Another Capt'n by the Name of the Ship

Book 1

The Beginning of the End

"All that glisters is not gold." – English Proverb


"A fool and his weapons are soon parted." –English Proverb


Xenon was quiet this time of night, but not everyone was sleeping.

Creeping quietly was a man ready to grab any woman he passed by.

He was on a quiet street; the police were two streets away in this industrial neighbourhood. That's when he heard the crash, loud as day. Smoke was on the other side of the street. He strained his eyes to see. On the street, behind the smoke, was the figure of a girl, no older that twenty. He grinned. He crept quietly, not really comprehending that the girl appeared out of nowhere. He grabbed the girl, who was stunned and caught by surprise. He strung her over his shoulder after he expertly tied up her hands and feet. He ran off to a small alcove.

Inside the alcove, there was a table and a chair, which both were blood stained. On the table there were sharp knives, about thirteen, and two guns. The girl after seeing this began rocking back and forth, making odd noises, chanting them over and over. Her put her down on the chair and smiled an eerie, creepy smile that sent shivers down everyone's spines, not because of the broken teeth, but because of what he would do next. He turned his back to her and took off his jacket, hanging it on a hook. When he turned around her saw that the girl he picked up wasn't in the chair, or on the floor. A small puddle of ropes was beneath the chair, and one of his knives, his very favourite knife, was off the table. He bent down to see if it was beneath the table. He felt someone come up behind him. With a swift hit, he was out cold.

When the police found him, they found him dead, one bullet in the brain pan, and 12 knives sticking out of him at various angles. While wondering what happened, they didn't see a small girl, no older than twenty creep out of the alcove. She was dressed in an overly large sweater, the colour brown, and jeans, slipping a knife and a gun inside her front pocket, along with a stick of wood. And the police didn't here her whisper to herself "Serves him right, trying to do that to me and all the other women."