Back to the wall- A Steve Earle song … Yep not even the title is mine lol

Disclaimer-the only thing I own is the idea for this story and Toni Maverick-

Please bear with me on this one it will lead up to the now so to speak..

Missouri had known what lay ahead for the Winchesters , but she couldn't interfere with Fate , which is why she had gone to find a person who would be able to help Sam and Dean. She knew people had soul mates but didn't know that there is a reason for them, until she had found Toni….

"He said . . .

keep yourself to yourself
Keep your bedroll dry
And boy you never can tell
What the shadows hide
Keep one eye on the ground
Pick up whatever you find
'cause you've got no place to fall
When your back's to the wall"-Back to the wall-Steve Earle

Blood, ran down her chin as she lifted her head off of the ground to look at the tall lanky Wendigo. Its, razor –sharp claws glistening with her blood. The wendigos were usually extremely fast and deadly to whomever was unlucky enough to find it or be found by one. This one was staring at her as it waiting to see what her next move would be. Toni reached down into her boot, pull out a 10 in iron blade and placed it against her arm hiding it fro m the monster in front of her. The Wendigo attacked once again, this time Toni was ready , as it held its arms out with one swift motion she sliced through the foul smelling skin . It let out a cry of pain and stumbled to the ground. Toni looked at it in disgust, she plunged the knife deep into the Wendigos body.

Stepping back from the body Toni looked on the ground for something to set on fire. Finding a small dead branch she light it and set the branch on the corpse ,setting it on fire. A living Wendigo smelled bad enough, but a dead one was too much for her, she back away a few feet and stared into the flames watching the rest of the monster burn into ash.

After the Wendigo's ashes were spread over the ground , Toni let out the sigh she had been keeping inside while she was fighting . Her lip and head had begun to throb 'Damn that Missouri and sending Toni on these trips to "help" other hunters"

"What other hunters Missouri , I haven't come any were close to finding other hunters " she griped to herself as she wiped off the knife she had plunged into the gross forest creature. She finished cleaning the knife off and packed up her equipment, placed it in her bag . She groaned as she picked up the bag and headed back to the black barracuda opened the trunk , lifted up the trunk floor placed the bag next to a double barrel sawed off shotgun. She closed the trunk , pulled her keys out , looked around making sure the coast was clear ,before getting into her car and driving off to the next hunt.

I'm just getting started …. Toni will run across the Winchesters eventually