian styled house. It wasn't just the alley outside the house either. It was the whole block of houses itself.

And it waited. Waited in hungry anticipation for the next victims. For, although many had been warned about the house and the block, one could not warn the entire population of what evil existed thereā€¦ and it was only a matter of time before an uniformed soul trespassed into the forbidden area of the curse.